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Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress

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Our Thoughts On The Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress


In the pursuit of restorative slumber, the Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress presents a noteworthy contribution. Crafted with a PostureTech core support spring system and other beneficial layers, this mattress promises a blend of comfort and support. Immersed in creative technology, let's take a closer look into this marvel of a sleep companion.

Who is this product for?

Meticulously designed for the back sleepers and selective stomach sleepers, the Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress offers a uniquely firm tension. However, it may not be the best fit for side sleepers nor for individuals with an hourglass figure. The necessity of more sinkage to accommodate hips and shoulders may lead to discomfort for these sleepers. But for back sleepers who solely sleep this way, this mattress presents itself as the optimal choice.

What do we use this product for?

This exquisite mattress provides not just rest, but also relief from typical aches and pains. The central zoning PowerPack works overtime by adding extra support to the lower back - a godsend for those who experience regular back discomfort. The presence of EdgeGuard technology means a larger sleeping area, permitting free movement and minimized disturbance. In essence, this mattress combines sleep, comfort, and relief in one sophisticated package.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers have commended upon the perfect melange of comfort and back support that the Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Mattress offers. The extra sleeping space available courtesy of EdgeGuard technology has also found favor among many.

  • While some customers have lauded the firmness, others, particularly side sleepers and those with an hourglass figure, have found the same feature unfavorable due to lack of proper hip and shoulder accommodation.

Features you should know about

When discussing the Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress, features like the PostureTech Core Support spring system, Luxury Belgian Damask Cover, and Smartex® fibres grab the limelight. These components ensure deep down pressure relief, a durable sleep surface, and regulation of body temperature. Marking a nod to sustainability, ReNew Fibres made from recycled PET plastics improve airflow and breathability. The mattress' ProShield® doubles as a natural allergen repellant, improving the overall sleep experience.

Our Review

All in all, the Sealy Brisbane Ortho Firm Support Mattress is steeped in innovative technology and thoughtful design, suiting specifically back and some stomach sleepers. The EdgeGuard technology effectively widens the sleeping area while the thoughtful incorporation of allergen-resistant touches speaks volumes about this mattress' reliability. For those seeking a balance of firmness and consistent support, this mattress might just be the answer to a good night's sleep.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    PostureTech Core Support spring system – deep down pressure relieving support, the springs gradually get firmer as pressure increases

    ReNew Fibres – a highly durable, eco-fibre that improves airflow and offers greater breathability, made from 76% recycled PET plastics

    Hand-tufted – for a supportive feel

    Mattress height – 27cm

    Luxury Belgian Damask Cover – soft, breathable, and durable sleeping surface

    Central zoning PowerPack – gives additional support and pressure relief to your hips and lower back

    Smartex® fibres – helps regulate body temperature, keeping you cool and dry

    ProShield® – a natural treatment in the fabric to keep allergens at bay. Endorsed by Allergy UK

    EdgeGuard – for added durability, reduces roll-off, and optimises the sleep surface all the way to the edge of the mattress

    Comfort rating – Firm (also available in Extra Firm as the Sealy Brisbane Ortho Extra Firm)

    Made in the UK – exclusively for Bensons for Beds

    Free 5 year guarantee – for peace of mind

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