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Amelia's Thoughts On The TheraPur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow

The TheraPur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow is integrated with innovative technology to provide a comfortable and supportive sleeping environment. The standout feature of the pillow is the ActiGel® cooling foam layer which is designed to dissipate heat and relieve pressure points. Transport yourself to a zone of tranquil slumber as it assists spinal alignment and provides the firm support needed for a good night's rest.

Who is this product for?

This product is perfect for individuals who sleep primarily on their side. Memory foam pillows, such as this one, are renowned for their ability to adapt to the contours of the head and neck, thereby offering targeted support. Its hypoallergenic nature also makes it a sensible option for allergy sufferers. If you've struggled with poor-quality sleep due to overheating or lack of proper support, you'll likely find this pillow to be a game changer. Besides, it's an ideal choice if you value sleeping accessories that are made locally in the UK.

What do we use this product for?

The TheraPur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow is versatile and multi-purpose. It's primarily used to enhance sleep quality by providing supportive and cooling comfort. With its ActiGel® foam and ActiCool® knitted cover that disperses heat away from your body, you can say goodbye to those warm, discomforting nights. Moreover, the pillow's memory foam core is instrumental in aiding spinal alignment, which can have long-term health benefits, especially if you've previously experienced neck or spinal discomfort during sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers appreciated the cooling effect and supportive nature of the pillow. Many found it to effectively mitigate heat during sleep, which amplified their sleeping experience. Additionally, the firm comfort grade was praised for offering maximum, yet comfortable, support.

  • Despite the largely positive feedback, some customers have reported that the pillow was not as cooling as they expected. Thus, there may be some variation in individual experiences regarding the efficacy of the cooling technology.

  • Comfort levels were generally well-received with several customers remarking on improved sleep quality since using the Therapur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow. However, a minority did express disappointment citing discomfort during use.

Features you should know about

The pillow comes equipped with an ActiCool® knitted cover that facilitates heat dispersion to regulate your body temperature during sleep. Its memory foam core works wonders in promoting spinal alignment. Additionally, the hypoallergenic feature ensures a peaceful and health-conscious sleep environment. Furthermore, the firm comfort grade provides maximum support for side sleepers, catering specifically to their anatomical requirements.

Our Review

On balance, the TheraPur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow presents an impressive combination of comfort, support, and cooling innovation. If you are a side sleeper with frequent overheating problems, this pillow may be an ideal solution. The unique blend of ActiGel® foam and memory foam satisfies both cooling and support needs in one. However, keep in mind that individual experiences with comfort and cooling can vary. It's always a good idea to combine customer reviews with your personal sleep preferences before making a purchase. Despite some diverging opinions, the overall consensus tilts towards a positive endorsement of the product.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Firm comfort grade for maximum support

    A firm mattress can help promote better circulation and easier breathing. So, if you're a back sleeper, a firm comfort grade mattress can enhance your sleep quality by offering the right balance of support and comfort.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Hypo-allergenic for a peaceful night's sleep

    It's an ideal choice if you sleep on your side

    A cooling layer of ActiGel foam instantly relieves pressure, keeping you comfortable night after night

    ActiCool knitted cover disperses heat away from your body

    Memory foam core helps your spinal alignment

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur® Memory Foam Ice Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and it has really improved my sleeping and helped to stop the issues I was having with my back. Great value for money!

5 - A good experience from the shop, the manager who showed me the product down to the delivery and finally the comfortable sleep I now get. All round perfection

5 - Bought the Therapur Ice pillow about 2 weeks ago At last a pillow that doesn’t need plumping up all the time Plus it had a lovely cool feel which relaxes me

5 - Very comfortable as we'd hoped. Delivery was a cinch. Staff who delivered and assembled the bed were polite and efficient. All done in 10 minutes or so.

3 - Great if you like memory foam. If you don't then this is not for you. The gel outer layer is a bit strange and it's a struggle putting a pillow case on.

5 - I sleep by myself in a double bed and sleep on my side the pillow maintains its support of my head and neck without making me have to use extra pillows

5 - This is the first time buying this kind of pillow I find it very supportive and comfortable I was advised by Baljit from the Hayes branch how to use it

5 - I have bought hundreds of pillows, and as a side sleeper this is the absolute best thing ever! I have a bad neck, and I haven't had a bad night yet :)

5 - Amazing difference from cheaper pillows. Well made, very comfortable, desired firmness and makes sleeping easier. Not sure why it needs to be so deep.

4 - This product is very comfortable and supportive, although it needs bedding in, a great tip I found was to use it as a day cushion for a week or two.

5 - Found myself sleeping on my neck with other "side sleeper" pillows, clearly i was mis-sold because now the neck pain has subsided with this pillow.

5 - Only need the one pillow now. Keeps me cool while asleep, no more waking up with a headache! Prefect alignment no matter what position I sleep in!

5 - This product is really good and comfortable I didn’t know that having the right pillow helps the most especially if your getting lower back pains

5 - Sleep like a dream nice and cool fantastic, sales people at truro were great very helpful and took there time explaining the different pillow ect

5 - I can sleep on a bed of nails but my wife is so happy with the new mattress no more aches and pains. Well happy and a great price spot on. :)

4 - This pillow is comfy, it doesn’t move round the bed, it keeps cool and springs back, I used to have 3 pillows but I am coping with just this one.

5 - Loved it when we tried out lots of beds in store. Has taken a bit of getting used to as it’s different to our old pillows but really like it now

5 - It takes some getting used to if you've never had a firm pillow before, but after a week i don't think i've had such a good nights sleep before.

4 - Really good on a normal British night but no difference between a normal pillow during that heatwave pillow was absolutely roasting all the time

5 - It’s an amazing pillow and my sleep as improved massively. It’s stays cool all night so I never wake up sweating. Very happy with my purchase.

5 - I really love these pillows. The cool feel is lovely and really helps my sleep quality. My neck has been a lot better since using this pillow

5 - Absolutely fantastic pillow. The way it moulds around my head gives me great comfort & support. More importantly l get a great night's sleep.

5 - This is really good, keeps me cool at night and improves my sleep. I tend to get ear ache when hot so this appears to have solved this issue.

5 - This pillow was expensive but, it is by far the best pillow that I have ever had. It is so comfy & keeps me cool. I get a great nights sleep.

4 - Very comfortable. However can’t feel the “cooling gel” by the time you’ve put a pillow cover etc over it. Still very happy with the purchase.

5 - It took a couple of days of getting used to only sleeping with one pillow but I had such a bad neck before using this and now I feel great!!

4 - Since sleeping with these pillows, I have not felt so much support before !! Honestly felt that I have slept so well lately thanks to these.

5 - My Son loves this pillow - cool in every way. So good we are all going to buy them. I thought they were a gimmick but they are brilliant.

5 - Was a bit wary of the price but after trying it in the store my partner and I got one each. They are very comfortable and do keep you cool

5 - Excellent product quality and has allowed both myself and wife to enjoy a better quality sleep. Would thoroughly recommend this to anyone!

5 - Required a pillow for my wife to keep her cooler whilst sleeping. This pillow was recommended by Dreams staff and does the job perfectly

5 - This is the comfiest pillow ilve ever had. I was sleeping on 4 pillows for comfort now this is the only one i have and sleep like a baby

5 - Wake up sweating? This pillow is a godsend, turn it over and the coolness will settle you straight back to sleep. I absolutely love it.

4 - Really supportive without being too solid. The cool element makes you feel like you’re lying on fresh bed linen throughout the night

5 - I'm so happy with this matress I got back problems and it has helped ease the pain so comfortable hotel quality so so happy with it

5 - Staff were very helpful and we managed to order what we went in for. Nothing was too much for the staff. They went above and beyond

5 - As till now a great product would recommend this as it helps keep me cooler at night which was explained by sales person very well

5 - Very comfortable once I got used to it. Ive been sleeping on a cheap foam pillow for ages buy very pleased with my purchase now.

5 - Used to use 3 pillows but now down to just this one. Best pillow i have ever used. makes such a difference to a good nights sleep.

5 - Had this 4 weeks now and before my wife thought she didn't need a new mattress, shes changed her mind after 4 weeks perfect sleep

5 - We brought this mattress a few weeks ago after being sleepmatched. After our delivery we have had the best nights sleep for ages.

5 - A cool nights sleep. When it’s too warm in the bedroom a cool pillow next to your head helps to cool you down. Works really well.

5 - Lovely pillow. Firm enough that my head doesn’t sink right in and therefore easier to breath. Just what I need. Would recommend

5 - Great guys in the store. Very helpful. People don’t compromise when it comes to your sleep! You’ll find amazing products here...

5 - These pillows changed my life I always have a sleeping disorder but after using these had a very good experience I recommend it

5 - Very comfortable, maintains a cool temperature. Happy to replace old pillows with this product. Best pillow I've ever bought.

5 - I brought this to replace an old therapur pillow.I love these pillows they are so comfy and I don’t overheat when I use them .

5 - This pillow was an absolute spot on purchase before we had horrible saggy pillows that cause horrible cramp and shoulder pain

4 - Great sleep, would of given 5 stars but can’t have a normal pillow aswell to buff up, goes great with the mattress purchased

5 - I really found that the theraPur Memory Foam Ice Pillow is extremely comfortable and nice. I recommend someone to buy it.

5 - Really lovely pillows alongside the amaxing memory foam mattress have contributed to us being able to sleep at night again

5 - I haven’t slept longer than 4 hours previously first night of sleeping on this I slept for 8hrs! Amazing! Highly recommend

5 - This has got to be the best purchase ever. I have never had such a good night's sleep. Wish I had one years ago so comfy

5 - Very firm compared to other memory foams, but holds its shape well and provides good consistent support for side sleepers.

5 - These pillows are so good! We will never go back to ordinary pillows again! We only now use one pillow instead of two.

5 - Does exactly what it says. Instantly cool to rest my weary head on. It’ll be even nicer when the warm weather gets here…!

5 - Really comfortable, had to buy a bigger pillowcase otherwise it was a bit of a tight fit but now I couldn't be without it

4 - Really comfy and has helped relieve pain in my neck. However, standard sized pillow cases don’t fit the pillow very well.

5 - I bough this product last month for my daughter and have really enjoyed sleeping on it. She side it is very comfortable

4 - Been getting great sleep since we got this - it's quite firm, but it's comfortable. Good for helping you sleep straight.

5 - It really does keep you cool all night. My husband loves it to the point I wasn’t allowed to try it for just one night!

3 - Coolness works well, but find the pillow too thick for me personally and so not super comfortable. Will ve returning.

5 - They are lovely to sleep on I used to have 3 pillows but now only 1 what a difference they make to my sleep pattern

5 - I bought this pillow for muself, both firm and extremley comfortable at the same time!! I have never slept do well!

5 - This is a great pillow that suits me. I have only started using it a week ago and hopefully it stays the way it is.

5 - Really comfy and just the right support for me!! Keeps me cool too, shame I don't have one as a body pillow hahaha

5 - Really happy with this new purchase. Sleeping much better. The pillow wasn’t cheap but definitely value for money.

5 - Fantastic pillows, definitely help with keeping cool. They keep shape and have improved my night sleep massively.

5 - I purchased 2 mattresses from them and both of them are amazing, plus I even got a few free pillows. best service

4 - This is a lovely firm comfy pillow but its slightly too thick for me husband & for me I would prefer half the size

5 - So comfortable we have a great night's sleep. I was anxious as I suffer from back problems, but no issues at all.

5 - After using down pillows for all of my life, I decided to try one of these. Absolutely thrilled with our pillows!

5 - Really like the pillow! It's soft and comfortable, and lives up to its expectations with the cooling technology!

5 - Best pillow ever, was literally hugging it around the store trying the beds out so needed to say it left with me

5 - This pillow stays cool and always reforms its shape does what it promises. Does larger than average pillow case.

5 - I tried out loads in store but this was best for me. Extremely comfortable! An excellent nights sleep for sure.

5 - Fantastic pillow, keeps my head cool throughout the night and helps me to sleep better! Would highly recommend!

5 - Really comfy pillow, well priced and delivered quickly. Thicker than some, but good for side and back sleeping.

5 - I used always use 2 pillows only need this one now . Keeps you cool. Really comfy no neck ache or shoulder ache

5 - Usually warm in bed, always turning pillows to keep cool. This ice pillow keeps you cool throughout the night.

5 - Very comfortable. The gel stays cold the whole time and it is just the right firmness for a good nights sleep.

5 - this is a great product, very comfortable and maintains its shape, keeps nice and cool which is perfect for me

5 - Excellent quality. Worth paying more for. I only use one pillow and find neck and shoulder pain are reduced.

4 - Very sturdy pillow. Memory foam is very cool and comfortable. Preferable for side sleepers due to the volume.

5 - Part of a pillow combination put together for us by the staff in Dreams to go towards a good nights sleep .

5 - The pillow is nice and firm hence it provides the perfect support to both neck and shoulders when sleeping

5 - This is a very comfy and cooling pillow. No more having to flip the pillow over all throughout the night!

5 - Very comfortable and generally cool to the touch. I was sceptical at first but I wouldn't change it now.

4 - Excellent pillow, very comfortable with good support. A bit too large for standard pillow cases though.

5 - Good quality products ,good customer service and excellent communication throughout the whole process.

5 - Lovely and cool pillow surprisingly comfortable . I have slept so much better since owning this pillow

5 - Absolute comfort, tailored to your needs. Not too soft, not too hard. Just the perfect pillow for us.

4 - Bought this duvet about a month ago and it's so comfy love to snuggle up in bed it feels so luxurious

4 - I have a much better side sleep, less rolling and more supported. Goes a treat with my firm mattress.

3 - I was recommended this by the sales lady as im always too hot in bed. It is far to hard for my liking

5 - Really love this great pillow. It is cool to the touch and offers great support on my head at night.

5 - Amazing supportive cooling pillow well worth the money and quality you can tell will last for years

5 - It is so comfortable! It is wonderfully supportive, & conforming. It feels like sleeping on a cloud

4 - Very comfortable, star deducted for the smell as it is quite strong initially when trying to sleep.

5 - The pillow has given me comfort and sound sleep with no neck pain. Highly recommended this pillow.

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