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Amelia's Thoughts On The Therapur® ActiGel® Glacier 4600 Mattress

The TheraPur Glacier 4600 mattress is a high-density pocketed sprung mattress that features a 4cm layer of unique ActiGel® foam, which offers pressure sensitive support and is ‘zoned’ to provide optimum support for different areas of the body.

With a unique combination of premium bedding materials and technology, the TheraPur Glacier 4600 mattress comes with an impressive 40-night sleep guarantee and features proactive probiotic technology to help improve air quality and protect against dust mites.

The mattress is made with four layers and comes with a pillow top for additional comfort. The pocketed and surrounding springs work in unison with the ActiGel® foam and a PurFibre® layer for supportive and targeted pressure relief.

Additionally, there’s an open cell structure that helps to maintain a healthy balance of air and moisture. The mattress is supported by pillars and perimeter springs of high quality pocket spring design, with an upper pillow-top layer for a luxurious feel when you slide into bed.

The mattress is hypoallergenic and comes with a 1-year guarantee.


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Reasons To Buy

    Layered with foam and PurFibre® for comfort and support

    With an ActiCool® knitted cover

    Pillow top layer gives a luxurious feel

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    It’s hypoallergenic

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    A 40 night sleep guarantee gives you the piece of mind when purchasing online to be able to buy with the confidence necessary for such a considered purchase. The guarantee allows you to swap out your mattress with a different model that is deemed more suitable in the event you do not like the product you receive. 

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Customer Reviews For The Therapur® ActiGel® Glacier 4600 Mattress

5 - Bought this two weeks ago and have had the best nights sleep ever. It’s soft enough to get comfy but firm enough to keep you in place. By far the best thing I’ve ever bought. Both me and my partner can’t wait to get in bed now but

5 - The mattress is firm but the topper gives a comfortable soft top. The top has gel so you don’t overheat in bed. It’s quite deep so you’ll need an extra deep sheet to cover it and it does make the bed high. Overall it’s a luxury item.

4 - On your back or front, this is so soft and supportive and feels luxurious. As a side sleeper though and pregnant I’m struggling with it feeling too firm and resistant under my hips and feeling sore. So I’m undecided at the moment.

5 - This is an excellent mattress and gives me a great night sleep.. I am a person that gets super warm and husband the complete opposite. I now do not wake up dripping and over heated and hubby hasnt once moaned that he is cold!!..

5 - Was a bit unsure about spending so much on one mattress, but I decided to take the plunge anyway. So glad I did! The mattress is so comfortable and worth all the money!! Every night has been a great night's sleep since it arrived

5 - Massive difference to our sleeping as a result of purchase. This mattress really does help regulate your temperature in the night, Recovering from shoulder operation and getting many hours extra sleep as a result of our purchase.

4 - A deep & comfortable mattress which has improved the quality of my sleep; Only downsides are the gel top layer, which is uneven & makes the bed look 'messy', and the extremely high price point, which minimizes the value equation.

5 - Love this mattress!! My back was in so much pain before we got this one but now I no longer have discomfort. We both love this mattress, gives such s comfortable nights sleep especially if you struggle with getting hot at night.

5 - Very happy with the new mattress, bed and headboard! It is taller than the old bed, and the mattress sides don't give way when getting up, so the height difference is noticeable, but getting used to it. Can't fault it really!

5 - Like most new things it took a few days to get used to but we are both very pleased with our comfy mattress the therapur top takes the sting out of the firmness that we both needed. The sales and delivery was good service too.

5 - The purchase of this mattress is a revolution on how good a nights sleep can be ! Technology has moved on leaps and bounds. I recommend to change your old mattress to a therapur and realise the sleep your having can be better!

5 - Cool topping is marvellous especially as I suffer with night sweats. It’s true you only get what you pay for and with this purchase I can wholeheartedly agree worth every penny spent, the best night sleep I have had in years

5 - I have had the mattress for about a month now and I can honestly say it is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. It has a cushion top, which is super comfy, the only downfall is I never want to get out of bed!

5 - I bought this mattress to see if buying a better quality mattress really did make any difference?, I can honestly say it is the best nights sleep I have had in years! And it was worth every ££. Big Thank you to Dreams Beds

5 - I bought this mattress little over two weeks ago. It has taken a few days to get over our old rubbish mattress to be able to fully enjoy the quality of this new one. Not looking back now, always looking forward to bedtime!

3 - The quality of the mattress appeared to be very good but it was a bit hard for ourselves. We made use of the Dreams 40 day trial period and exchanged it for a softer mattress. The process was simple and convenient.

5 - I can’t recommend this mattress enough. It’s literally a DREAM to sleep on . I actually can’t wait to go to bed . My husband suffers from a bad back but since purchasing it he hasn’t suffered at all . Well worth the money

4 - Was a little firm on the first couple of nights, however, I have slept really well since then. I had been sleeping on an air mattress for 3 months before this had arrived, so you can imagine I was looking forward to this!

5 - Absolute luxury! When at our local branch selecting our mattress, nothing for us came close to the luxury and comfort of this mattress. It's the right firmness and with the extra topping just finishes the comfort for us.

5 - Very comfortable, not too soft and not too hard, work up feeling refreshed . The only downside is the mattress is quite deep so need special deep sheets, there's not that much choice of colour for that in regular stores

5 - I bought this with the wife as she has bad leg problems,unfortunately for her this was to hard, but I thought it was amazing great work and effort had gone into making this product and dissevers all the praise it gets..

4 - Early days yet but the signs are good that our new bed will provide us with a comfortable night's sleep. We paid over what we were intending to but it is clear that this bed is by far the best we have ever purchased

5 - I bought this a month ago after trying several mattress. This mattress has been super comfortable all night and I have enjoyed all my nights. I look for my nights and look for any excuse to spend extra time in bed!

5 - This mattress has cured my morning back pain I had put down to old age and desk working. It is firm and supports my lower back but is not so firm that it is uncomfortable. Wish I'd changed my mattress years ago.

5 - Mattress so far is good, sleeping 100% better. Delivery team were great, took the old mattress down and brought the new one up and unwrapped it. very happy with service and how easy it was from start from finish

5 - Had the matress for over a month now and have had great nights sleep every night. Wake up pain free and ready for the day. If there is an issue it is that you are so comfortable you don't want to get out of bed

5 - Having tried the product in-store was not disappointed when we completed our purchase. it is extremely comfortable and so far has provided us both with excellent nights of sleepiness and long may it continue!

5 - Normally my wife and I prefer a firm mattress but when we tried the 4200 we found an underlying firmness with a more forgiving top layer which moulded to the body and gave more comfort to hips and shoulders.

5 - Amazing, the most comfortable night sleep we have had in a long time. Firm enough so as not to be disturbed when your partner moves but also soft enough to sink in to a deep slumber. Can’t recommend enough.

5 - Spent almost 3 hours in Uddingston store trying to buy a mattress because I have severe back problems. I bought a new mattress last year, but I can’t sleep comfortably on it. This mattress is world class.

5 - Having slept on literally hundreds of different mattresses as an international consultant, I have finally found the ONE that provides the most comfort. Delivered by a highly professional company, Dreams.

5 - Had this mattress for 3 weeks and find it totally comfortable. Seems to lift your hips and align the spine. My wife's masseur says her back hasn't a problem in it this time. We are both thrilled with it.

5 - Excellent in store assistance from knowledgeable and helpful staff Not rushed while selecting most suitable product. This gives firmness but with soft top layer that enhances comfort. Very satisfied.

5 - Very comfortable mattress and I have been waking without lower back pain now. Also it definitely is a lot cooler than previous mattresses and nights have been warm since purchased. Overall very happy!

4 - We have now had our new mattress about a month, I only wish we had done it sooner. I now realise how bad our old mattress had got and how much our new purchase has made such a difference to our sleep.

5 - This has to be the best mattress I have ever slept on. There is zero movement when either you or your partner turns over. The only con of the mattress is you have to get out of bed in the morning.

5 - This mattress gives me a superb night’s sleep. I sleep very poorly but have been waking up with far less aches and pains and I drift off to sleep almost as soon as my head hits the pillow zzzzzzzzz

5 - This is a great mattress. Almost immediately, my sleep has improved and I’ve had none of the morning aches and stiffness I used to take for granted. Moving up from double to king size is great too.

4 - Good comfortable mattress but not as cool in reality as we expected from trying in the shop.bweve had it a few weeks and do seem to be sleeping better but it's not been revolutionary, hence 4 stars

5 - Had the therapur for a few weeks now and couldn't have wished for a comfier product. Both my wife and I are over the moon with the mattress and have no doubts we selected the right product for us.

5 - Beautifully comfortable, fewer back and shoulder problems now. Nice cool spots when I start getting too hot, but not feeling cold on cooler nights. Quite heavy to turn on my own, but manageable.

4 - Takes a little while to wear in and soften, but starting to loosen up and become enjoyable. A solid base gives great support. Comfortable soft top layer makes for a nice squish when laying down!

5 - Bought after trying out several other mattresses. This one was the best have never regretted buying it. Best night sleep for ages. Well worth the money. Never knew a mattress could be so good.

5 - Due to fibromyalgia and arthritis I needed a top quality mattress, this is the best one I've ever had and can now get more sleep at night and not in as much pain when getting up in the morning

5 - We brought this a month ago, and the difference between the old mattress and this one is unbelievable. Had a medium rather than a firmer one we had before, and it is so comfortable, sleeping.

5 - I bought this a month ago and I am so happy I did it. It's very comfortable and so soft. I fall asleep as soon as I lay on my bed. So soft and very comfy. Most importantly, no more back pain.

5 - This product is amazing, I sleep better at night as the mattress is so comfortable. The test machine you lay on in the showroom to check which mattress is best for you is a great addition.

5 - The mattress was been so comfortable from the 1st night. Absolutely love it. I was told the gel topper is supposed to keep you cool. Not sure it does, but the bed Mattress is so comfortable

5 - Mattress outstanding so comfortable was expecting a couple of nights non sleep to get used to it but no perfect from day one, never slept so well, never had a bed that actually cuddles me!

5 - Bought this a month ago, and it’s been amazing. The plush top gives you that awesome “sinking into clouds” feel, but the firmness means it gives good support. We’ve been sleeping so well!

5 - We have been sleeping on our new mattress for a month now, and have never slept so well. The aching hip I used to wake up with is a thing of the past and we sleep in comfort very easily.

5 - Especially comfortable mattress! Pricier than some of the others, but well worth it. Extra deep fitted bedsheets required for this as it's huge! Been sleeping well on it since purchase.

4 - Exceptionally good quality, very comfortable. Excellant sefvice. Although ours was a 6ft wide mattress, it has made our nights restful. I have no hesitation in recomending it to others.

5 - We bought this as my wife has wide spread pain and can’t lie on a hard mattress as it hurts too much. This has amazing support but feels soothing on her. It’s like it was made for her.

5 - Best sleep ever!!! The mattress is surprisingly firm but undeniably comfortable. I have had some comfortable mattresses in my time but nothing like this. Where has it been all my life?

3 - Purchase process was great, helpful staff, well organised store. Jury is still out on the mattress, was a particularly expensive option and not sleeping on it very well at the moment.

4 - Purchased 4 weeks ago. Took a few days to get used to the mattress, very comfortable. Disappointed with the actigel layer, no benefit from this when using a mattress protector cover.

5 - Great mattress and was even better after a couple of weeks as we got used to a different feel. Good service from Dreams as there was a short delivery delay but we were kept updated.

5 - Bought it after trying in dreams. Absolutely unbelievable. 5 star hotels don't have mattress like this! Perfect blend of firm and softness. feels like you are sleeping in a cloud!

4 - So far so good bit hard to begin with which we were prewarned about. Build quality is good. We're using the therapur mattress protector and have found the combo to be hot at nights

5 - Decent delivery time, team honoured the discount after the deal had ended due to a website issue which was brilliant too. If you have space for the superking it is super worth it!

5 - Very impressed with this mattress, is firmer than I am used to but I think thats a good thing. Had a sore shoulder and neck, within two weeks of having this mattress it was gone.

5 - Definitely on the firm side but after a couple of days I’m finding it really comfortable, service from Dreams was great and quick delivery with great delivery staff, can’t fault

5 - Much thicker than our last mattress, but very comfortable. If I move or turn over during the night my wife does not get disturbed. Best mattress we have had in 36 years. Great.

5 - Absolutely love this mattress. It’s so comfortable. I suffer with hip pain and it’s amazing how much it’s helped my sleeping. It’s very luxurious and I love how high up I feel.

5 - Needed to replace a very old mattress and wish I had done it sooner. This mattress is very comfortable and supportive of your sleeping position to provide a good night's sleep.

4 - I purchsed this mattress about a month ago and find it very comfortable. Medium firmness but with a soft gel top. Feels cool unlike other memory foam mattresses. Very pleased.

5 - Firm in all the right places and beautifully soft on top. Only had it a week or so, so still early days but so much better than the last mattress we had. No aches and pains.

5 - I had my mattress delivered on the 3rd march. I have slept in for work 3 or 4 times. My previously achey back is not nearly as bad as it was. That girl in the shop was right!

5 - Feels very well made,and is comfortable from the go.although we’ve only had this mattress for a few weeks we are very happy with its performance,definitely improved our sleep.

5 - Superb comfort, sleeping much better. Mattress although pricey is 100% well worth it. You can't put a price on a quality night sleep... although maybe you can as this is it!

5 - We bought this mattress about a month ago, to complement our new bed. You spend 1/3rd of your life in bed on average, so it's worth some investment to ensure the best sleep.

5 - Great mattress, the full body support is excellent, the cooling effect of the gel doesn’t seem so apparent now we have the mattress home, but overall we are pleased with our

4 - We have had this for a few weeks now, it definitely feels firmer than when in the shop however still comfortable. Hoping this will soften but otherwise a great nights sleep

4 - We bought this about a month ago from the High Wycombe shop. We were provided with good advice and were able to try a range of different products before we made up our mind

5 - Having long standing back trouble. I always make comfort my priority along with quality & look. With the 'Sleepmatch' machine in store I found perfect bed firmness for us.

5 - Absolutely love it, I'm getting a full night's sleep and no longer getting hot during the night. It was a little harder than the one in the store but that's to be expected

5 - Excellent mattress , best weve ever had , and best nights sleep both of us have had , worth paying that extra money , alot better than any memory foam mattress we have had

5 - The mattress is of unbelievable quality. Every night I have slept in that bed, I have woken up after a greats night's sleep, a better person. Very happy with my purchase!

5 - After visiting Dreams in Southampton we were helped very nicely by the friendly staff and we made the decision to buy this mattress. So glad we did! Perfect nights sleep.

5 - The TheraPur ActiGel mattress is of superb quality. It keeps my body temperature cool at night whilst also providing comfortable support for my body. Highly recommended.

5 - Very happy with our purchase, it was delivered on time and the advice in the store was fantastic. The Mattress is comfy and getting a good nights sleep is now the norm!

5 - Just perfect: both my wife and I sleep so much better. No more backaches in the morning. It changed the atmosphere in the house! More useful than a relationship expert.

5 - We visited the store in tollgate when buying a new mattress, the store was busy but we still felt like we were the only people there. The customer service was amazing.

5 - A really comfortable mattress - especially for an arthritic shoulder. Hasn't ended up being quite as cool as had been suggested but still far better than our old one.

5 - Works for both me (who likes a firmer mattress) and my partner who likes a cosy mattress. Great nights sleep which is saying something at 8 months pregnant! Delighted!

5 - We have had our new mattress for 2 weeks now and I have never slept better. Really comfortable and because I have a hip problem, I wake up now with relatively no pain.

5 - I chose this mattress with care as I have suffered with a bad back for years and had surgery 3 years ago. The result is comfort in bed and an excellent night's sleep.

4 - My bed was delivered this month it’s so beautiful comfortable and therapeutic as the name suggests as it custom made and went under diagnosis for that kind of matress

5 - I have a chronic back problem so invested in this mattress. We were not disappointed it’s a Dream to sleep on. Best night sleep in years well worth the big price tag

5 - Love this mattress, at last found a decent one, after trying two mattresses from on line (Name of the lion king) the therapur actigel plus is well worth the money.

5 - We have been sleeping on this mattress now for 2 weeks and we both agree we feel younger when we wake up ! It hasn’t cured my wife’s headaches but I live in hope !

4 - Had this delivered a couple of weeks ago. At first I found the mattress to be quite hard, but after two or three nights had got used to it and found it comfortable

3 - it’s a proper firm mattress and great quality. Bear in mind how firm the is though as I found borderline uncomfortable. Dreams let you switch the mattress though.

5 - 2 weeks in and still can’t believe how comfy and supportive this is. The gel top is just enough. The support offered is amazing and so pleased we went super king

5 - My husband assumed sore back, hard mattress but we were advised by DREAMs having used their “VIRTUAL” bed that this mattress was the one for us so far so good !

5 - I bought this mattress this month and it was better than I expected to be. It's very comfortable and my body feels really relaxed. I would recommend to everyone.

5 - Best mattress ever. I like soft mattresses and my partner likes a firm mattress. This suits us both. Partner likes the coolness as he gets warm during the night.

4 - I've had it now for a couple of weeks. It is supportive where I need it. The down side is that the gel part does not seem to work which is something that I need.

5 - This mattress is a dream It’s very supportive, but not too firm I no longer feel like I’m tossed about in a storm when my husband turns , it’s very peaceful

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