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Amelia's Thoughts On The eve hybrid duo plus mattress

The eve Hybrid Duo Plus Mattress does not shy away from its promise of high quality, comfort, and convenience—all in one product. It pulls out all the stops from an award from the Good Housekeeping Institute to packing it with sustainable materials such as CertiPUR™ memory foam and recycled plastic bottles. As reviewers, our job is to go beyond the glossy marketing spiel, dig deep into the product's attributes, performance and perceived value, providing you with a well-rounded, impartial take.

Who is this Product For?

This mattress serves a broad demographic of sleepers, aimed at offering a quality night's sleep to those who value comfort, environmentally friendly materials and innovative mattress technology. It's ideal for different weight sleepers with its dual layer of mini and full height pocket springs, catering to your body movement with fine-tuned support. However, based on some customer reviews, if you're above average weight or prefer a firmer mattress, you might want to try it in-store before making a purchase.

What Do We Use this Product For?

This mattress goes beyond simply providing a sleeping surface. It's a well-crafted sleep solution designed to contribute positively to your overall sleep health. The innovative airflow foam promotes breathability to regulate temperature, the memory foam helps to promote spinal alignment, and the substantial 2900 layer pocket springs offer personalised support. The mattress is designed to deliver a blend of comfort and support that aims to rejuvenate your sleep experience.

What Customers Liked and Disliked

  • The eve mattress had a mixed bag of reviews. Customers who enjoyed the mattress praised it for its comfort, quality and value for money. They expressed that it was the best mattress they had purchased, offering a cosy and supportive sleep essentials.

  • Some customers, however, weren't as pleased. Post-purchase, discomforts such as back pain were reported, signalling a possible concern for people who already have back issues. Some also found the mattress to be too soft, often resulting in a lack of adequate support and uneven firmness across the mattress.

  • Many applauded the environmentally friendly approach taken by the manufacturers, utilising recyclable packaging which was also recognised by Good Housekeeping Institute's Getting Greener award.

Features You Should Know About

The eve Hybrid Duo Plus Mattress comes packed with features for a rewarding sleep experience. From its CertiPUR™ certified pressure relieving memory foam that moulds to the sleepers body contours to the 2900 dual layer pocket springs for adaptive support, this mattress doesn’t skimp on its promise of a restful night's sleep.

Let's not forget the sustainability aspect of it. Aside from the product itself, its packaging is made from recyclable sugarcane. It also offers a 40-night comfort guarantee and a free 8-year guarantee, offering peace of mind knowing that the manufacturer stands behind its product.

Our Review

In our view, the Eve Hybrid Duo Plus Mattress provides an appreciable mix of comfort, quality, and consideration for the environment. It takes a step forward in creating a mattress that isn't just about a good night's rest, but also about a greener planet. However, the mixed customer reviews highlight the importance of personal comfort preference, underlining the importance of trying it before purchase. After all, what works for one person might not work for another, and the key to a good night's sleep lies in finding the perfect mattress just for you.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Recyclable sugarcane packaging – made using a 100% renewable resource, and winner of the Good Housekeeping Institute Getting Greener award for sustainable packaging

    By using sugar cane and recycled plastic in their packaging, the retailer is taking steps towards reducing the consumption of non-renewable resources and minimising waste. Sugar cane is a renewable resource that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows, making it a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials.

    Made in the UK - exclusively for Bensons for Beds ?

    By choosing a mattress made exclusively for Bensons for Beds, you can rest assured that you are investing in a product that has undergone rigorous testing and quality control measures. The retailer takes pride in offering customers a mattress that exceeds expectations and provides the ultimate sleep experience.

    Manufactured in a BSI Kitemark™ accredited factory - quality assured

    By achieving the British Standard Kitemark™ certification, the manufacturer demonstrates their commitment to delivering products of the highest quality and safety standards. This certification ensures that their mattresses meets or exceeds the essential criteria for performance, durability, and safety.

    Easy Care – No turn mattress?

    Single-sided mattresses are typically constructed with a sturdy base layer that provides excellent support, ensuring durability and prolonging the lifespan of the mattress. This type of mattress allows you to enjoy consistent comfort and support, with less effort required for upkeep.

    Comfort rating – Soft?

    A soft tension mattress is a fantastic choice for side sleepers and individuals with an average or lower BMI. With its plush feel and gentle support, it provides a comfortable and cozy sleep surface that caters to your specific needs.

    Added perimeter edge support - lets you sleep right to the edge of the mattress, without roll-off

    The reinforced edge support allows for increased stability when sitting or sleeping near the edge of the mattress. This means you can utilise the entire surface of the bed without feeling like you might roll or sink off the edge.

    Innovative airflow foam - 30 times more breathable than standard foams, with an advanced open cell structure to help you sleep cooler whilst being cleaner and greener* too

    The open cell design allows for improved airflow and breath-ability throughout the mattress, helping to dissipate excess heat and regulate temperature for a cool and refreshing sleep environment.

    Free 8 year guarantee – for peace of mind?

    Mattress height – 28cm?

    40 night comfort guarantee – 40 nights of glorious snoozing to see if it’s right for you

    2900 dual layer pocket springs – a combination of mini and full height pocket springs, ideal for different weight sleepers, adapting to individual body movement

    CertiPUR™ certified pressure relieving memory foam – moulds to the sleeper’s body contours to help spinal alignment, relieving pressure on the back and joints

    Free Sloth toy added to every eve mattress order

    Good Housekeeping Institute award winner - for quality and comfort

    Comfort and quality rolled into one - rolled hybrid mattress for quick and easy delivery and set up

    Luxury quilted soft-touch, stretch knit cover – works in harmony with the springs and fillings to contour to each sleeper’s body shape

    A sleep surface that’s free from chemical treatment – naturally fire-retardant, so no need for chemical additives

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