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Amelia's Thoughts On The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

The sector for sleep and comfort has evolved tremendously over the years, with brands relentlessly working towards providing consumers with the absolute best in the market. One such product that has entered the market with a promise to deliver superior comfort and support is the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow. Intricately designed with a unique mixture of technology and craftsmanship, this pillow seems to have more than what meets the eye. So, let us delve deeper into its properties, benefits, and customer feedback.

Who is this product for?

The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow suits a broad range of consumers. From those who prefer different sleeping positions to those seeking relief from neck issues, this medium-to-firm comfort grade pillow caters to all. It's also ideal for anyone looking for a pillow that offers more than just a soft surface to rest one’s head on. The pillow is designed with specially developed TEMPUR® micro-cushions, offering both comfort and support in a traditional pillow design.

What do we use this product for?

This product finds its use primarily in providing sleep comfort and neck support. The patented TEMPUR envelope contains thousands of TEMPUR® micro-cushions that are responsive to your body temperature, contributing to its appeal. The pillow, being temperature-sensitive, softens as it adapts to your body heat to provide optimal support to the natural curvature of your head and neck. So, whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or a stomach sleeper, the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow claims to give a restful sleep experience.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Positive Feedback:
  • Users have lauded the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow for its support and comfort, specifically praising its ability to alleviate neck issues. Many customers noted that the pillow is comfortable and warm while boasting a soft texture that seems appealing. The pillow's head support is often mentioned in customer feedback, attributing to reduced snoring and neck aches.

  • Negative Feedback:
  • On the flip side, some customers were disappointed due to the firmness of the pillow. A customer mentioned that the pillow didn't match the one showcased in the showroom for trial. The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow has also received criticism from users for its higher price point, making them question its overall value for money.

Features you should know about

The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow sports some impressive features that might not be visible first-hand. One key feature is its patented TEMPUR envelope filled with thousands of TEMPUR® micro-cushions, providing plush comfort while maintaining pressure relief. More so, the pillow cover is removable and can be washed at 40°C, making it easier to clean and maintain. Its medium-to-firm comfort grade is designed to suit all sleep positions, and to top it off, it comes with a generous 3-year guarantee for an added peace of mind.

Our Review

After analysing the TEMPUR Comfort Pillow through its features, customer feedback, and usage, it's clear that there are some conflicting opinions on the product. On one hand, it excels in terms of comfort, support, and versatility. On the other, criticisms around its firmness and price point can't go unmentioned. While it's not the cheapest option available, it does offer quality and unique features that might justify its price tag to some users. Moreover, its temperature-responsive properties, which adapt to individual body heat and sleeping positions, offer a personal touch that might be a significant advantage for many sleepers. Ultimately, we believe that it's a product worth considering for those seeking comfort, support, and quality in their pillow choice.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Medium comfort grade

    Medium tension mattresses are generally regarded as a one-size-fits-all approach to support. This means that the average weighted person that sleeps on their back, stomach or side will typically find the support offered within this type of mattress to be suitable. Heavier people should perhaps consider a slightly firmer mattress, as should those looking for further support than standard.

    Rest easy with a 3-year guarantee

    Having a 3-year guarantee ensures that any defects related to manufacturing and quality will be addressed by the company at no additional cost. It exemplifies a commitment to durability and a long-lasting product, providing peace of mind for those investing in their sleep comfort.

    Specially developed TEMPUR® micro cushions

    Its patented TEMPUR® envelope contains thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

    Suitable for all your sleeping positions

    Medium/ firm comfort grade

    Removable and washable cover at 40°C

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - I bought this in the hope of easing my cronic neck pain, no word of a lie it stopped after one night of sleeping on this, the pillow is heavy and does feel strange to begin with but it moulds perfectly to the shape of your neck and is very comfortable to sleep on. Don't be put off by the price, it is worth every penny

4 - I bought this pillow 3 months ago and for the most part I'm really happy with it. I like being able to tack off the outer pillow case, which traps the things that aggravate my allergies and wash it clean. I sleep on my stomach mostly and the pillow is a little bit high for that but otherwise I really like this pillow.

5 - I was initially somewhat sceptical as to whether it would be worth buying an expensive pillow, but this one has proved to be superb. It did take a few nights to get used to the totally different feel that it gives, but it has been really great for my neck and I would not consider going back to a conventional pillow

4 - After having the same mattress for longer then we should have we decided to start looking. When we entered the dreams store at Cribbs causeway the assistance offered us 2 pillows to try when testing the beds. We found the pillows so comfortable that we ended up purchasing 2 pillows and have slept soundly ever since.

5 - I've had these pillows now for a couple of months and love them. They are extremely comfortable and I no longer have any neck pain when waking. They are however extremely heavy to handle and some people may find this an issue. I would recommend this pillow to anyone who struggles with neck pain during the night.

5 - I came to the Slough store at the end of April and Khalid served me. Great at his job and I am very happy with my Tempur matress. He did not push me to buy but advised me on your products in a knowledgeable and genuine manner. Vinnie and Ken did a great job delivering. Very happy with all 3 of the Dreams Team....

4 - If you're looking for a Excellent quality, fantasic nights sleep right from day one. Feals luxurious and very supportive but soft at the same time. Old pillow got binned after the first night. Buy well once buy cheep buy twice. This pillow will last years and still deliver the comfort required. Fantasic! get one.

5 - Having tried both the soft and firm versions, we opted for the firm ones. From the first night, they have given us a much improved night's sleep, keeping the head well up and the neck straight when lying on one's side. So much more comfortable than normal pillows that squash down and then squash down some more.

4 - Feels amazing in terms of the support and the sinking feeling whilst still supporting your head. I would personally prefer it to be a little higher in terms of position but that is solvable by combining with another pillow. Definitely felt an improvement to my neck/upper back pain since using these pillows.

5 - We have tried so many pillows . Memory foams to synthetic, supermarket to expensive John Lewis ones. But this is the only ones we are so happy with. Great memory foam and we Use firm ones but perfect as not hard as other memory foam ones. No more headaches or neck pain due to poor pillows. Best pillows ever!

5 - I bought this Tempur pillow after a recommendation by the sales staff in store. I have tried many other foam pillows in the past to alleviate the pain of arthritis in my neck and none have helped. This Tempur pillow is so comfortable I actually got a good nights sleep. I would highly recommend it to others.

5 - Visited my local store in order to shop for a new mattress. I wanted memory foam and noticed that Dreams was doing a great deal. I bought a King-size Tempur mattress with a couple of pillows with delivery for under 2 grand I was very happy with this and the service. As a result I am sleeping so much better

4 - Bought this to go with my new bed and mattress. I've used duck and down pillows all of my life, but these seem to be more supportive and comfortable. I did have some initial neck pain for the first week or so when switching over to these, but now I am absolutely fine and more comfortable than previously.

5 - Such a wonderful pillow. It gives me the perfect support, I never wake up with a crick in my neck. There's no need to flip to the 'cool side' of the's all cool! It has the perfect level of 'sink' to it, so you can relax into your pillow, while providing just the right height from the mattress.

5 - I've been looking to buy one of these Tempur pillows for a while now but was always reluctant to pay the high price. Finally Dreams offered a deal with 25% reduced price and I decided to go for it. I haven't regretted it since as it's a really comfortable and great to sleep on. Would recommend definitely.

5 - Never thought there was a different pillow for side or back sleeping but there is this one is for side sleeping and I find it ideal and not too high but very comfortable leading to uninterrupted sleep now that I realise I always used a normal pillow and had many periods on interrupted sleep no all sorted

5 - We bought two pillows firm for me and medium for my husband. I got used to mine right away. Husband took a little bit longer. They are worth every penny. No need to keep moving them for comfort. Once your head goes on them that's it for the night. Best pillow I have ever had. Hubby is happy with his too.

5 - We actually got these pillows for free with an offer on the mattress, I probably wouldn't have bought them, but I would recommend you do if you buy a new mattress. Really comfortable, they do not get really warm like I imagined they would do either. My head is supported and I am sleeping better with it.

5 - When I was trying out a new bed the sales assistant gave me this pillow to try, and I liked it so much that I bought it there and then. My new bed will arrive next week but I brought back the pillow right away and it has been very comfortable. It keeps its shape and doesn't need constant pummeling.

3 - We've been using the tempur pillow on a tempur mattress for two weeks now and it's just not quite right, it needs another pillow under it as on it's own is just to low, but trying to find the right level is proving difficult. The pillow itself feels great, different to any other pillow we have had.

5 - We have got a few of these pillows in the house for each member of the household and everyone loves them. It allows the head to stay protected and you certainly get a good nights sleep. It takes a while to get used to it adjusting to your head but once it is in place it is great. Well recommended.

5 - This is the 2nd set of these pillows we have bought and they are fabulous. We spent years plumping pillows in the middle of the night and waking up with a stiff neck. We spent a fortune trying different pillows until we got these with a tempur bed. Now we have these at home and in our caravan.

5 - We bought a pair of these pillows along with a new mattress from Dreams. Whilst they could be considered expensive, the benefits far outweigh the cost. They align your posture so that there are no mornings waking with a stiff neck and we have both slept more soundly since investing in them.

5 - You wouldn’t believe it..... Bought these pillows to accompany our new Tempur mattress and sore neck gone. They are truly wonderful. Only need one pillow as it supports your head without the need for two pillows and they don’t wrap around your head as you sink into the old feather pillows.

5 - I have been using this pillow for a fortnight now and have found it’s really improved my sleep quality! It has replaced both my old pillows as you only need one of these pillows per person. I like a firm pillow and this somehow still is able to be both firm and squishy. Great buy.

5 - What a great surprise, this Tempur Pillow! Its quality and design take 'pillow' to a new higher level! Very supportive yet accommodating to my head and neck as I change positions and this support unusually extends to my shoulders when I sleep on my side, my usual position. Beautiful!!!

3 - I looked on these pillows as an investment to improve comfort/posture due to high price and whilst they are more comfortable than standard, cheap pillows i'm not convinced they are much better! I bought the firm ones but they feel as i would imagine a sandbag to feel under your head!

5 - Wow, these pillows are the best I’ve ever bought, I had some years ago but the were hard and uncomfortable, which put me off buying anymore, I’m so glad I got these ones, I notice a difference in my neck, it’s not aching as much as it did, would 100% recommend these pillows to anyone

5 - Our Tempur comfort pillows are not just any pillows they are ones in a million. Gives us both the comfort and support we need without adding a second pillow. We had our last ones over 10 years and they still had life in them which are being used on our spare bed. THANK YOU TEMPUR

5 - The most I have ever paid for a pillow but in the end, worth it. My wife is particular about her pillow and has tried dozens without ever being 100% happy. So I was reluctant to spend so much money on a pillow... but she loves it. It is the only pillow she has ever really loved.

5 - Having spent a small fortune on pillows over the last 18 months and suffering with neck pain, I tried this pillow in the Dreams showroom and it felt so much different than others. I bought one straight and haven’t looked back. I now have no neck pain and sleep so much better.

5 - As a former two pillow chap I feared I would need to buy two of these splendid items! Fear Naught! This pillow is fantastic, comfy, deep quality, cool and refreshing and one is perfectly suitable for ensuring a deep and pain-free night's sleep. Hats off TEMPUR - Great Product!

5 - I suffer with back and neck pain due to Fibromyalgia, however since using this pillow I can honestly say that it has really helped. It feels heavy yet you can move it around to provide your neck with the right amount of support for you. Would definitely recommend this pillow.

5 - I bought a Memory Foam double bed and pillows this month. It really is amazing. Within in a week my back has felt so much better. Sleeping was always a problem before on my old bed but I now find myself sleeping for long periods of time. I would highly recommend this product.

4 - This pillow is seriously comfortable but similar to the mattress it takes a bit of time to get that signature tempur sinkyness. Because of that you do need to use it for a couple of weeks in which it can seem a bit uncomfortable. But once it’s broken in a bit it’s excellent.

5 - I was sceptical about how comfortable this pillow would be. It is super comfy! I used to experience numbness in my fingers at night (caused by a nerve being pressed in my neck) but, since sleeping with this pillow, that problem has reduced massively. Expensive but worth it!

5 - The temper pillow is so comfortable it moulds around my head,so I no longer get sleepless nights,before I got the temper mattress and temper pillows I would wake up in the night suffering with asthma,but that is not happening now,it was the best purchase I could have made

5 - I prefer more squashy pillows so I didn't get a Tempur pillow, but my husband loves his, he says he gets a better nights sleep with it. It would be far too hard for me though, I guess it's down to personal preference. So, I'm basing my scores on what my husband would say

3 - I brought a new mattress and pillows.For years I've Rolled onto my wife and each morning woke up with back pain. Now I can sleep with her. But I never check out my pillow properly and it's to heavy and hard, her one is great so i share her one when my neck gets crock.

5 - I bought 2 tempur traditional pillows, they are unbelievably comfortable. It's right height for me, as I am a side sleeper. The support is great, it does not feel too hard, nor too soft. My other feather pillows and memory foam pillows can not compare with tempur ones

5 - I don't know how I ever slept on a conventional mattress with conventional pillows! I would highly recommend that everyone invests in a Tempur mattress as anything else now just feels so uncomfortable. To say we are happy with our new bed would be an understatement.

3 - Bought this as i had read lots of reviews online about it being a memory pillow. I have been using it for just under a week and for the most part it has sunk and i'm constantly having to plump it up to find a suitable sleeping poistion. Overall not really impressed.

5 - I bought this a month ago and am pleased with how flexible it is. It is firmer on one side and slightly softer on the other. This is great for me as I change my mind halfway through sleep and I now get to sleep more quickly again after any gaps during my deep sleep

5 - Despite being sceptical about getting a comfortable night’s sleep, was surprised to find that I did. I am less restless and no more punching a feather pillow into shape. Also gaining by getting some weight training when making the bed as the pillow is quite heavy!

5 - We bought these pillows about 1 month ago it was the best purchase we have made in along time. The pillows are excellent quality, comfortable and aids a restful sleep supporting the neck and head moulding into your own shape, springing back into shape immediately.

5 - Although the pillow is a bit pricey, it’s definitely an investment worth making. Since I bought this pillow I haven’t woke up with a bad neck and any discomfort, as soon as you lie down your head just sinks right in and it’s amazing! Super happy with this purchase.

5 - This is a lovely pillow. It moulds to your head and bounces back when you move. This is the replacement for my other pillow which was the same and lasted over 15 years. It is supportive too. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. My friend has bought one too and loves it.

5 - Having tried many many types of pillows over many years, I can honestly say this is the best pillow I have ever experienced, ever! I have many arthritis issues throughout my body and used to wake up with so much pain, now I dont! I simply cant put a price on that.

5 - Having suffered with neck problems for many years and struggling to get a good night sleep I was apprehensive but bought the Tempur pillows, they have not cured my neck problems but they have enabled me to enjoy a good nights sleep. They are firm but comfortable

5 - Bought 2 of these pillows and have to admit, didn’t think would notice any difference to pillows we already had, but was totally wrong, in fact for the first time in years trying all sorts of pillows, now wake up and no neck ache and actually sleeping all night.

5 - Having just bought the Tempur Cloud Elite bed, we needed new pillows too. The price is high, but given that they'll last a few years it's worth the money. Having suffered a few gym-related injuries in the past they've been a great investment for pressure relief.

5 - I have two of these and my wife and I find them very comfortable. They are unlike a normal pillow so take a bit of getting used to, but they are fine and recover their shape quickly. It's like having a new pillow every night. Expensive for what they are though!

5 - These pillows are fantastic, we were lucky enough to get them as part of a deal but we will pay full price should we ever need to replace them. They offer great support and comfort. They are heavy, the quality is outstanding. The cover is machine washable too.

5 - After suffering with sleepless nights for months and waking up in pain the pillow transform my sleeplessness into a deep relaxing sleep and I have slept purfect since the day I had it. Well worth the money and it will be joining me on all future holidays too.

3 - ...So we bought 2 of them together with our new matres. For some reason the once we got feel much different to the ones we tried in store. Ours are definitely firmer and because of that a lot less comfortable. Very disappointing considering the price we paid.

5 - I tried this pillow in the store and until then hadn't realised that this pillow is in a league of it's own. It's soft but firm at the same time. I don't know how they do it as it's soft but not too soft, but it also supports in the right places. Love it.

5 - I was a little hesitant to spend that kind of money on 2 pillows, but since we also purchased the mattress we did! Certainly the best money ever spent as over the years I've spent a fortune trying all sorts of pillows, this is my star buy! Thanks Tempur!!!

5 - You can easily be put off by the price but this pillow is life changing & worth every penny: no need for a stack of pillows as just one tempur pillow gives you all the comfort & Support that’s needed. Literally got rid of my husbands bad neck in one night

5 - I bought pillows for a new mattress. The pillows are medium/hard. Putting your head on them gently immerses you in them. I am delighted with the quality of workmanship and material. I wake up with no neck pain. I will recommend to everyone, worth the price

5 - Can’t believe I’ve spent all this money on a pillow and great sales strategy for Dreams as they give you one to carry round in store whilst your trying beds out. However it worked! As you generally can’t try pillows out I thought this was a brilliant idea

4 - Due to my wide shoulders and side sleeping position this firm pillow is perfect. I have given it four stars as can be a little hard at times. My wife finds it uncomfortable so try out before buying. With these pillows you really need to test before buying

5 - This pillow was purchased for my daughter as this is what she wanted for her birthday after sleeping on one at a friends house. She loves it and has encouraged me to get one too! Has awoken more refreshed and sleeps better. Great service from Dreams too!

5 - We purchased this pillow when we purchased a new king size mattress and what a difference both have made. Being a side sleeper with back and neck issues this pillow has helped support my head in the correct position resulting in some great nights sleep.

5 - These pillows are really springy and so soft. Normally, I use 2, but I only need one of these pillows. Really comfortable and definitely no sageness in these pillows. Used to wake up with neck ache from the other floppy pillows, none of that anymore.

4 - A GREAT pillow unless you need a little more height. I found the only solution was to fold a 'throw into pillow size, place into s pillow case an lay beneath the Tempur pillow. Result, an extra three nches height and it does not affect the Tempur pillow

3 - My husband loves this pillow, however since I've been using mine it seams to make me sweat alot and as a result I tend to wake up a few times during the night. Surprisingly this is not the case for my husband. The pillow is just what he needed for ages!

5 - Purchased this as a replacement for my old tempur contoured pillow. This one is better. Really comfortable. I sleep on my side and with most pillows when you put your head on them it sinks in and your face is covered. Not with this one. Its great.

5 - I was a bit dubious about spending so much on a pillow. The first few nights i didn't find it comfotable but i stuck with it and now i find it very comfortable. It is doft but supportive at the same time. Brilliant buy. Would definately recommend it.

5 - So in the middle of the first night I flung it across the bedroom I hated it 2nd night I went back to my old pillow I tried it again on night 3 by night 5 all was well & happy I persevered give it a little time takes a while but you won’t regret it.

4 - We purchased 2 pillows when buying the mattress but we bought the wrong pillows which were too hard and very uncomfortable especially for me as I suffer with neck pain. The shop kindly exchanged them for the cloud pillows which are much better.

4 - When you pick up this pillow it feels really heavy and you know that you would definitely win a pillow fight! You wonder how it could ever be comfortable to sleep on. In actual fact it is very comfortable and we are pleased with the 2 that we bought

5 - Really comfortable. Was unsure how I would adapt from a contoured neck support pillow but no worries there. This is better! Totally supported and no neck pain. My neck and shoulder pains have gone. A brilliant product which I highly recommend.

5 - Initially thoughts are this is a heavy pillow, which it is, and very firm. But it mounds to your head and is very supportive. Only had it a short while but already feeling the benefits. Price seems a lot for a pillow but well worth the expense.

4 - My partner and I were in need of 2 new pillows and decided to visit dreams for some ideas, not only did we find 2 comfortable pillows but walked out with a new bed too. Anyway the pillows are very supporting and help create a perfect nights sleep.

5 - We bought two of these when we bought a new mattress. I am very pleased with mine and have had a perfect night's sleep every night, however, my husband found it too high for him and has relegated it to the guest room and is using the old pillow.

5 - Absolutely love this pillow. Best buy and great to relieve neck pains. My son borrowed my pillow he struggles to sleep and moves around so much. Ever since he has kept my pillow and sleeps like a log so I am having to order another one for myself

5 - I have not been sleeping well for a while. Could not get comfortable and was constantly flipping my pillow as it felt too hot. After a few nights getting used to it this has been a game changer. Really amazing how much its helped with sleeping.

4 - After buying many pillows and after a few months they have lost their shape and comfort, we bought these expensive pillows with a 3-year guarantee. The support is good and neck ache seems to have disappeared, they return to their shape after use.

5 - We've had a pair of these for a few months now and they are superb. Originally I wondered if we needed to each as you do with regular pillows but I'm glad to say that we only need the one Tempur pillow each. They are heavy but great to sleep on.

5 - These pillows are like sleeping on a cloud, along with the mattress the whole sleeping experience is more comfortable and relaxed, I’m normally a light sleeper and will now sleep through the night. Will never use another pillow other than Tempur

4 - Trying to find a pillow that is comfortable is difficult at the best of times, this one has really surprised me, gives good support & aways goes back into shape. It is a little heavier then most pillows & a little more expensive but so worth it

5 - Great support for your neck and head keeping your body in line waking up without a stiff neck. I would say it takes a few days to get used to it as it feels different to conventional pillows but once you give it a chance there’s no going back.

5 - After trying so many other types of pillows and not being happy with these, it was time to try the Tempur pillows (they cost more) and they do what the label says. Well worth every penny after several weeks they are just like the first night.

5 - I love this pillow, it is so comfortable and being able to have one side which is always cool has been amazing for me considering how hot my bedroom can get. Also love that I only need one pillow rather than buying extras to prop myself up.

5 - I was sceptical about the benefits of this pillow, but was willing to give it a try as my husband and myself suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain. I am delighted with this pillow. Took a bit of getting used to, but glad I stuck with it.

5 - I bought this pillow a month ago and haven't looked back. I had problems sleeping before investing in this pillow, but now the alarm has to wake me up. Great value for money and well worth the cost. Highly recommend this pillow to everyone.

5 - To complement my new Tempur Cloud mattress I also purchased the medium firm pillow. I have quite big shoulders and so far this has bridged the gap between them and my head so I no longer have neck or shoulder pain/stiffness in the morning

4 - Very high quality pillow, I found it great when sleeping on my back, but a little too firm when on my side. The pillow is heavy and you sink into it slowly by an inch or so, which can feel a bit smothering if you move around in your sleep.

4 - We bought 2 pillows on 15 March and have used them since then. They did take a bit of getting used to and are quite hard initially, but they do soften up after a while, they do give a lot of support that helps achieve better quality sleep.

3 - I bought this a few weeks ago and have tried to get on with it but I find it a bit too heavy and not very comfortable at all. It was expensive and I was sure I would like it but I'm sorry to say I do not, I just do not find it comfortable.

3 - I bought mine a couple of weeks ago and yes I have to admit it's the best pillow I've ever had. The not so good part is it loses its shape. I now have a dent where my head has been resting which I thought defies the object of this product.

3 - The two elders of the family tried these and didn't really get on with them as expected, particularly as we have a tempur mattress. The two young adults of the family then tried them and really like them. So, not for everyone hence the 3*.

5 - Great, I typically prefer flatter pillows than what you can typically get and in the past would had to beat the pillow down to make it comfortable. No more! The Tempur pillow adjusts to my head and neck giving them just the right support.

4 - This memory foam pilows are not cheap but they are of very good quality. Especially if you are a back sleeper than a side sleeper. It is a matter of choice as not everyone likes memory foam pilows as some may rather choose a rigid pillow.

4 - I Bought this pillow about three weeks ago. I am still getting used to it, It feels good although I have had a stiff neck sometimes in the morning, I can't wait for my new mattress to be delivered next week, then I can do a second review

4 - I bought this below a couple of months ago and it is very comfortable. I would give it 5 stars but the pillow is very thick for me. However I think this will reduce in time as I use it more and I am sure I will benefit from it even more.

5 - Bought for my son who was suffering from allergies in bed. I think it was the old duck down pillows, so bought him one of these and coupled with a pillow protector he seems to be sneezing a lot less and he also thinks it's really comfy.

3 - I bought this 3 months ago and am using it nightly, sadly it is still hard and nowhere near as good as cheaper makes - the make strongly made me believe this would be a great pillow to buy - especially with my neck and shoulder problems

5 - Bought a Tempur mattress and decided to treat myself to a pair of Comfort pillows whilst I was at it. The sales staff were truly professional, their product knowledge insurmountable and the level of service excellent... Thank you Ryan!

5 - We bought two of the Tempur Pillows as we bought a new Tempur bed and the pillows give you excellent support. They don't need to be plumped up as they just go back to being firm once you've moved. Very comfortable and highly recommend.

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