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Amelia's Thoughts On The TheraPur ActiGel® Arctic 2600 Mattress

The latest innovation from the leaders in sleep technology is the TheraPur® Polar 2600, an intelligent solution that combines therapeutic support, pressure relief and coolness. The unique combination of TheraPur® springs and ActiGel® foam provides you with a great night's sleep.

It has 3333 pocket springs to provide you with the most comfortable sleep possible and is made from some of the highest quality materials and uses an innovative design and engineering to give your mattress a luxurious feel that focuses around high quality pocket springs and a fantastic and cooling gel top layer.

This mattress was designed for people who want a premium quality mattress without paying an arm and a leg for it while lasting you many years, providing you with great support and optimum comfort.


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Reasons To Buy

    It's hypoallergenic

    Layered with foam and PurFibre® for comfort & support

    With a knitted ActiCool® cover

    The pillow top layer gives a luxurious feel

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

    Firm comfort grade

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur ActiGel® Arctic 2600 Mattress

5 - This mattress has been the best! I sleep better and have virtually no back pain anymore. The gel top means I don't get too warm, which was why I wasn't sleeping well. Although it cost more than I planned, considering we spend so many hours asleep, it was worth the investment.

5 - We bought this new bed last month. We tried the mattress in the showroom and thought it felt OK but there is always that doubt that it will be different when you sleep on it. It is probably the most comfortable mattress we have bought so our fears were totally unfounded

5 - Since buying this mattress my wife and I have enjoyed much better sleep. It is firm without being hard but still is soft enough to provide comfort particularly when sleeping on ones side. Our last mattress was a poor buy and often felt as if you were sleeping on the ground.

5 - We have had this bed now for several weeks and I can honestly say I have never slept better! The mattress is very well made and super comfortable. The delivery team were exceptionally well mannered and genial and did their jobs with care and attention to the surroundings.

5 - Had this matress for a month now and having best sleep for years no more waking with the usual aches and pains the cooling gel layer is a great supplement ensuring the high quality sleep being delivered I can only give it 5 stars but if I could it would definitely be more

5 - We had our old mattress many years past the recommended time, we shopped around and there was no comparison to this mattress. I’ve never slept better. It’s so comfortable and the support is just right. The assistants in the shop were brilliant and the service was amazing.

5 - After 1 month,what a change.I actually look forward to going to bed.Comfortable,no aching pains,a pleasure.To wake up refreshed is still a novelty.To have a super king in which we both sleep soundly without disturbing the other is wonderful.Supportive,a little give,great.

5 - I tested a number of mattresses at different stores but none compared to the comfort of the TheraPur ActiGel Plus 2200. My previous mattress cost £2,000, I was happy with it for many years but the TheraPur is not only more comfortable but also more affordable... Win Win.

5 - Having had back issues, we decided to use the Sleepmatch system which put together a shortlist of mattresses, after trying them all we settled on the TheraPur ActiGel Plus Harmonic 2200 Mattress, excellent support, very well built, feels like you are floating on air!

5 - Its the softest but most supportive mattress I could have ever asked for i feel like im staying in a hotel on a really comfy bed every night. Every night I am sleeping more than I ever have and someone that suffers really bad back pain it is a relief to say that.

4 - Service in the store was excellent as was the product. However the period between ordering and delivering was far too long and when the original order was delivered it was faulty with a heavy grease mark on the top of the mattress. Delivery was efficient

4 - Best mattress we have owned, but we only buy cheap ones normally. No roll together which was important to us due to back problems for me. It is slightly too soft and also incredibly heavy so changing the sheets is a big challenge for me with mobility issues.

5 - We needed a firm mattress due health issues and as this was a replacement mattress that replace our old Tempura mattress. The only downside of this mattress is you have to rotate every week for 3 months then every month after, it’s a pain as we are pensioners

5 - I bought the mattress without even trying it due to lockdown. I researched many as I have osteoarthritis and read the great reviews. One of my best buys ever! Comfortable and incredibly my joints are not as stiff. Highly recommended, well worth the price.

4 - I bought this a few weeks ago for my bad back and trouble getting very hot at night. The firmness of their mattress is great and the gel really cools you down if you get hot sleeping. It’s very different to a memory foam top and feels way more supportive too

5 - We have had many mattresses including a waterbed during our 53 years of marriage and this is the most comfortable. We both sleep really well on this mattress, in fact we often sleep in. We are both delighted with our purchase and would definitely recommend.

5 - My husband and I have struggled to find a mattress that we both like, until now. This mattress is firm enough for him but has a luxurious topper that gives the softness that I like. We've both been sleeping so well since this mattress came into our lives!!

5 - I didn’t realise just how bad the old mattress was until I had the first nights sleep on the new one. This mattress was recommended to me and I’m glad I got it. Defo try before you buy, everyone has a different opinion but I like this a lot. Thanks dreams.

3 - Had to return this as had been made oversized so did not fit the base. We did sleep on it for a while and found there was too much movement in the pillow top filling. It was not for us. We would not have keep it even if it had been made the correct size.

5 - This was bought for my son who needs a fairly hard mattress but also needs a cooling effect. He has found the cooling effect very effective and sleeps far more comfortably. The mattress is moderately firm but not too hard. Very pleased with the results.

5 - I love this mattress. I’m so glad I went to dreams and used their new sleep machine which picked the perfect mattress for me. It’s so nice to finally have the right mattress after years of an old lumpy one that really should have been changed years ago.

5 - I’ve had this mattress for about 3 weeks now and I absolutely love it! I’m 17 weeks pregnant and really needed a new mattress to support my aching back as it was only going to get worse! I’ve had perfect sleep ever since and don’t wake up in any pain!

5 - SLEEP, so much sleep!!! Never had a nights sleep as peaceful and cosy. the perfect balance between firm and soft, my partner doesn't wake me up when he rolls over, because i can't feel it anymore, it's like having a bed to myself again. Over the moon.

5 - Having slept in this for about a month now I'm noticing considerably less pain in my shoulders and hips. And the cooling layer means I've not been waking up sweating in the middle of the night. Overall I'm feeling so much more rested in the mornings.

5 - Super comfy mattress in all positions. Firm but soft and very supportive. I haven't had a bad nights sleep with this mattress (i usually struggle big time). If i do wake up in the middle of the night it sends me off to dreamland again very quickly.

5 - Had this mattress for 3 weeks now and find it very comfortable and easy to settle into at night. Good nights seep with good overall support in any sleeping position. Probably a bit more expensive than I was hoping to pay, but worth it in the end.

5 - Really happy with our Tempur mattress. After buying an Emma mattress which was far too firm for us, we visited the Dreams store in Merry Hill, really good service and the time spent on helping us choose the best for our sleeping style was great.

5 - I purchased this mattress just over a month ago. It's very comfortable and a good thickness to stop the sheets pinging back throughout the night. I'm not convinced that the "acti-cool" feature works, but it has been extremely hot the last month.

5 - Tried it in the store and decided to buy. Best mattress purchased but when we changed mind and decided to go for a sleepmotion bed realised the mattress is not compatible with sleepmotion base.?Returned item unopened paying £38 collection fee.

5 - Quality matress, dose what its manufactured for keeps you comfortable but stable and cool at tge same time, i would really recommend this matress my wife and i both suffer from back problems but we both wake up feeling refreshed and pain free.

5 - My sleep has improved tenfold since I’ve had this, even my sleep tracker has logged a vast improvement. Suggested in store and they couldn’t have been more helpful. So comfy and I’m falling asleep within minutes, my joints have also improved.

5 - This mattress is perfect for my mum’s needs. She is very old and needed a firm supportive bed that was also soft to contour her weary bones The gel topper does exactly that We are very pleased with this mattress and highly recommend it

4 - After years of suffering with back pain, we finally purchased a decent mattress with a stylish frame and it’s the best purchase to date! My back pain has gone and I’m getting a decent nights sleep! A bonus is the storage under the bed too!

5 - Amazing night's sleep now so very comfortable thank you Dreams. I have recommended Dreams to my friends. I don't wake up aching any more so refreshing and has increased my confidence that I will be getting a really good night's sleep.

5 - This mattress is comfortable to sleep on and has made my sleep more wholesome. I am also able to NOT sweat and wake up drenched, thanks to the temperature regulation feature. It's a recommended buy in my opinion and should last long

3 - I have had this bed for a month, but it still bothers me that as soon as you put a mattress protector on the, a cooling gel topped bed it makes it null and void! So why did I pay so much, I could have spent a lot less! I feel stupid!

5 - The pillow top mattress is very luxurious and provides you with enhanced comfort, night after night. The ActiGel foam, cool cover and hypoallergenic properties allow for extra breathability and keeps you comfortable while you sleep.

5 - This mattress is excellent, the one I had before was about 20 years old so this was a breath of fresh air. Both my gf and I absolutely love this mattress and we both look forward to lying down on it before sleep and when we wake up.

5 - The mattress is comfortable. We had better sleeping than on our old mattress. The only problem is that the middle part of the mattress is slightly higher than its edge. We felt if our weights were a little heavier, it should be ok.

5 - Very well made mattress. Although classified as 'medium' softness I've found it to be very supportive and ultra-comfortable. Although I have a few minor back issues, I have had no problems with this mattress. Highly recommend

5 - Very comfortable mattress! we tried a lot out in store before falling in love with this one! My back feels supported whilst also keeping me cool at night - I don't want to get out of bed in the morning because I feel so relaxed!

5 - Extremely comfortable. I was worried about buying a new mattress after buying an incredibly uncomfortable mattress from elsewhere in the past. The sale person at Dreams was so helpful and knowledgeable but in no way pressurising

5 - After recently having a baby the little sleep we get has become so precious, this mattress make sure you get the best nights sleep. It feels so luxurious for such a great price. This is the nicest mattress I have ever slept on.

5 - We bought the mattress not long ago, very comfy. A bit firmer compare to the one we used to to be honest. I might have taken a little softer one as it is a little hard to my body curves. Although, definitely better for my back.

5 - Bought this a couple months ago after having sleepless nights in the summer, hasn't been warm enough yet to really know if its made a difference but haven't woke up too warm since. Really comfy and would definitely recommend

4 - Have had 3 mattresses (not from Dreams) in the last 4 years! So extremely happy we tried this one. Very comfortable and my waking with back ache has stopped. Thought the topper would be hot but it’s fine - so very happy !!

5 - It’s a really comfy bed giving you great support and comfort whilst you sleep the actigel helps keep you at a regular temperature so that you don’t get to hot. I’ve really got no faults with this mattress. Best I’ve slept on

5 - Beyond thrilled with my purchase! It is like sleeping on a cloud. So glad I invested in a good night’s sleep! It was more than I had wanted to spend but I don’t regret it now. I look forward to jumping into bed every night!

5 - We have just had this mattress for a few weeks, one of which was on holiday, so have only slept on it for a week. Really enjoying it so far. Very comfortable. Falling asleep easier. Would say best sleep have had in ages

5 - Been putting off buying a new mattress for sometime, after making the purchase two weeks ago, don't know what held us back! What a delicious night's sleep! This mattress is so comfortable, it's an early night every night!

5 - This mattress is the perfect blend of soft and firm. The topper allows you to sink into what is a firm and supportive base. The only issue is that it's so comfortable, it's a struggle to get out of the bed in the morning!

5 - Amazing matters. Super comfy feels like sleeping on a cloud! I had back issues for about a year and since buying this its not had any issues and don't suffer from waking up constantly throughout the night either anymore!

5 - I bought this a month ago after moving into my first house, after reading reviews and recommendations on mattress purchases I decided to go with this and spend that bit extra. I’m glad i did, best mattress I’ve ever had.

5 - Haven’t woken with back aches/pains since I bought this mattress, excellent service, the staff in store were friendly but not even remotely pushy. Delivery guys were clean and polite and the mattress is dreamy. Perfect.

5 - I bought this three weeks ago and we are very pleased with the comfort etc to date. I suffer from a aching back and have found this mattress has stopped the ache I used to get in the morning after the previous mattress

4 - Having moved from a 100% memory foam mattress, I've found this to be a lot firmer than expected. Mt wife loves it but I have lower back issues and can wake up a bit stiff. Hoping it will soften over the coming months.

5 - I bought this about 2 months ago. I am super happy with the mattress. Its comfortable yet sturdy. I haven't been able to tell the difference with the cooling part of it as it's the winter but am happy with my purchase.

5 - Money well spent ! Initially thought crazy money to spend on a mattress. Break it down to how much time you’ll spend in bed over the next 10 years, I don’t ache in the mornings any more when I wake, best money I spent.

5 - Bought this for my son, the matress is far too comfortable he won’t wake up in the mornings and wants to sleep for at least 12 hours Also has a lovely cooling gel antibac top layer just great for a sweaty teenager .

5 - After using the machine to tell us what mattress would recommend. After trying a couple in store we chose this one. Really impressed and pleased with it and the service we received in store. Would recommend to anyone.

5 - We visited the Luton store and were greeted by very friendly staff who helped us choose our mattress. It is genuinely the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on in my life and cant reccomend it enough to anybody!!

5 - This was one of the mattresses that we tried in the Dream shop and we decided to buy. Great buy, fantastic night sleep and the back pain I had with the old mattress now all but disappeared. We made the right choice..

5 - We bought this a month ago having had a Dreams mattress for many years. Changing from a very firm to this firm mattress had immediate benefits - no more aching joints. You definitely get what you pay for. Wonderful!

4 - This mattress is very comfortable. My wife and I spent a lot of time trialing different mattresses, before settling With this one. I have only given 4 stars as it is too early to comment on long-term comfortability.

5 - I bought this a couple of weeks ago and I have never felt better in the morning. I went from a fully memory foam mattress to this and I have to say the gel fitted topper is incredible!!!!! I would highly recommend.

5 - We had been looking for a new mattress for a long time, visited Dreams and found this one. Nearly fell asleep on it and fantastic customer service too, thanks dreams for helping me have a good nights sleep finally

5 - Had this delivered a couple of weeks ago to our new house and have slept well every night! Comfy for both of us, and supportive which is ideal for my partner’s bad back-he had had no twinges since sleeping on it

5 - I have problems with my spine and the mattress provides excellent support. It conforms to my body shape no matter how much I may role around. The Actigel keeps me cool under my 4.5 Tog quilt which I use all year.

4 - My partner and I bought this mattress after being recommended it by the machine in store. It’s really comfy. You don’t really get any benefit from the cooling gel which is a shame but all in all a great purchase

5 - So far, the mattress has been very comfortable. Highly supportive and whilst firm isn't like sleeping on a board. The aches I was getting with the previous mattress have gone. Very happy with the first 2 weeks.

4 - After trying other hybrid mattresses which were either too soft or too firm, my husband and I decided on this sprung mattress and are happy with our choice. The purchase and delivery from Dreams was excellent.

5 - This matress was a perfect combination of support and comfort,gone was my lower aching back,we are very impressed and happy with our buy,it was worth spending a little more as definitely can feel the benefit.

5 - Replaces 10yr old top of the range matress. Delivered a couple of weeks ago and feeling the benefit already and sleeping better. Bought it in the sale so it was couple of hundred pounds lighter on the pocket.

4 - Most comfortable for the price. Tried numerous mattresses and regardless of price this got my vote. Been very pleased so far and the help Ross offered in store was first class. No pressure just super helpful.

5 - I always woke up with sore lower back on my old mattress but since I purchased this new mattress my back has been absolutely fine. I have had it for 2 weeks and can’t complain. Let’s hope it stays like this.

5 - Excellent service, sales person very knowledgable and friendly, promises of delivery times kept, driver phoned ahead as agreed. For once a purchase was bought without any hassle. Would definitely recommend.

5 - Awesome support l, I had back issues and so far after 20 nights or so I have had no issues. Comfort levels are great and the fact it keeps the body cooler during sleep is just a winner in the summer months.

4 - A really comfortable, cozy, mattress that makes getting into bed a pleasure. It is smooth but firm in the right places and wake up refreshed with no aches from poor support. Looks good in the bedroom as well

5 - The delivery was delayed by two months and I did think we might get free pillows or at least an apology, but apart from that delivery was very professional and the product is excellent, very comfortable.

4 - After suffering broken sleep with discomfort due to medical conditions this has been a godsend. We've had this now for a couple of weeks and had amazing nights sleep every night. Would highly recommend.

5 - I bought this mattress recently as my partner didn't like a soft mattress and I didn't like a hard mattress. This mattress provides firm support with added comfort of the gel lining giving it a soft feel

5 - This mattress is a game changer! It is so comfortable and the gel layer regulates your temperature meaning a restful sleep. It is incredible and I honestly haven't had a bad nights sleep since it arrived

5 - I bought my new TheraPur ActiGel mattress after having a sleep assessment and this was one of the suggestions. What an amazingly comfortable mattress and my back and neck are so much better as a result.

5 - This is the comfiest mattress I’ve ever owned and well worth the money. Getting a better nights sleep without waking up like I used to throughout the night tossing and turning trying to get comfortable.

5 - I have had this mattress for just over 4 weeks and am so pleased with it. It is comfortable and I get a good night's sleep every night and wake up in the morning refreshed and with no aches or pains.

5 - We chose this mattress in firm, really good, comfortable with solid sides, don’t think it keeps me any cooler as purported! But we were just looking for a firmed mattress to help with my back issues.

5 - My previously interrupted sleep pattern has vanished. As a bad back sufferer, this mattress is nothing short of miraculous, with no aches or pains during then night nor when I get up in the morning.

5 - I bought this two weeks ago and so far I can only say that is the most comfortable mattress I slept on. It's made of durable fabrics and has a nice texture. It really worth the price. Best purchase

5 - We purchased this last month and it’s the best mattress we have ever purchased!!!so comfortable and the cooling gel pillow top regulates body temperature,so no more sweating in the night!!perfect!!

5 - I have genuinely never owned or slept on such a fantastic mattress, it's exactly what I need and has saved the usual dilemma of a mattress being too firm or too soft. Absolutely worth every penny.

5 - This mattress is the best money I have ever spent, you spend hours in bed so I wanted something really comfy and I found it, the quality is excellent, I would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

5 - This is super soft and comply. Like laying in the clouds. I would go as far as to say it’s the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on. I wonder what I was doing with my old one for so long.

5 - I bought this mattress as an upgrade to an old double and what a difference it has made. As we upsized to a king the extra room is fantastic and the actigel top is an absolute dream to sleep on.

5 - I bought this mattress about 2weeks ago and now it is a joy to retire to bed at night.. To me,it is worth every penny I paid and I would highly recommend this very special mattress to anyone.

5 - Having been through more mattresses than I can count on both hands in an attempt to gain a comfortable night's sleep, finally I am sleeping well and wake up without backache - thank you Dreams!

4 - Bought this a month ago and still trying to break into it. I do feel that it makes me warmer at night but I’m giving it a go. The threading at the end of the bed has started to come off though,

5 - I purchased mattress a month ago . Was guided through the different mattresses by a good sales person. Yes it was expensive but worth it money ! Incredibly comfortable For a great nights sleep

5 - I did the dreams test and this mattress came up as one that was suitable for me. I tried quite a few but kept coming back to this one. Definitely made the right choice, it’s super super comfy!

5 - Amazing mattress! I’ve had it for 2 weeks now and it is a perfect match for me. I have had some of the best sleeps of my life for the past 2 weeks. I would definitely recommend this mattress!

4 - With help from the staff we have found the right mattress for us. We did find if you take the time and truly try the mattress as you would normally sleep ,They will find the right one for you

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