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Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer

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Our Thoughts On The Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer

There is a world of difference between the usual beds and bunk beds when it comes to having space-saving solutions, ultra-comfortability and innovative aesthetics for your children's bedroom. One such solution is the Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer - an epitome of practicality and compact design. This bed is versatile, kid-friendly, and has added storage to keep your kids’ room tidy.

Who is this product for?

This bed is ideally suited for children aged 6 and above who require their own sleeping space but have to share a room. It's a fantastic addition to any child's room that is short on space, and it’s also an excellent choice for parents who appreciate under-bed storage to keep toys and clutter tucked away neatly.

What do we use this product for?

The Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer is a great fit for those in need of a comfortable, compact sleeping solution that can accommodate two children easily. It is designed not just for sleeping but also for creating a neat and organised living space. With a built-in under-bed drawer, it offers extra storage for your children’s belongings – be it their beautiful little clothes, books, toys or beddings.

What customers liked and disliked

In reviewing feedback from customers, the Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer is highly appreciated for its fantastic design, considerable size, and sturdy construction. Users noted that their kids absolutely love it and it serves as a great space saver. Some appreciated the slide-out desk that extends the usability for slightly older kids. However, some users reported that the spacing between the two beds was a bit tight, preventing one from sitting up straight on the lower bed. Moreover, a few customers voiced frustration regarding the assembly process involving wooden dowels that easily broke.

Features you should know about

  • The bunk bed is constructed from solid pine wood, promising long-lasting durability and a robust weight limit of 100kg (including mattress weight).
  • It comes in a choice of grey or white finish, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with a wide variety of bedroom decors.
  • An underbed storage drawer is included, providing a convenient and discreet solution for storing away toys, clothing and other belongings.
  • Its solid wooden slat base maximises the life of your mattress, providing robust and reliable support.
  • Its versatile design extends to its ladder that can be positioned either on the left or right side of the bed, depending on the layout of your room.
  • In terms of mattress compatibility, the bed accommodates a UK standard single mattress with a maximum depth of 15cm.

Our Review

In terms of design, functionality, and overall utility, the Anderson Kids Bunk Bed with Drawer stands out from the crowd. Its solid construction and practical features reflect its thoughtful design aimed at space optimization and achieving maximum comfort for your loved ones. However, some improvements perhaps can be made in terms of assembly to enhance the overall consumer experience. Nonetheless, given its durability and the convenience it offers for the neat organisation of kids' clutter, it's certainly a product we can recommend for parents looking for dual bedding solutions for their children.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Compatible with a UK standard single mattress

    Embracing the compatibility with a UK standard single mattress, the convenient space-saving nature of this item allows for an easy transition when upgrading bedding. Remarkably straightforward, it assures quick installation, contributing to its appeal for individuals valuing practicality in their bedroom furniture choices.

    The upright ladder can be built securely on the left or right

    Offering flexible set-up options, this particular feature facilitates personalized arrangement within your space. An added advantage is its enhanced safety assurance, which can be attributed to its robust and secure construction.

    It's made from solid pine wood

    Pine wood is known for its durability and strength, making it suitable for furniture construction. Solid wood construction suggests that the day bed is built to withstand regular use and is less prone to damage or wear and tear.

    Maximum mattress depth: 15cm

    Keeping the mattress within the specified depth range ensures the safety and stability of the bed. It prevents the mattress from being too thick, which could potentially affect the structural integrity of the bed frame.

    Weight limit: 100kg (including mattress weight)

    The frame has a weight limit of 100kg, which includes the weight of the mattress. This weight limit ensures the safe and stable use of the bed, providing peace of mind for both children and adults alike. 

    Durable wooden solid slat base maximises mattress life

    The bed features a base made of durable wood, which suggests longevity and sturdiness. This can be reassuring to potential buyers as it implies that the bed is built to last.

    Recommended age: 6+

    This age recommendation ensures that the bunk bed is suitable for kids who have developed the necessary coordination and maturity to safely navigate and use the bed. 

    Painted in either a grey or white finish

    Customers can coordinate their bed frame's colour with other furniture pieces or decor elements in the room for a cohesive and harmonious overall design.

    Comes with space saving underbed storage drawer

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