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Sealy Fremont Backcare Firm Support Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Sealy Fremont Backcare Firm Support Mattress


Slumber plays an integral part in our overall health and wellbeing, thus having the right sleeping surface becomes a crucial piece of the puzzle. Case in point, the Sealy Fremont Backcare Firm Support Mattress, which brims with benefits to earn you coveted hours of soothing sleep.

Who is this product for?

Back sleepers and some stomach sleepers would find this mattress to deliver a comfortable rest due to its firm tension. Nevertheless, it might not be the ideal choice for side sleepers or individuals with hourglass figures. The need for sinkage to accommodate the contours of the body, particularly the hip and shoulder, might lead to discomfort or challenges in engaging a restful sleep.

What do we use this product for?

This mattress, crafted for comfort, comes laden with a plethora of features designed to enhance the quality of your sleep. It's equipped with the PostureTech core support spring unit, designed to deliver support where the body needs it most, accompanied by eco-friendly fibers that enhance airflow and breathability. You can maximize your sleeping area, courtesy of the EdgeGuard technology. Plus, to ward off allergens and assure a clean and comfortable sleep, the Belgian damask cover is treated with skin-safe ProShield®.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Beneficial for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers.
  • A larger sleeping area owing to EdgeGuard technology.
  • The inclusion of the damask cover, treated with ProShield, keeps allergens at bay.
  • Eco-friendly fibers made from recycled PET plastics.
  • Discomfort experienced by side sleepers or individuals with hourglass figures because of the firm tension.

Features you should know about

The Sealy Fremont Backcare Firm Support Mattress is not merely about providing comfort; it shines in its design and eco-friendliness too. A noteworthy feature is the PostureTech Core Support spring system, which offers pressure-relieving support progressively inclined to become firmer with increasing pressure. The cutting-edge use of Renew Fibres, a highly durable and eco-fibre made from recycled PET plastics, aids in improving airflow and breathability. Further enhancing the edge-to-edge usefulness of the mattress is the EdgeGuard technology which fortifies the durability and reduces roll-off.

Our Review

Personally, I regard the Sealy Fremont Backcare Firm Support Mattress as a commendable addition to Sealy's exquisite range of products. With its exclusive features including PostureTech core support, EdgeGuard technology, and the adoption of eco-friendly practices, it's more than just a mattress; it's an investment in quality sleep and environmental sustainability. However, the firmness level might not cater to all, making it more suitable for back or stomach sleepers in contrast to side sleepers or individuals with an hourglass figure. Ultimately, identifying the mattress that aligns with your body needs and sleeping preferences is key to assuring a good night's sleep.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    PostureTech Core Support spring system – deep down pressure relieving support, the springs gradually get firmer as pressure increases

    Belgian Damask Cover – soft, breathable and durable sleeping surface

    ReNew Fibres – a highly durable, eco-fibre that improves airflow and offers greater breathability, made from 76% recycled PET plastics

    EdgeGuard – for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress                

    Hand-tufted – for a supportive feel

    Mattress height – 27cm

    Comfort rating – Firm (also available in Extra Firm as the Sealy Fremont Backcare Extra Firm)

    Made in the UK – exclusively for Bensons for Beds

    Free 5 year guarantee – for peace of mind

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