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Amelia's Thoughts On The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

In the realm of bedding accessories, the TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector rises to prominence as a trusted companion for your mattress. With its 180 thread count 100% quilted cotton and exceptional Quadfill breathable four-hole fibre filling, this protector will undoubtedly form a comfortable and durable shield around your mattress. This review explores the functionality, comfort, and benefits this remarkable protector offers to its users.

Who is this product for?

This mattress protector is designed for anyone who values the longevity of their mattress and those subject to over-heating during their sleep. Its special design employs a moisture-wicking mechanism to keep you dry and aids in temperature regulation, making it beneficial for people who tend to sleep hot. Furthermore, its capacity to fit mattress depths up to 38cm caters to a broad spectrum of mattresses sizes and styles.

What do we use this product for?

The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector serves a dual purpose of protecting your mattress and enhancing your comfort. The soft, quilted 100% cotton makes for a supremely comfortable sleep surface, while the Quadfill fibres ensure proper airflow. In addition, this protector is perfect for use all year round as it is machine washable at 40°C and hence is easy to maintain. Its primary function, though, is to prolong the life of your mattress by providing an effective barrier against sweat, spills and other potential damage.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers praised the comfort this mattress protector provides, reporting a distinct difference from standard protectors. They also found the removal and washing process straightforward, reinforcing its practicality and convenience.

  • Several customers felt the 'coolness' feature certainly added value to their purchase. They appreciated this especially at night time when the body tends to heat up, and they expressed anticipation for its effectiveness in hotter months.

  • Throughout the reviews, a minor concern was expressed regarding the fitting style of the mattress protector. Some customers would have preferred a fitted-sheet style over the provided elastic corners. They felt this would give a more secure and snug fit.

Features you should know about

The noteworthy features of the TheraPur Cool Mattress protector include its 180 thread count, 100% quilted cotton face for breathability and softness, and its 100% Polyester Microfibre reverse. The most intriguing attribute, however, is its Quadfill Breathable 4 hole fibre filling, designed to allow maximum airflow. This feature assists in maintaining a cooler sleep surface, making your nights more comfortable.

Our Review

After reviewing the TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector, it comes across as a reliable, high-quality product. Its admirable comfort, practicality, and protective elements make it a worthy investment to prolong the life of your mattress. The emphasis on breathability and temperature regulation is truly impressive. However, some minor adjustments could improve its fit, as some users pointed out. Nonetheless, the overwhelmingly positive reviews reinforce its worth and the significant benefits it offers to a variety of users.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Machine washable at 40°C

    The ability to wash this item at 40°C ensures easy maintenance and high hygienic standards, keeping away allergens and dust mites. Moreover, this feature points to a longer lifespan of the product, as regular washing won't deteriorate it, guaranteeing value for your investment.

    1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is a stamp of approval. You can buy with confidence knowing that if anything bad happens during that year of ownership that is the result of a manufacturing defect, you will be covered.

    Fits a variety of mattress depths up to 38cm

    Prolongs the life of your mattress

    Face: Quilted 100% cotton, Reverse: 100% Polyester Microfibre cover - 180 thread count

    Quadfill Breathable 4 hole fibre filling

    Faced with 180 thread count 100% quilted cotton for breathability

    Quadfill breathable four hole fibre filling for temperature regulation

    Perfect for all year round use

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur Cool Mattress Protector

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - We have been sleeping in this bed for 2 weeks now. What can we say but WOW! Best two weeks sleep ever! Best customer service from dreams that we have ever experienced! Excellent emails regarding delivery. Excellent delivery and fitter. Would definitely recommend

5 - I bought this instead of a topper mattress as it looked to be thicker than the average protector so thought it would add extra comfort and cushioning as well as protect the mattress. It’s really comfortable and luxurious. Good quality and well worth every penny

5 - We purchased this with a pocket sprung mattress with a memory foam top layer in order to help keep us cool. If you wonder whether or not the Therapur Cool Mattress Protector could work, I'm able to confirm that it does - at least, it does for my husband and I.

5 - The dreams assistant who dealt with my purchase recommended this mattress protector and I’m glad she did, excellent quality product, very well made that does what it says it does, cool even though thick and sumptuous. Highly recommend this mattress protector.

3 - A tad expensive for what it is as it doesn't even cover the whole bed, just sits on top (with bands on the corners to keep in place). I was sceptical, but it does work. I need to go and buy a mattress protector to cover the whole bed and keep this one clean!

5 - I didn't have a particular bed in mind but was able to try quite a few before finding a favourite. The bed is very comfortable and keeps me cool at night. I wanted a 'zip together' bed so that I could split the beds if needed. This bed suits me very well.

5 - The mattress is firm and comfortable. I’ve been using it for a month already and it is exactly what my wife and I were looking for. The combination of springs and memory foam makes this mattress a perfect mattress. Sleeping on it is like sleeping on a cloud.

5 - I like this product as it is held in place by strong corner elastics. I have previously used a fitted design, and after a couple of washes the side panels get all baggy and the protector slides about. This is a much better design. well pleased with purchase.

5 - I bought one a year ago, my daughter moved during covid-19 and due to funds I gave her mine, I couldn't sleep for bring do hot so bought another within days. This is thick, comfortable and cooling, I'm no longer sweaty it's great , can't sleep without it

4 - I received this Mattress protector free when purchasing Bed Cover Primary Insurance, and was told that the mattress protector costs forty UK pounds. Whilst the mattress protector is a good quality one, and I like the cotton top, I think it is over-priced.

5 - Bought this cool mattress protector as it goes with the TheraPur mattress we bought, using it on the mattress that was delivered ( wrong one ) and this feels nice and cool on top of the mattress so a good option if buying a TheraPur mattress we thought.

5 - Generous fitted protection sheet with a little bit of comfort thrown in, the materials used are of a very high quality so should give good long service. Your bed really does feel better with it and it is also protecting the mattress, and easily washed.

3 - We were sold this with our new mattress. It was expensive, feels nice and comfortable to sleep on, but I was disappointed to see that is held on by straps across the corners. For the price I was expecting a protector that fitted like a fitted sheet.

5 - I have been struggling with my back & neck for about 4 yrs now. Spending a lot of time & money, looking for a remedy but to no avail! This mattress has changed my life. I'm just sorry I didn't get one sooner. I'm one very happy customer. Thank you!

5 - I have been using this product in conjunction with my new mattress. I'm pleased I bought ,as going through the menopause and suffering night sweats the way the topper has been designed means I am cooler at night and am sleeping all the better for it.

4 - All round Excellent customer service from the manager at Tottenham Court Road. Timely delivery. Expensive, but so far worth it. Not totally configurable, would have liked to have a mix and match option e.g firm and medium. But overall a good choice.

5 - Bought two protectors when buying two new beds and matresses. The protectors are easy to fit especially as the matresses are deep, they are also quite thick and padded so feel very comfortable, also the thickness provides a good layer of protection.

5 - I bought this in conjunction with a new mattress - it adds the additional comfort and softness on top. The straps hold the protector firmly on the corners as ours never comes off. It's great for the price, but really just a nice optional extra.

5 - I am pleased with this mattress protector, it does the job and is easy to put on and wash. I have been using it for a little over a month now, and it stays firmly in place without moving about too much. Just the ticket really, offering great value.

5 - From the moment I stepped in the shop I never felt pressurised to make a purchase. Everyone was kind and considerate. Customer service is fantastic, from the guys in the shop to the guys who built my bed. Well done Dreams Ruislip Manor !!!

5 - Fantastic, comfy and well worth the money. Quality of sleep has improved so much and when my partner gets into bed while I’m asleep, I don’t feel a thing! The only bad thing is how hard it is to get out of bed in the morning because it’s so comfy!

5 - Bought this to over our new mattress and so glad we did. The cover is of great quality and comes with elastic fixings. It is also cool to sleep on, a great bonus for me as I am of that age where I suffer from hot flushes. Worth paying the £40.00.

4 - This sits on the top of the mattress and is kept in place by elastic which goes over the corners of the mattress. It's easy to fit and gives a bit more softness to the mattress with its padded design. A nice addition to help protect the mattress.

5 - The Therapur mattress protector provides a comfortable overlay on the Maitland mattress I have purchased. It has ensured that I don’t overheat whilst sleeping - even during the recent heatwave - whilst moulding gently around my body. A great buy

4 - I have used it for several weeks now and it is doing a commendable job of protecting our new mattress. I can't really say that I've noticed the cooling action but I am usually too hot so that's maybe not a surprise. Overall a very good product.

5 - Every time i enter the dreams store i always get excellent service…recently i went in and i spoke to sofi who was very helpful and was finding out what my purpose of visit was and shown be various products for me to purchase and what suited me

5 - Usually don’t like mattress covers as I can feel them really easily, but had no problems with this one. Adds an extra layer of comfort and isn’t so thick as to feel like a second mattress. Came free with our mattress too, throughly reccomend!

5 - Brought this for our autistic 28 year old son and all I can say is it must be really comfortable as our son has never slept so good! He doesn’t even get up in the middle of the night anymore so we’ll worth a purchase if it’s that comfortable!

5 - This mattress is the best one I have ever slept on. From day one my husband and I have slept so much better. Thank you to Mary at Dreams who was extremely helpful and helped us to decide which mattress was best fir us, without being too pushy

5 - The Mattress protector does exactly what it is meant to. It protects the mattress whilst adding a nice soft feel to it. My son who we purchased the protector for likes the cool feeling on his body, as he can become quite hot during the night.

5 - It was easy to fit on to the bed with the corner straps to hold it in position and it appears to be fit for purpose. Fortunately we have not needed its protection qualities but it is nice to know that it is there in never knows!

5 - This is a very good quality mattress protector with generous proportions and so easy to fit with the strappings which also help to keep it in place better than the more common types that sometimes slip off. Very pleased with it thank you.

3 - was encouraged to purchase this along with my new mattress, as it is supposed to help keep you cool, hmmm its just like any other mattress protector, i could of got one half the price in a local store , which would have done the same job.

5 - I bought a bed and mattress about a month back. When we are investing in our sleep, it is important to also protect the mattress for its longer usable life. This product is highly recommended for all who like to invest in their sleep.....

5 - Bought this for my caravan. And this was to replace the one it came with. When it arrived and tried it out it was some comfortable and it was the best sleep ever. Very comfortable and supportive not to hard not to soft just perfect.10/10.

5 - I was really happy with the service at Dreams. The staff were knowledge and patient as my wife and I decided between all the mattress options. We got a great mattress in the end and have had much improved sleep since! Highly recommended.

4 - We got this with our mattress and know it's a good investment. It does what it says on the tin and so far has protected our mattress (bought 2 months ago) really well. Obviously further down the line we will hopefully tell the same story.

5 - Was recommended buying this mattress cover from store staff when buying bed which we did and it’s great, accidentally spilled wine on bed which got onto mattress protector but not on mattress so wasn’t a disaster, very happy with product

5 - We had the mattress protector included in our purchase, due to taking out warranty on our new mattress. So far we haven’t been able to notice the different of the cooling element, whether this may be more beneficial in the summer months.

4 - Mattress delivery was on time and drivers friendly and informative. The delivery was quick and no issues, they also took their shoes off. Which was great! Mattress has taken a couple of weeks of getting use to however it's now good.

4 - The protector itself is very comfy but it’s so fiddly. I have a very thick mattress that it doesn’t seem to reach round enough to stay in place. The main part is great and it would probably be perfect for those with a thinner mattress.

4 - This product has certainly helped with the sweating whilst sleeping. We have a standard king size bed but it's just short of fitting the mattress which is quite deep; would have preferred a fitted protecter rather than elastic corners

5 - Super king mattress. If you have the space, we highly recommend. I run quite hot at night, so the antigel really helps to keep me cool throughout the night! Up your pillow game with the tempur comfort pillow. Worth every penny

5 - Best bed, best mattress and best headboard I've ever bought and slept on! Best service from Tony he was not a pushy salesman he guided me through the whole process from the 'computer bed' to the delivery time and the payment options.

3 - Im not sure this has the cooling technology i was sold... I am so hot each night since getting this! Mattress under feels cool but where i have been (and hubbys side) its really warm on top. It is comfortable. And feels good quality..

5 - Bought this as a protector to my actigel mattress and so far so good. I’ve not tried out the mattress without the protector yet so I don’t know how well it transfer the actigel cooling properties. Still, very comfortable to sleep on!

4 - Nicely made mattress protector and the quality is good. Had it fitted the mattress, as a fitted sheet does, I would have given a 5*. It fits the mattress with elastic at the corners so having a thick mattress it digs deeply into it.

5 - Great mattress protector, its really thick and co comfortable, it doesn't pop off the corners when you move and is really easy to change the bedding with, its the best one we have had, will definitely recommend to friends and family

5 - Bought 3 weeks ago and we are pleasantly surprised how cool the bed is as a result of the mattress protector. We used to have a tempur foam top and the difference is incredible. Very pleasant, consistent temperatures day after day.

5 - We’ve had this on my daughters bed for a few weeks now and at first I was sceptical that it would help her cool down, but it has actually helped. She’s no longer waking up in a sweaty mess which makes her sleeping more comfortable.

4 - This mattress protector fits well and stays in place, it protects the mattress from any spills and is comfortable to sleep on. As for the "cool" feature we really can't tell any difference than sleeping on the mattress without it.

3 - Seems ok but only used for 2 weeks. Not keen on elasticated straps used to attach to mattress - those which are fitted and tuck underneath seem better. Too early and wrong time of year to judge how effective the cool feature is.

5 - We bought a mattress from the Tun Wells store. We tried out the special machine that checks for your preferences and had recommendations made to us. The staff were very patient, and we are really pleased with the one we bought.

5 - Excellent mattress never laid on anything like it. After using memory foam for 3 years it left me with lower back problems, my new acti-gel is doing me wonders, never had a more perfect mattress for support, comfort and sleep

5 - I bought in only because there was a discount on protectors with mattress warranty and it was very much worth the purchase! It's more expensive than a regular protector from household shop but it's also much thicker and softer.

5 - Bought this item when we bought our new mattress to do as it described " mattress protection". Works really well. Although it feels warm against the mattress, appears to disperse that sweaty feeling making a more restful sleep.

5 - I bought this for our new mattress. I've always used a mattress protector. This one is fine. Nothing especially noteworthy but it has good elasticated corners which keep it in place etc. And it's nice and cool to get into bed.

5 - Very happy that we ordered this with the bed as I'm sure it's going to protect the mattress for a long time, which is very helpful as we have a young puppy that occasionally might want to come on the bed and have an accident.

5 - It was very easy to put on and, more importantly, has stayed in place. This is amazing as we routinely find all the bedclothes half off or sideways on when we get our teenager up in the morning. He says it is comfy as well.

5 - Great product, works a treat! Use it on my daughters bed and use the same product for wifey bc and I. Awesome, thanks for suggesting I try it. Came XX at the same price and included insurance! Looks great and works great.

5 - This mattress protector does exactly what it says - it protects the mattress but is also very soft to the touch and keeps the bed lovely and cool. I would definitely recommend it if you are wanting to stay cool all night!

5 - Really comfy mattress! My wife and I could not feel the other moving and turning. Really glad we tested and found this mattress at your showroom. Great service. Mattress is wonderfully very firm too; we love it. Thank you.

4 - Does what it says. It’s a great mattress protector with the slight cooling surface which keeps me from getting really hot in the night. Was a great recommendation from the very helpful sales advisor in the store we visited

4 - Great mattress cover. Easy to keep clean. Not happy at all with how long it took to arrive. We placed order on 30th dec was told it would take a couple of days and ut finally arrived 14th jan. I would give that 1 out of 5

5 - I received this product as part of an offer when purchasing a mattress. Compared to mattress protectors I have purchased in the past, this one is fantastic quality and makes a comfortable mattress even better to sleep on!

5 - Really good mattress protector, we have left ours on as it does a really good job of protecting the mattress from spills or anything else and is very comfortable! So it doesn’t take away anything from the mattress itself.

5 - This mattress protector is the perfect fit for my Therapur mattress, as it's a bit deeper than my previous mattress. It's really well made and helps maintain an ambient temperature while sleeping. Really please with it!

3 - We bought this to replace a previous mattress protector that we purchased with our last bed from dreams. Although it is quite padded it goes very flat, doesn't seem to fit the mattress properly and doesn't stay in place.

5 - This is really great, keeps you cool whilst protecting the mattress. Super soft too good addition to my bed. Sits on top of the bed rather than tucking underneath, this means that it does not move whilst you are asleep!

5 - Was given this mattress protector when I ordered my mattress, what a lovely product I have had protectors in the past and I have hated them as I could feel them, but this mattress protector I can't feel anything so nice.

5 - A wonderful matress protector. Nothing overly interesting to say beyond it does at advertised. It's a nice soft material that doesn't cause any unwanted lumps or textures through the sheet. Wouldn't even know it's there.

5 - High quality, stays cool and allows the actigel underneath on the actual mattress to cool through it. Nice and think and super comfortable. Added bonus was that i got it free with the base and mattress! So thank you! :)

3 - The protector is nice and thick, feels soft. However putting it on and keeping it on is a pain, the elastic bands dont always stay put and the size of the protector is very just - too small when you actually lie on it!

5 - I like that this product was free with my other purchases because I would have bought it anyway. Bonus. I like the elastic attach bits instead of having to tuck it under like a fitted sheet. It’s cool and comfortable.

3 - I am not really a fan of mattress protectors that are anchored at the mattress corners by elastic as this one is. As I suspected it does not stay in place very well and tends to creep away fr On the edge of the bed.

4 - Cool to touch yes. Shame that for the price, it has measly elastic corners, rather than a slip over, so it won't take long for them to wear out I'm sure. You can definitely feel the gel, but 0 washing instructions...

4 - It does what it says, protects the mattress . It only lays on top with elastic band under corners of mattress . Expected it to be like a fitted sheet. Nice and thick feel it protects the mattress well in that respect

4 - The mattress protector is easy to fit, comfortable and will help keep our new mattress protected for years to come. If you're buying a new mattress, it's highly recommended that you buy one, and this one if perfect.

3 - Had this about 3 weeks now, when your asleep on your own it’s fine but when there’s 2 of you it’s warm, so don’t see how it’s called cool. Not sure if it makes a difference to the mattress may try it off one night..

3 - Lost a couple of stars as undecided rather than unhappy. Has my doubts as it just fits on at each corner with elastic but fits well and stays on. Just not sure whether it helps promote the cooling aid of the gel top

3 - Not used yet as the mattress it was designed to protect is being returned as it smells dreadful, but from what I can see, it doesn't look a lot different to other protectors on the market at less than half the price

3 - A little disappointed as it seems slightly smaller than my super king mattress so every morning I have to take the sheet of and re position this, however the quality is excellent. I would Size up if you are able to.

4 - This mattress protector is really good. It came in handy to put on our old mattress when the delivery of the new mattress was delayed and we wasn't notified, it made a difference and its better on the new mattress

5 - This bed is truly amazing, the team inside store are so friendly and helpful, when the bed arrived they assembled the bed fast, explained how it all worked and took away all of the rubbish. Would highly recommend

5 - Easy to fit and comfortable to lie on. I was looking for a protector which didn't make us damp like the previous one. This is excellent at keeping you dry, even in the humid weather we have recently experienced.

5 - We bought this about a month ago. We were impressed by the excellent delivery arrangements - bought on Saturday, delivered on Wednesday. We are enjoying the most comfortable night's sleep we have had for 3 years

4 - Lovely quality, wouldn't say any cooler than any other protector, it is used on a TheraPur ActiGel Plus Harmonic 2200 Mattress so you would think that used together would feel cool when you lay on it but doesn't

4 - In store service and sales assistance was excellent as well as arranging delivery at a time convenient to me. Delivery was somewhat tricky due to the size of the matteress and stairs but we got there eventually!

5 - We got one of these when we bought a new mattress and we are pleased we did, we did not put the electric blanket on the bed and so glad we didn't as the bed did not feel cold as it normally does in the winter.

5 - Lovely soft padded protector. I was given this as an included "extra" with my purchase of a divan base, headboard and mattress. It's lovely and soft and adds an extra degree of comfort to an already lovely bed!

5 - Me and my wife are both heavier people and it really does the job. No back pain since getting the mattress. We also brought some pillows and used them before the mattress came and my neck has never felt better!

4 - Feel it could have been a little bigger as edge is mattress does not seem to be covered. Also not sure the cool gel technology works on the cover. Mattress is much cooler without. But at least it stays clean!!!

5 - The perfect accompaniment to the mattress purchased from dreams. A perfect fit and it helps the air to circulate around the mattress, as well as giving the protection to the mattress should an accident happen.

5 - The protector feels high quality, feels smooth and silky and cool. Really comfortable. It was a free gift from Dreams after purchasing the mattress with Dreams. It's really comfortable and highly recommended.

5 - Surprisingly thin mattress protector, but does its job well. It fits our deep mattress very well and we wouldn't be without the protection. Its very comfortable and the straps have never pinged off or moved.

5 - Makes a great sleep even better , got it with a new mattress and really pleased with it to sleep on and obviously helps to protect the mattress to boost . Does work keeping us both cool in the humid nights !

5 - Bought this mattress a month ago and slept like a baby since! Our old mattress was worn and keeping us awake! Dreams identified suitability for us and have to say no looking back! Thank you Dreams love it!!

5 - Comfy mattress protector and thicker than most so extra level of comfort. Only potential downside is that the thickness seems to stop some of the temperature regulation of the mattress, but still very good.

5 - This fits perfectly over our mattress and offers a little more comfort as it is slightly padded whilst also protecting our mattress from our toddler (incase if any milk spills). Would definitely recommend.

4 - Love the cool mattress cover effect, not so keen on the design would have preferred to see side and end panels to hold it in place not just the corners and would hqv happily paid More - the quality is good

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