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Amelia's Thoughts On The TheraPur® Cool Pillow

The TheraPur Cool Pillow is a uniquely designed product that aims to not only support your good night's sleep but also regulate your temperature through the night. Suitable for all those seeking a sleeping experience that combines comfort, functionality, and an optimally maintained temperature throughout the night.

Who is this product for?

This innovative sleep aid is ideal for sleepers who find themselves overheating during the night or those who prefer to keep cool whilst they sleep. With its dual-sided design, it caters to a broad range of personal preferences, offering a truly adaptable sleeping solution. You can enjoy the soft luxury of the low denier micro-fibre one night and the supportive contour of memory foam the next. Also, if you're a front or side sleeper, the TheraPur Cool Pillow is anticipated to suit your sleeping style perfectly. If you're someone who values home-manufactured products in the UK, you'll appreciate the local craftsmanship that goes into each TheraPur Cool Pillow.

What do we use this product for?

The TheraPur Cool Pillow is used to enhance the quality and comfort of your sleep. It utilises innovative ActiCool technology, designed to absorb heat and keep you cool throughout the night. This pillow isn't just about temperature regulation, though. One side boasts a supportive memory foam lining, which adapts to your motion and provides support for your head and neck. The other side features a soft micro-fibre filling that replicates the luxurious feel of down - without aggravating any allergies. All of which makes this pillow a versatile solution for comfort, support, temperature control, and allergy-friendly sleep.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers have appreciated the cooling aspect of the pillow, helping them sleep cooler and more comfortably.
  • The dual-sided nature of this pillow is highly praiseworthy, offering an option to switch between supportive memory foam and soft micro-fibre.
  • The pillow has garnered praise for its comfort level, resulting in less neck pain and better sleep quality.
  • Critics have noted that the pillow can be too flat and uncomfortable for their liking. A few consumers were unsatisfied with the cooling properties, claiming it did not match their expectations.

Features you should know about

The TheraPur Cool Pillow offers an ActiCool cover that conscientiously absorbs heat, keeping you cool throughout your slumber. It also provides you with dual-sided comfort - one side offering the embrace of supportive memory foam, and the other the plush sensation of a low denier micro-fibre that gives you the opulence of down but without triggering possible allergies. The pillow is classified with a medium comfort grade, assuring you a comfortable rest. As well, the TheraPur Cool Pillow is hypo-allergenic, designed for people with allergies. It's made in the UK and comes with a reassuring 1-year guarantee.

Our Review

Taking into account the innovative design aspects, customer reviews, and overall quality, the TheraPur Cool Pillow is a compelling product that stands out for its attention to comfort, temperature regulation, and versatility. It indeed does not fail to impress with its dual-sided design, offering two distinct surfaces for a personalised sleep experience. However, while it boasts cooling properties, some may find it not as cool as they would prefer. Further, its flatness may deter those who prefer fluffier pillows. Whist it may not be for everyone, overall, from my perspective as a seasoned mattress and bedding reviewer, the TheraPur Cool Pillow does hold a promising offer for a more comfortable, enhanced sleep experience.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    ActiCool cover absorbs heat, keeping you cool all night long

    Dual sided pillow - choose from supportive memory foam or soft micro-fibre

    Luxuriously comfortable low denier micro-fibre

    Medium comfort grade for a cosy night's rest

    Hypo-allergenic alternative to down, without compromising comfort

    An ideal match if you sleep on your front or side

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Customer Reviews For The TheraPur® Cool Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - We purchased this along with a mattress for our teen, the pillow is great and keeps her cool, it is also a very full pillow so only required one rather than two they previously had. Very pleased.

5 - This is so comfy and very cooling. I am very pleased with this pillow. I would recommend to anyone who wants a comfy cool pillow that won’t leave you hot and bothered in the middle of the night.

5 - It appears firm to touch but moulds beautifully to your head and neck. Very comfortable indeed. Value for money too. I’ve had countless expensive down pillows but this one suits me much better.

3 - Nice soft pillow, supportive. But I cant feel any cooling properties. I didnt buy this it was part of a discount deal on the bed I bought. I would have been annoyed if I had paid full price!

5 - Although this pillow was firmer than I expected at the beginign, after a couple of uses it is one of my favourite pillows on bed. It gives me just the perfect suppor when sleeping on my side!

4 - Pillow is so comfy, feels like your head is floating. Can tell the difference of it feeling cooler, however don’t put pillow protector and cover over, just pillow case needed for full effect.

5 - My wife loved the great quality of this pillow. It was a little to high for myself as I have a very low pillow but she liked the softness and the way it moulded her neck. A quality product.

5 - I used to get hot and flip my pillow over constantly to try find a cool side, but even in the really hot weather, this pillow has not felt hot. Really comfortable and well worth the money.

5 - I bought this along with another more expensive. I wanted it to try both to see which will suit me better. I prefer this one, it adapts better to my head but still give me perfect support.

4 - A couple of weeks in and this pillow is really very good. Not cheap of course but I am very happy with it. Its interesting having a pillow which suits my sleeping style for the girst time.

5 - I got these when I purchased a bed and mattress from dreams and so glad I did. No longer need to double up my pillows. Does exactly what it claims and I am very happy with this purchase.

5 - This pillow has a unique cooling that helps keep you at the perfect temperature all throughout the night, and with a super soft memory foam layer, this pillow is cooling and comfortable!

5 - After a lifetime of cheap lumpy pillows, I bought 2 of these when I bought a new bed. Loved them. Replaced them 2+ years on, and wish I had done it earlier as I immediately slept better.

4 - I brought this pillow for my daughter who usually sleeps with at least three pillows. Since using this pillow she does not use any other pillows and says she feels extremely confortable.

5 - i love love love this pillow, I struggle with my neck and back and since sleeping on this I have been in at least 70% less pain then I would normally. Lovely and cool and keeps it shape

5 - Bought this pillow to use with my new bed and was certainly very pleased i had done so. It enhanced the comfort of the bed and kept your head in correct alignment. A very good purchase

5 - I bought 2 of them almost a month ago and my nights are peaceful. My partner is very happy with his one too. They are so comfortable and soft. We are so thankful because we found them.

5 - This is a lovely soft and cool pillow. The fabric keeps your head cool during the night and I have slept better since using it. I would recommend this to anyone who gets hot at night.

3 - I've had this for a month or so and it is ok. It is not a firm pillow and the inner materials move a lot, meaning it will be thin in places. This is good for a front sleeper though.

5 - we tried these in the shop & bought them straight away - a really comfy pillow that comforts & supports head & neck, and the coolness of the pillow is a total win. Money well spent.

5 - This pillow is brilliant it is soft enough to sink into but without the flattening that happens with feather pillows. It stays cool and refreshing all night. Really worth the money!

5 - Gave this to my mum who gets hit at night and usually has to turn her pillow over each time. It worked! She didn’t have to turn it over as it didn’t get hit with her. Thank you :-)

5 - Unbelievable pillow wake up in the morning with no stiffness in neck which I used to get with a regular pillow. Also has a cool feel material so i do not get too warm in the night

5 - Amazing! I have a bad neck and haven’t had any problems at all since using this pillow. It’s been a life changer for me. Lovely and cool all night through too. Highly recommend!

4 - This was a gift to my daughter in law who had visited a friend that had these pillows and she absolutely loved them... firm, not too hard and a good amount of supportive filling

4 - Bought 2 recently... they are definitely cool, but the covers effect their performance... should be a thinner design. Very comfy though. Recommended although a little pricey.

5 - Great pillows, best ever for comfort and coolest, bought pillows while buying a mattress, staff were helpful and friendly and I would recommend both pillow and Dreams staff.

5 - I like a warm pillow - said absolutely no-one every. Finally a cool pillow that actually stays cool! I wish I had bought this before the summer heatwave; it is fantastic.

5 - This pillow is a game changer. It’s cool control has been perfect for me as other pillows have caused too much heat and a clammy sleep. Couldn’t recommend this pillow more.

5 - I am very happy with this pillow - took to it right away, which is not always easy with a new pillow. It has a good weight to it, but feels soft whist being supportive.

5 - I have tried several pillows in the last two years. At last, I have found the right one! This is firm yet does not cause pain of the ears. I like the coolness of it too.

5 - Bought this a month or so ago as my girlfriend tried in store and loved it. Very comfortable and the cooling pad really gives you the cool side of the pillow feeling.

5 - this is the most comfortable pillow I have ever purchased. I shall be interested to see how long it retains its shape, I am hoping it will be years rather than months

5 - So comfy and cool. I was worried they’d be too thick as I like quite a shallow pillow but your head sinks in to support your neck whilst you’re sleeping it’s so comfy

5 - Highly recommend, pricey to pay for a pillow however it is worth every single penny and gives the best nights sleep. Wouldn’t ever go back to using any other pillow!

5 - I use this as a secondary pillow to hold on to when I sleep on my side as it's flatter than the main Tempur Cloud one I use. I really like that one side is cool.

4 - Very soft & inviting. I find it does need turning during the night but stays much cooler than my last pillow which needed turning several times! Great nights’ sleep.

4 - Pillows are excellent value. Spent much more on other pillows that were not half as good. Only downside is I didn’t notice any particular coolness from the pillows

5 - Keeps my head cool, so is helping so far with my headaches. Wish I’d found out about it sooner could have saved a fortune on other pillows that didn’t do the trick.

5 - Lovely firm pillow, not noisy and very comfortable. The cooling works really well even during unseasonal hot and humid weather. I will difinitely be buying more!

5 - Bought this pillow 2 months ago. was hoping it would help with neck and shoulder aches..... and it has certainly done the job. wake up with no aches and pains now.

3 - I bought this pillow after being disappointed. By sealy but these are not much better. They have kept their shape so far but as for the cool effect I can't feel it

5 - Very comfortable. Recommended in store based on my sleeping position. Not something I would have chosen for myself, but the most comfortable pillow I’ve ever had.

5 - I bought this pillow about a month ago. It’s very comfortable. You can definitely tell the difference between a standard pillow and this pillow. Would recommend

5 - A pillow that stays warm on one side for the winter ,and cool on the other side for summer,what more could you want from a pillow,nicely plumped up ,pure comfort.

4 - Very comfortable pillow, feels warm to the touch on one side & cool on the other. Only problem is I can't tell which side is which when it's inside a pillowcase.

3 - I bought this 3 weeks ago and one side is lovely and cool, shame the other side isn't cool. Comfy pillow and the cooling half is wonderful for manopausal sleep

5 - I bought this a month ago and I'm really happy with it. It gives great support. The firmness is perfect and it holds it's shape well. Had a good night sleep.

5 - I didn’t intend to buy a pillow when we went in looking for a bed, but an up sell I’m pleased we took. Added comfort and support for my neck when dozing off

4 - I have had this for over a month now, it works great and keeps cool temps. For the price you would expect both sides to work but maybe that affects comfort.

4 - Bought this for myself after trying it in store. Comfy, supportive and keeps my head cool whilst sleeping. Great for those who dislike feeling hot at night.

5 - These have made a world of difference to our sleep. Comfortable and offers good support. Wake up feeling refreshed and without aches and pains in the neck.

5 - cant fault these pillows, they are so comfy, they really do support your neck no matter which way you sleep, I found you only need one which is good enough

5 - Had this around a month now and love it. I like it quite flat and not too firm. Has an airy feeling which i like. Both me and the mrs enjoy our new pillows

4 - The pillow is nice and supportive, being firm but not so much it crooks your neck. The cool touch allows for a comfortable pillow even during warm evenings

5 - Absolutely love my pillows, have looked all over for one to replace my Dunlopillow and this is the closest I have found. Comfort for a good night's sleep.

5 - This pillow is great. Although not icy cold, it doesn't seem to heat up during the night like others do. It's really comfy and I now only need one pillow.

5 - Fantastic pillow. Comfortable and provides a good night sleep. Had problems with pillows in the past - not with this. Good weighting on the pillow too.

5 - These pillows are great for the person that likes to turn the pillows in the night and feel the coolness on the head as this pillow does it to perfecton

5 - Been sleeping on this for 2 weeks and literally makes the world of difference.. I thought pillows were all the same but this is something else.. Love it

5 - Having tried and tried to find a 'cooler' pillow that no tonly stays cool but also shape I am delighted to finally find one. Costly, yes, but worth it!

5 - Me and my partner bought these pillows about a month ago after they was suggested in store. Now we couldn’t imagine life without are cool side pillows.

4 - Nice double sided pillow. Summer cooling and winter warming. I always sleep with 2 pillows but have switched to just one and am sleeping much better.

4 - Only had 2 weeks so too soon to judge. Doesn't feel particularly cool when enclosed by protector & pillow case but wrong time of year to judge really

4 - I bought this after trying in store, it’s very cool and comfortable to sleep on. In fact I prefer this pillow to the temp or pillow it’s much softer.

5 - The most comfortable pillow I have ever used. Not hot like other memory foam products. Came as a deal as part of my purchase, so I'm very satisfied!

5 - Would highly recommend, so comfortable, amazing feel and cooling too. Having a great night's sleep with our new pillows. Definitely worth the money.

4 - Great pillow I have alway had a sweaty head in the hot summer months this pillow has stopped it all it a great feel feeling and well worth the money

5 - Absolutely love this pillow having suffered with neck problems for years and struggled to find a good pillow this one is amazing! Worth every penny

5 - Always had cheap pillows. Can definitely appreciate the value of having a good pillow now, so comfortable and the cooling is lovely. Well worth it!

5 - As it says, keeps you cool! Not as expensive as the Tempur pillow but also doesn't have a separate pillow protector covering as the Tempur one has.

4 - Got 2 with my new matching mattress and very happy with it. I'm much cooler now due to the top layer and don't get hot and sweaty. Very comfortable

5 - Absolutely loving this pillow. Much better than my previous one. It stays cool throughout the night and is exactly what I needed. Maximum comfort.

5 - I was so fed up of down pillows that we decided to try one of these after testing one in store. Absolutely thrilled with our pillow. We brought 2!

5 - Bought for comfort and support rather than the cooling aspect but blimey, it does work. A nice thing to have in the summer but so comfortable too.

5 - Really liked this in store when trying out mattresses. My mattress came with 2 free tempur pillows but I bought this anyway as it felt much nicer.

5 - it is a great pillow but it loses the puffiness very quickly I have to buy one every couple of months. Only pillow I get a good night sleep on..

5 - Really happy with the pillows but I feel I need 2 of them instead of 1 like my old pillow. Very comfy and good value, I just need to buy 2 more!!

5 - Very plump supportive pillow. Its great as it has a choice of a cool side and a softer warmer side. Its expensive but l think a good investment.

5 - Got to admit was not expecting great things, but proved wrong! the best buy I have made for many years. First uninterrupted sleep in many moons.

4 - really useful to have a cool side; the memory foam is also a great point. Could probably do with being more full but that's a personal choice.

3 - Quite hard to sleep on but quality is good. If you have neck to shoulder issue I wouldn't recommend this but if you have a back problem I would

5 - I bought this a month ago and my neck pain has gone, I don't wake up during the night and drifting off to sleep is faster now. Great Product!

4 - Very happy with the pillow as it is very comfy but the cool side doesn’t work as well as I hoped. For the price I’m not sure it is worth it.

5 - My husband used this pillow and loves that it had a cool side! He says it’s reslly comfortable and probably the best pillow he’s ever used!

5 - Bought this pillow in the hope it kept cool in the night but with it being memory foam I didn’t expect much but it has proven me very wrong

5 - We brought these first of all 5 years ago, and now purchasing again. My husband loves them and is always telling friends about the pillow

5 - Was a little unsure as to whether to purchase these items or no, but we are glad we did. So comfortable and durable. Definitely recommend!!

4 - Great pillow, and does achieve the coolness it claims. Loses one star because it has a frustrating habit of migrating up the bed overnight.


5 - I got this for my boyfriend who struggles to stay asleep with regular pillows due to the heat. He loves it and sleeps so much better now.

4 - i have has this pillow a month now, and i am semi pleased, its flatter than i remember it being in store, however it is very comfortable.

5 - We bought this just a few weeks back and have so comfortable in bed and slept very well without problems and cool feature is brilliant!!

5 - I love this pillow so much, it is perfectly mouldable and perfect thickness, I struggle to leave my bed now because I'm so comfortable.

5 - I bought this item a few weeks ago and it is the best pillow I have had, very comfy and the gel is a great feature to the pillow also

5 - I bought a pair of pillows about a month again and well worth the price. You definitely get what you pay for..they're so comfortable.

5 - I bought these pillows having tested them out in store . No regrets and no need for double pillows for either of us . Slept like logs

5 - Quite expensive but very comfortable. Not too 'puffy', moulds to your head/neck but then goes back to 'pillow shape' and feels cool

5 - These are the best pillows we have had. They are very comfortable and provide the cooling effect needed. Absolutely worth the price.

5 - Initially I was surprised at the price for a pillow but they have lived up to their description of comfort which justifies the cost.

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