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TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress

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Amelia's Thoughts On The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress

This is one of the first memory foam mattresses we were able to personally trial and it takes a little getting used to but for those who want comfortable, cool sleeping you'll love it. The CoolTouch™ Elite Mattresses supports you very well and we think that helps with longer deep sleep periods and better breathing (hence less snoring). We're giving five stars for this mattress, highly recommended.

A Memory Foam Mattress That Feels Like You're Sleeping on a Cloud.

The Tempur Cooltouch™ Elite mattress is made with TEMPUR foam to provide the responsiveness and cooling properties of memory foam, but without the heat retention that can often disrupt your sleep. The unique material also responds to your body's natural curves for personalised support - in any sleeping position. This mattress takes the best qualities of memory foam and eliminates the pitfalls - all while providing

Rest easy with a Tempur mattress.

The Tempur mattress offers a comfortable and refreshing sleep experience. Enjoy the comfort of this high-quality memory foam for better body support, sounder sleep, and uninterrupted breathing. Rest easy with the all new TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress.

Sleep cooler, longer.

We all know that sleep is essential to our health and well-being. The Tempur CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress has an exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to manage excess heat. It's made of a soft, breathable fabric that allows you to sleep cool, deep for hours - so you can get the rest you need. For optimal sleep, this CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress will help you feel rested, refreshed and energised.

With a combination of firm, supportive comfort and advanced airflow technology, this mattress is the perfect partner for a better night’s sleep.


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Reasons To Buy

    Comfort grade - Very Firm

    A firm tension mattress is perfect for those who are potentially heavier than average, also commonly recommended across the web for those suffering from back pain. This mattress provides support to the entire body, and still has a high quality comfort layer to provide the comfort necessary to get a great nights sleep. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this level of firmness for side sleepers as your shoulders and hips do not typically have the amount of travel through the mattress to not contort your body. Mileage will of course vary but we love this mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

    Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

    You should rotate your mattress so that you get the most out of it. You'll still be sleeping on the same surface, but you'll have a much more comfortable sleep because your body will be in a proper alignment as springs fillings and more have the opportunity to unsettle and prevent any dips or divots that would otherwise occur, causing potential discomfort.

    25cm depth

    25cm is a great middle-ground for a mattress. Thick enough to house good quality materials and components while being thin enough to fit normal sheets ensuring you do not need to upgrade your bedding unnecessarily.

    About TEMPUR

    10-year guarantee

    The 10 year guarantee is a great option because you know that your bed will last for a long time. It gives you peace of mind knowing that it'll be there to support you for years to come!Bare in mind, the average mattress typically lasts around 7 years showing the sheer level of quality offered with this mattress, after all, the supplier and manufacturer wouldn't offer a guarantee of this length without the confidence that it would stand the test of time.  

    Exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover designed to manage excess heat through the night

    The CoolTouch™ mattress cover helps you sleep cool at night. It's made out of a special fabric that regulates your body temperature. It also has a soft, silky feel to it which is more comfortable than a cotton cover.

    Rest easy with a 10-year guarantee

    10 years of guarantee is the highest we typically see within the industry and a testament to the sheer quality on offer. It speaks volumes that the manufacturer and retailer are willing to offer this length of guarantee and should inspire consumer confidence toward purchase. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Its comfort grade is very firm

    A very firm comfort grade is ideally suited to those looking for orthopedic support in their mattress. Great for back and stomach sleepers, a very firm tension won't suit most side sleepers due to the rigidness of the base layer. We typically consider very firm mattresses as specialist and should be chosen with care.

    It has an exclusive CoolTouch™ mattress cover to manage excess heat

    It’s 25cm deep

    It’s compatible with our Sleepmotion adjustable bed frames

    Adjustable beds require specialist mattresses, this is because most mattresses are not designed to be positioned in any way except flat. Fortunately this mattress is compatible with a large range of adjustable bed frames

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

    It’s a premium memory foam mattress

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR CoolTouch™ Elite Mattress

5 - The mattress is really good, no more back pain when waking up!! I have definitely made the right decision by getting it

5 - The mattress is firm but so comfortable for my bad back. Allows me to turn over without experiencing lower back pain.

5 - This mattress is so comfy and i love the fact i can mould myself in to it and feel supported. My back pain has gone!

5 - Absolutely love my mattress, I have back problems and this has helped me when I suffer first thing in the morning.

5 - Great nights sleep on our new mattress. Used the bed machine in shop that recommended firmness that was spot on.

5 - What a wonderful product and that coupled with great service has made us very happy. #well done Dreams & Tempur

5 - Thanks to this mattress, I now sleep like the dead. Given we spend so much time in bed, a worthwhile investment

5 - Because it’s a Tempur mattress it takes a few days or more to soften a little but once it has best night sleep

5 - The mattress is lovely. Support perfectly the body while sleeping. Really happy of it. Truly recommended .

5 - Is an excellent mattress, very firm but at the same time is not uncomfortable. Slowly adapts to our body.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, doesn't matter if I sleep on my back,side or front I get a good nights rest.

5 - Brilliant mattress, so comfortable great sales assistance in the local store fast and efficient service

5 - The mattress is everything it promises. So comfortable and the bounce back as promised is immediate.

5 - It’s definitely the coolest feeling memory foam mattress I have ever slept on. Solid but soft too.

5 - It's a pleasure to go to bed and both myself and my wife wake up feeling well slept and refreshed

5 - So happy with our new purchase, have slept like a baby ever night. After years of restless sleep.

5 - This mattress will give you one of the best sleeps you have had on a mattress you will ever have

5 - Takes a few days to get used to for firmness but the quality of the memory foam is outstanding.

5 - Feels too firm at first and then ease off after a few nights, give it 2 weeks to get used to it

5 - The mattress is brilliant - so comfortable and I don't feel my husband moving around all night!

5 - So comfortable, a bit more expensive but a great investment and relieves the aches and pains.

5 - Perfect we are very satisfied, so much so that I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning.

5 - Wow what a fantastic purchase. I thank the shop team for helping me make the right decision.

5 - Great product firm but moulds to you best nights sleep ever, I really enjoy going to bed now

5 - This feels hard to start with but OMG it moulds to your body for a brilliants nights sleep.

5 - Amazing comfort and a truly supportive mattress. The Cool touch technology is excellent!

5 - 3 weeks in and product feels softer but gives all the support you need. So comfortable

3 - Was delivered 2 weeks ago. Finding the firm matress perhaps too firm. Still assessing

5 - I bought this mattress looking for a very firm one and it is. Very satisfied with it.

5 - Takes a little getting used to coming from a traditional mattress but well worth it.

5 - I bought this a month ago very comfortable and keeps you cool fantastic engineering

5 - Excellent mattress; the firm one does take a few days to get used to but I like it.

5 - Really comfortable. I dont sleep much longer but wake up with no aches and pains!

5 - Bought this mattress a few week's ago and it's the best thing i have ever bought

5 - Very good mattress. Sleep well on it . Many thanks, really happy with mattress.

5 - Incredibly comfortable, no back pain when I wake up for the first time in year’s

5 - I bought this product last month and I'm so grateful that I have this mattress.

5 - We are very pleased indeed with our purchase and the help we received in store

5 - So far so good, comfy and firm. No back pain anymore. Fingers crossed it lasts

5 - Amazing this mattress is so comfortable and stops me sweating so much in bed

3 - I think it’s too firm for me and I’m considering changing it for a medium one

5 - Very firm - if you have a chronic back condition go for something less firm.

5 - Fab comfortable mattress moods to you and delivers a perfect nights sleep!,

5 - Your body relaxes into it providing a perfect fit for a sound nights sleep.

5 - Investment purchase. Can’t put a price on a comfortable full nights sleep.

5 - I bought this a month ago, it’s very comfortable. Happy with the purchase,

5 - Brilliant product very good quality mattress comfortable money we'll spent

5 - A fantastic mattress very firm and moulds to your body brilliant support

5 - Took a few days to get used to, but easily the best sleep I've ever had!

5 - Best mattress ever- it supports your back indeed and helps with posture

5 - Super comfy and supportive mattress. No aches and pains in the morning.

5 - If you suffer from bad back you won’t go far wrong buying this mattress

5 - Great support gives a lovely nights sleep really pleased with purchase

5 - Really comfortable and supports all my joints in just the right way!!

5 - Love this mattress and my husband has instant relief from back pain

5 - Perfect for my bad back. I'm like a new man after sleeping so well.

4 - Bought this about 3 weeks ago. I am happy with the product so far.

5 - Delivered at the start of the month it’s best night sleep I’ve had

5 - This mattress has everything. Brilliant support. Best sleep ever b

5 - Excellent purchase. Very comfortable mattress. All back pain gone.

5 - It is a very comfortable mattress and relieves my aches and pains.

5 - Excellent buy very comfortable so glad this was recommended to us

5 - Perfect for a good nights sleep. No more bad back in the morning.

4 - Great mattress, very firm is excellent to give that extra support.

5 - Very comfortable and we're glad we went for the CoolTouch option

5 - Very good mattress, been having the best sleep I've had in years

5 - Fantastic mattress best thing I've ever slept on, great service

5 - Absolutely love the mattress. Best, by far, I have ever owned.

5 - Great service, good advice, timely delivery and great product

5 - Much better than my old Tempur. Not cheap but worth the money

5 - I am loving it Best ever hurry up and pamper yourself to one

5 - I have never slept on something that creates weightlessness.

5 - Very comfortable and has really helped with our back aches!

5 - This mattress has really worked wonders, worth every penny.

5 - very comfortable and supportive. no longer have back pain!

5 - Love this mattresses it moulds to your body and very comfy

5 - I wanted a real firm mattress, here it is. Best purchase.

5 - Amazingly my back pain has gone, best investment we made.

5 - It's great really comfortable best nights sleep in years

5 - Supports your body perfectly for a premium nights sleep.

5 - Great product, very happy with the quality and comfort.

5 - Sciatica completely gone and the adviser said it would!

5 - Fantastic mattress, pure relief from xhronic back pain

5 - I bought a motnth a go the best purchase I did ever!

5 - Tremendous product. Comfort and quality , we love it.

5 - The best matress we ever had. It is dreams come true.

5 - We love our bed. It’s so comfortable. We sleep well!

5 - Very comfortable especially if your have a bad back.

5 - Really good mattress. Firm and a dream to sleep on.

5 - Would recommend, best sleep ever, worth every penny

5 - It’s very comforting and easy value for your money

5 - Very good well worth the money

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