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TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

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5 Does the job!

Adds a nice extra layer of comfort. Easy to put on the mattress. Hopefully keeps well protected!

5 Very nice mattress topper

Bought this to go with new mattress. Fits well and does not slip. Has added to comfort of bed.

5 Great mattress cover

We purchased this superb mattress cover to protect out new bed. So easy to fit, and comfortable

5 Easy fit and stays put

This was for our new bed to protect the mattress for the future. So pleased with the purchase

5 Comfortably cool

Does what it says on the tin! Lovely and soft and keeps you cool as stated. Washes up well.

5 Added comfort & so soft

We popped this protector on top of our mattress and were amazed at how soft it is, it’s amaz

5 Keeps mattress like new!

I bought this to go on my acti 1000 mattress. It keeps mattress clean and fresh - like new!

5 Stays in place

Brought a month ago so far so good, stays in place even after a good roll around ??????????

5 Very comfortable!

Bought this mattress protector a month ago and it adds that extra comfort to my mattress !

5 Comfortable

Bought this when buying a new bed and it has been great. Very comfy and super easy to fit.

5 Mattress protector

Fits the mattress very well & does not move whilst your in bed. Great product very happy.

5 Adds a little extra comfort with protection

Got this for my daughters new bed, adds to the comfort as well as protecting the mattress!

5 Great bonus for the brand new purchased mattress

Having sorted out the perfect mattress what a bonus to get this excellent cool protector.

5 Great topper

Doesn't look very thick but it makes a real difference to the mattress, would recommend.

5 Therapur cool mattress protector

Great product, finally found a mattress protector that you dont realise its on the bed.

5 Perfect accompaniment

Adds an extra layer to our perfect mattress. Highly recommend paying that little extra.

5 Great protection

This could do with being a little larger for mattress, but other than that no problems

5 Works well

Easy to put on, comfy to sleep on, great mattress protection. Defensively worth to buy

5 Fine.

Nothing special just a mattress protector, does what it should! Got it free so happy.

5 It does as it says

Bought this with the mattress and it does what it says on the Tin. recommended buy

5 Does the job

Does the job it’s intended to do. Fits well, is not noticeable and adds to comfort

5 Great protector

Brought this to cover our new mattress, easy to fit and stays in place, brilliant

5 Soft and good quality

I received this a month ago with another purchase and it is great for the family!

5 Therapur cool mattress protector

A great fitting mattress protector, best I have had, would certainly recommend it

5 Brilliant product

Very pleased with our purchase Easy to fit on the mattress and very comfortable

5 Sleeping on a cool cloud

This protector definitely keeps you cool at night. Adds amazing sleep experience

5 Great priduct

We bought this on recommendation of the store assistant no regrets great quality

4 So comfortable

Just gives you that extra layer of plush comfort. It really makes a difference.

5 Cool mattress protector

Excellent mattress protector brilliant during the one hot day we get every year

5 Great comfort

Purchased for my daughter and she is thrilled with it. Brownie points for dad!

5 Very comfortable

This cover forms a lovely cool barrier between you and a memory foam mattress.

5 Soft

Quality, didn't think it was going to be this nice, Quality speaks for itself.

5 Good quality

Bought this to go with new mattress. Really nice and thick and great quality.

5 Perfect topper

Had this 3 weeks and it’s a great mattress topper, just the right thickness!

5 Good product

Purchased it with a new mattress it fits well and stays in place delighted!!

4 Good protector

Does what it says it does and stays in place when attached to the mattress.

5 I was sceptical but I’ve been proved wron

It’s amazing how it does keep you cool at night when you’re hot. I love it!

5 Superb comfort

Definitely does what is says - keeps us very comfortable through the night.

5 Great mattress protector!

Thicker than I had imagined. Gives the mattress an extra layer of confort.

5 Cool and. Comfy.

This does what it claims. It's comfy and lays flat without creasing up.

5 Mattress Protection

Great addition for protecting the mattress with quick easy corner straps.

5 Sleep well

Bought this along with a new mattress and pillow. Sleeping like a baby.

4 Good product

Probably wouldn’t have paid the price but got it in a deal in a new bed

5 Easy to use

I like this product it is easy to put on the mattress and does the job.

5 Simple and elegant

Does what it says on the tin! Perfect to extend the life of a mattress!

5 Fits like a Dream

Securely fitted by 4 corner elastic straps and protects mattress fully.

5 Comfi

Brought this when we got a new mattress it’s lightweight and breathable

5 Great idea

Bought this to complement the new mattress, adds to the comfort level.

5 Great

Really good quality. Thick and well made. Fits perfectly onto the bed.

5 Fits perfect .

Perfect fit and no movement during sleep , easy to remove and launder.

5 good protection

good protection whilst not interfering with keeping you cool at nights



5 Better than expected

I thought it was going to be a flimsy one but far from it. Feels good

5 Stays cool

Does exactly what it says it does keeps me cool and dry in the night.

5 Fantastic innovation

Been using this for the past 3 weeks and never slept better for years

5 Great durability

I’m so pleased we purchased this - it’s a great fit and easy to wash

5 GreT

Good all round protector. Great to protect your mattress investment.

5 Perfect!

We bought our mattress in September. It is blissfully comfortable!

5 So good

The best feature about this is that you don't even know it's there

5 Good night sleep finally

Bought a month ago, as described. Sleeping well after a long time.

5 Seems to do what it says.

Purchased about a month ago and very pleased with its performance.

5 Great Quality Item

Very well made, comfortable and fits well on a very deep mattress

4 Mattress Topper

This does the job fine although I cannot feel it as very cooling

4 Mattress protector

I received this as a free gift Ideal for protecting new mattress

5 Mattress protector

Very happy with this product, does exactly what it is meant for

5 Does what it says on the tin

Very clean, light and fits well, it does just what is required.

5 So comfortable

I have had the best nights sleep since I bought this mattress.

5 Good quality and fitted well

I had this a few weeks ago and am satisfied with this product.

5 Protector

Came with the mattress we bought fits fine does as advertised

5 Great features

Does what it says on the box. Comfortable addition to the bed.

5 Mattress protector

Great to keep new mattress looking clean and easily washable.

5 Great Mattress Protector

Brought this when purchasing my new mattress, great quality !

5 Perfect

Perfect, don't even know it's there. Definitely recommended.

5 Excellent Product

Very easy to fit and looks and feels a quality piece of kit.

5 Great fit and quality

I bought this a month ago and really happy with the quality!

5 Good quality

Use this on my daughters mattress great quality and comfort.

5 Tip topper

Bought with new mattress, really practical and easy to use.

5 Great mattress

So happy with the mattress, perfect support and very comfy

5 Good quality

Well worth the money, very good at protecting the mattress

5 Perfect

Does exactly what it stated, keeps us perfect temperature.

5 sheets

I only used it so far for 2 days so please give me time

4 Good product

Good product, but smaller than expected for a king size.

5 great protector

protects mattress from small spills but still very comfy

5 Great

Only had this for about 3 weeks now and very comfortable

5 Mattress Protector

It is a mattress protector. Don’t know what else to say!

4 Does the job

Brought this with the new mattress and it does the job.

5 Nice feel , cool

Good fit , well made , will protect main mattress well

5 Excellent

I received this when I purchased my mattress and divan

5 Great features!

I bought this a month ago and I’m so happy that I did!

5 Very comfortable

Love this, great addition to an already comfy mattress

5 Great to have on bed

Good to have on bed to protect mattress. Comfortable.

5 Good product

Fits our new mattress really well. Very comfortable..

5 Great breathable mattress protector

Great quality mattress protector for our new mattress

5 Good mattress

Very highly effective I would recommend it to anyone

5 Great Features

great product my mattress still looks like brand new

5 Good

I brought this a month ago and I very happy with it

5 Very comfortable as an addition to the mattress

This came as a gift which is a great marketing tool

5 Comfy!

I bought this a month ago and sleeping like a baby!

5 Brilliant mattress protector

I am over the moon with our new Mattress Protector

5 Great

Great mattress protector as we have a young child.

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Product Specifications

  • Prolongs the life of your mattress
  • Face: Quilted 100% cotton, Reverse: 100% Polyester Microfibre cover - 180 thread count
  • Quadfill Breathable 4 hole fibre filling
  • Made in Macedonia
  • Faced with 180 thread count 100% quilted cotton for breathability
  • Quadfill breathable four hole fibre filling for temperature regulation
  • Perfect for all year round use
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Fits a variety of mattress depths up to 38cm

Product Description

Why choose this protector?

Our TheraPur Cool Mattress protector is specially designed to quickly wick moisture away from the body whilst helping to regulate body temperature. The unique Quadfill fibres are specifically designed to allow maximum airflow, ensuring your sleep stays comfortable throughout the night.

The 180 thread count, 100% quilted cotton face pairs natural breathability with sumptuous softness. Perfect for all year round use, this mattress protector will help prolong the life of your mattress.

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