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Tempur Pro Plus Smartcool Mattress

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Memory Foam
3' x 6'3
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    TEMPUR® Advanced material – provides our best ever pressure relief* across your body for comfort and support on a whole new level

    This advanced material is fantastic for those seeking improved pressure relief as it conforms to your body's shape, weight, and temperature, offering a completely personalised sleeping experience with optimum support. The comfort and support that this material provides are unrivalled, assuring you of a uniquely comfortable and restful sleep experience that takes pressure relief to an entirely new level.

    TEMPUR® Dynamic Support Technology – working together with TEMPUR® Material, this layer provides additional support plus extra ease of movement

    Dynamic Support Technology, a key feature, notably extends the mattress’ ability to conform to the sleeper’s body, providing a more tailored, personalised comfort. Conversely, this technology also does wonders for mobility, dramatically improving ease of movement during sleep, which translates into enhanced sleep quality and easier transitioning between positions.

    Free 10 year guarantee – for peace of mind?

    This assurance offers a prolonged period of protection, extending over a generous span of a decade, ensuring quality and durability for all components. It's an aspect that alleviates unnecessary worry, as it convincingly illustrates the manufacturer's trust in the product's longevity and performance.

    Comfort rating – Soft, Medium, Medium/Firm and Firm

    A comfort rating that spans from 'Soft' to 'Firm' presents various options, allowing for customization of sleeping experiences based on one's personal preferences. This range suggests that the mattress can cater to a wide array of sleeping habits and positions, offering optimal support and comfort.

    QuickRefresh™ zip-off top cover – machine washable at 40°C keeps it feeling fresh and cool, night after night

    Remaining fresh and cool during sleep has a direct influence on the overall quality of your rest. With its QuickRefresh™ zip-off top cover, washing becomes a hassle-free process at 40 degrees Celsius, making maintaining long-lasting comfort and hygiene far easier.

    TEMPUR Pro® SmartCool™ Cover – innovative Cool-to-the-touch SmartCool Technology™ helps to absorb excess body heat, keeping you feeling cool and fresh

    With innovative Cool-to-the-touch SmartCool Technology™, excessive body heat is absorbed, ensuring a cool and refreshing sleep experience. This innovation, while promoting optimal sleeping temperatures, also aids in enhancing sleep quality and comfort.

    TEMPUR Adapt® material – deeper layer of original TEMPUR® Material for more conforming support, now more resilient and long lasting, adapts to your body and relieves pressure

    Mattress height – 25cm

    TEMPUR Durabase™ technology – works with the upper mattress layers ensuring long lasting comfort and support

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