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Our Thoughts On The TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow

When it comes to experiencing a good night's sleep, not only is the mattress one of the key factors, but also the pillow you rest your head on. One such product that aims to provide exceptional comfort and support is the TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow. With a host of unique properties such as its patented TEMPUR® material and an exclusive CoolTouch™ cover, this pillow seeks to create an unparalleled sleeping experience.

Who is this product for?

The TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow is designed for anyone seeking firm support and excellent comfort. If you've been finding regular pillows too soft or lack proper support, then this product is for you. It is also suitable for those who have a tendency to heat up during sleep, as its CoolTouch™ cover helps to maintain a lower temperature. Furthermore, this pillow is applicable to all sleep positions, making it a versatile choice for all types of slumber.

What do we use this product for?

This product is primarily used for the purpose of enhancing sleep quality. It provides firm support to the neck, head, and shoulders, thus aligning your body accordingly and alleviating potential discomfort. With its patented TEMPUR® envelope containing thousands of micro cushions, the pillow adapts to your specific contours, offering personalized comfort. Beyond being just a pillow, its removable and washable cover ensures easy maintenance and durability, adding to the lifespan of the product.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Many customers appreciated the firm yet adaptable support this pillow provides. It snugly fits the neck and face, ensuring a comfortable sleep position
  • The CoolTouch™ feature, which offers a cooling sensation, was another highlight. Customers specifically liked how they could simply turn the pillow when one side heated up.
  • However, a couple of customers found the firmness a bit too hard for their liking, suggesting it may take some time to get used to.
  • Despite the price, many users found it a worthwhile investment, citing its durability, quality, and the comfort it provides, as key motivations for their purchasing decisions.

Features you should know about

The TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow features specially developed TEMPUR® Material Micro-cushions that lend it a firm comfort grade. Encased in a patented TEMPUR® envelope, these micro cushions conform to your unique body shape, promising a personalised sleep experience. The CoolTouch™ technology offers cooler yarns woven into the cover that combine conductive and heat absorption properties, giving a cool-to-touch sensation. Furthermore, the cover is removable and washable at 40°C, ensuring the hygiene of the pillow can be maintained over the years.

Our Review

After a detailed look at the TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow, its customers' experiences and key features, it beckons highly. The pillow's firm support seems to be a game-changer in providing a restful and comfortable night's sleep. Its adaptability to individual contours serves as a testament to the thoughtful design and careful consideration given to the sleeper's diverse needs. The CoolTouch™ technology indeed offers a solution to the often overlooked issue of heat accumulation during sleep. However, it is still advisable for individuals used to soft pillows to take some time to adjust to its firmness level.

The price tag might seem lofty at first glance, but considering the quality, specific features, and three-year guarantee that comes with the product, it appears to be an investment rather than an expense.

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Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Support with a firm feel

    A firm tension mattress is perfect for those who are potentially heavier than average, also commonly recommended across the web for those suffering from back pain. This mattress provides support to the entire body, and still has a high quality comfort layer to provide the comfort necessary to get a great nights sleep. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this level of firmness for side sleepers as your shoulders and hips do not typically have the amount of travel through the mattress to not contort your body. Mileage will of course vary but we love this mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

    Rest easy with a 3-year guarantee

    Having a 3-year guarantee ensures that any defects related to manufacturing and quality will be addressed by the company at no additional cost. It exemplifies a commitment to durability and a long-lasting product, providing peace of mind for those investing in their sleep comfort.

    Has a firm comfort grade

    A firm tension gives your body additional support while you sleep which may help prevent neck or back pain. Ideal for back and stomach sleepers, or those of a higher BMI, this tension will suit many. Those that sleep on their side may want to consider a softer tension.

    Specially developed TEMPUR® Material Micro-cushions

    Suitable for all sleeping positions

    Removable and washable cover at 40°C

    Patented TEMPUR® envelope contining thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

    Patented TEMPUR® envelope containing thousands of TEMPUR® micro cushions

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Comfort CoolTouch™ Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Sometimes I used to suffer crick necks from time to time. With my work being physical and creates a lot of pressure on my neck and upper shoulders I wanted a great pillow. Currently still not disappointed in the purchase, every night is a dream. Can sleep and mould it to be comfortable in no time and I'm always well rested.

5 - I never thought that I would choose anything other than a down or feather and down pillow but I bought this one and would now not change it. Initially I found it firm but comfortable but with use it has softened slightly and is even more comfortable. I also find it cool to the head which for me enhances comfort and sleep.

5 - I suffer from neck and back problems. I have tried numerous pillows over the years and nothing seemed to do the job. I was given the choice to use this pillow whilst choosing the bed and mattress. It worked. Having used it for several weeks now I love it and this coupled with the bed, has made me feel 100% better sleeping.

3 - I have struggled with pillows for some time, my husband recently changed his pillow to a Tempur firm and he really rates it. So I decided to take the plunge and chose the Tempur soft pillow and I love it, no stiff neck and no more nightly battles with my pillows. They are not cheap but I suppose you get what you pay for !

5 - My partner got me this pillow for Christmas and can honestly say I’ve never felt anything as comfortable in my life. I love a cool pillow and this doesn’t disappoint. It’s so comfortable that my other half has been coming over to my side of the bed and we have been sharing the pillow until we can order her her own pillow.

5 - We purchased these a few weeks ago and have had the best nights sleep. We tried so many different types but never worked. These have great support but not too hard. Love the cool feeling they give especially on a warm night. Covers washed lovely. Have already recommended them to family and friends. Good value for money.

5 - Been looking for a comfortable pillow as I feel I have never had a comfortable one, I was recommended the firm Tempur pillow and it worked wonders, my neck has no strain, my head feels secure and comfortable. I do feel I now drift off in seconds and wake up with no shoulder or neck pain, would definitely recommend this

5 - Beat pillow I’ve ever had! I’ve spent a lot of money on pillows over the years and have finally found one that I can have a good nights sleep on! My mum has tested it out and she’s put it on her Christmas list. Highly recommend. The cooltouch technology really works saves me from flipping it over throughout the night.

5 - I didnt realise how much I needed this pillow in my life. The sales advisor recommended it after I explained the full extent of my sleeping and back issues. Very expensive but paired with my firm mattress its improved my sleep vastly! I would suggest to match the firmness with your matress ! Bite the bullet and buy!

4 - First found out about this pillow when we were in the showroom trying beds. I nearly collapsed at the price but still bought two. I can say they are totally worth it. I sleep so much better now and no sore neck. Downside is the price and they feel really heavy when making the bed. Would still recommend.

5 - Like sleeping on a marshmallow! Your head melts into the pillow. So soft always guaranteed a great sleep! You can’t put pillow covers on these as you will not benefit from the cooling effect and instead the pillow will head quickly. I’m worried that this may cause them to get dirty quicker but only time will tell!

5 - I’ve been seeing an osteopath for a year for my neck pain.... I bought this pillow and hey presto... I’ve miraculously regained full movement in my neck, and my pain has gone within a month... I have not seen the osteopath since before I got the pillow... I think he will be amazed when I go for a review next week!

5 - I bought this product a few weeks ago and couldn't recommend it more! I was waking up with sore shoulders everyday and thought it was down to my mattress but since purchasing this pillow it has solved all my problems. I’ve been having a great sleep every night and waking up pain free. Absolutely worth the money!

5 - What a difference this pillow has made! I've had shoulder and back surgery and have struggled to find a pillow that gives the level of support. These pillows are very firm! They don't really give. Imagine a very viscous gel, that's how they feel. There's no give, they don't move, they are heavy and high quality

4 - This is a loevly pillow that is well made and keeps you very cool unlike conventional pillows. The only downside to this product IMO is that it is quite hard as we are used to softer pillows. I would suggest that for anyone reading this that you give them a good test in store first to gauge if they are for you.

5 - I chose this pillow as an upgrade to the normal Tempur pillow as was told this pillow assists with keeping my body cooler In the night it is Very comfortable and gives great support , matched up with the Tempur Mattress they compliment each other and are a great Supportive combination and better night's sleep

5 - We purchased the pillows at the same time as our new mattress. The pillows feel heavy to hold, however give you the right amount of support. My husband has a firm pillow and I have a soft. A fab pillow - and hopefully the last ones we'll need to purchase in a long time. Not cheap, but a good investment.

5 - I bought this pillow for my husband last month following a recommendation from a friend. After an initial settling in period of a week or so he says it is the best pillow he has ever had. It has already helped alleviate his neck pain and he is sleeping through the night. It’s pricey but definitely worth it

5 - These pillows are so comfortable and once plumped in the morning they go straight back into shape. Combined with the Tempur mattress this is just an added luxury. The first time I’m out lives we have only needed one pillow to sleep in, and honestly it’s the best we’ve ever slept, these are a must have!!

4 - I purchased this a few weeks ago looking for a comfortable pillow. This pillow was rather more than I wished to spend seemed to be what I required. Having used it I do find it a liitle firmer than i had first thought. However my head does sink into the pillow and I manage to have comfortable nights sleep.

3 - Since we had a Tempur mattress at home, I decided the pillow would be a nice Christmas gift for my husband. He enjoys the firm mattress but this pillow is too firm. The cooltouch is really nice. I think the quality is really lovely but it’s just a bit too stiff for our liking (we order thin/soft pillows).

5 - This pillow is definitely on another level in terms of comfort, feel and quality. It’s a different feel from other pillows, cradling your head into this strange yet amazing material. It’s soft yet firm, supportive and flexible all at the same time. Its a quality pillow and a great nights sleep as result.

5 - The pillow seems heavy and firm when you pick it up. Amazingly when you rest your head on the pillow you feel as if you are resting on a marshmallow with full all round support . Never had a better night’s sleep would never go back to an ordinary pillow because it has made such a significant difference.

5 - We decided to purchase these pillows in addition to the Tempur mattress - so glad we did! Loving the mattress and cannot imagine another type of pillow other than this. Perfectly designed to match the mattress and very comfortable. A pleasure to go to bed. As soon as my head hits the pillow......zzzzzzz

5 - Fabulous pillow best night sleep I've ever had. I was suffering really badly with sleepless nights I've tried so many different pillows and still not felt that I was very comfortable at night. From the first time I used this pillow I slept the best I can honestly remember. I recommend it to everybody.

5 - Having used this pillow for several weeks I can honestly say it's the best pillow I have ever had. Before I swapped between one of two pillows not being completely happy with either. Now I have just this pillow and it is just right lying down or supporting you sitting up will not use anything else now.

5 - I have used Tempur before, this new one is great, very cooling, I have got all of my family using these pillow, as they are the best and really good for your neck. Would never go back to a sort pillow ever again Thanks Dreams, my husband even takes one when he has to stay in a Hotel for work purposes

5 - After spending pounds on cheaper pillows trying to get the right one I was fortunate to get not one but 2 Tempur pillows. I have spent years having sleepless nights and a bad neck I can only say I wish I'd invested in these pillows long ago they are absolutely superb and would highly recommend them.

4 - I love this pillow, it stays cool constantly which is great as it means no more pillow flipping! It's quite heavy but it means that it bounces back to it's shape instantly while providing support. The only downside is it's quite firm if you sleep on your side, great if you sleep on your back though!

5 - Firm, strong, heavy duty but supportive pillows - be aware they take getting used to. At first they were too hard, but we had to give them time and after a couple of days, we found that we had less neck problems and certainly less restless sleep. So give them a few days and you will be glad you did

5 - Having bought another foam pillow before and being disappointed with it I was dubious whether this tempur one would be the same but it couldn’t be more comfy. Again like the mattress they aren’t cheap but are worth the investment in the long run because whoever complains after a great nights sleep?

5 - I brought these pillows a month a go and its the best decision i've made. I've never felt comfort like it. These pillows keep you cool during your nights sleep and aligns you neck and spine leaving you to feel extreamly comfortable. I definatly recommend these pillows to all my friends and family.

5 - I was completely against tempur products until I tried this pillow in store. Omg I only use this one pillow it keeps my spine and neck straight, cooling and is by far my fave purchase. Highly recommend and would not be without this now. I wake up without neck ache and it’s so very comfy! Love it!

4 - I bought this two weeks ago as a present for someones birthday. I had little touch of the pillow to see what it's like. And I can say it's like laying on a cloud of marshmellows and a nice summers evening. The only downside is it's quite pricey but as it was for a special occasion I didnt mind

4 - I am prone to getting too hot at night and I really was not convinced this pillow would make any difference. However it genuinely is cool to touch and is extremely comfortable and supportive. I do think it was worth the money, however i will give it once less star as it is a very expensive item.

4 - I bought the pillow before the mattress came and tried it with my old mattress where it gave me neck ache in the morning - tried with the new Temper mattress and it works perfectly. They really mean it when they tell you certain pillows are designed for certain mattresses and sleeping positions

5 - I Bought a Tempur Cooltouch Mattress as I was so impressed with the cooling cover, I wanted some new pillows to go with it and after seeing these it was a no brainer. The Cooltouch pillow really helps me sleep as I find I get very warm whilst sleeping, it stays cool and comfortable all night.

5 - This pillow has really changed my husbands life until now he had struggled with his neck and shoulder for years. We bought this pillow 2-3 weeks ago and he’s felt a world of difference already! Absolutely amazing! Would 100% recommend to anyone have aches and pains in the neck and shoulders!

4 - Comfortable pillow, not sure about the cool touch though. I have used it with my new mattress which is a spring/memory foam firm mattress and I woke up with a pain in my neck. So I have stopped using it. it is a quite expensive and I believe one could find similar quality for better value.

3 - I initially loved this pillow and slept well on it, despite it feeling like a rock. However, after a couple of weeks I developed a pinched nerve in my shoulder. My osteopath thought it could be due to the pillow. It is very high so maybe she is right. I am now looking for a different pillow.

5 - Expensive but when you hold one and feel it's weight, and composition, it's so much better than other rival ones that usually come vacuum packed. I got this as part of a mattress purchase. I got both types of pillow and prefer the comfort (firm) over the cloud (soft). But each to their own.

5 - These pillows are so incredibly comfortable and cooling. This is the first tempur pillow I've had, previously used several normal pillows and this is so comfortable. I've found it comfortable for sleeping on my back, side and front. The cool touch is really nice with the warmer weather.

4 - We bought two of these pillows which we have had for just over a month. We have found them to be comfortable and offer great support. There is an initial new smell to the pillows but that soon goes. The pillows are heavy and waiting to see how well the CoolTouch works in warmer weather.

5 - It's so hard to find a comfortable pillow to go with your bed. I have tried loads. Getting this pillow is like finding the perfect gem in a diamond mine. I have never slept so well in years! This pillow is just perfect for me as it provides the right support for my head and shoulders.

5 - This is the third memory foam pillow that we have tried, however it is the first Tempur one. We have to say it is far superior to the others. Very comfortable. Not too high and is good for back or side sleeping. Not hot either (but it is the winter :). Would thoroughly recommend

5 - Perfect for a side sleeper! No more bunching up the pillows, or chucking one out of bed to try and find the perfect support... i was converted by the time i tried it in-store! My spine felt immediately more aligned, and the cool-touch cover means no more pillow spinning in the night!

3 - Nice quality pillows. I’ve never had anything like them before. Was sick of pillows going really flat within a few days so thought I’d try some of these. Nice but quite hard in comparison to normal pillows. Takes some getting used to. Wouldn’t say they keep particularly cool though.

5 - I am very fussy about my pillow and was concerned I wouldn't like this pillow since I normally have flatter pillows. This pillow though is absolutely fantastic! It is soft and the memory foam makes it so much more comfortable. Using the edge or the middle is the same comfort levels.

5 - When this pillow was recommended I was unsure due to cost but went with it and purchased the pillow and oh my gosh what a difference it makes to the overall sleep. It supports your head perfectly and no more aches in my neck or shoulder. Thank you to the Laura who sold this to us

5 - I had many pillows over the years but none has come close to these tempur pillows! They are the best pillows I have ever had! They don’t sink and no need to fluff and punch! They are always in shape and cushion your head for the best night rest ever! They are so worth the money!

5 - Love this pillow.. it has helped me with 3 weeks of perfect sleep. Firm enough to support my head how I like it, yet your head feels as if it sinking like a foot on wet sand it's such and amazing feeling.. The pillow keeps cool to help maintain a great sleep throughout the night

5 - Recently bought this pillow having used a duck feather pillow for many years. I was a little concerned that it would not be soft enough but the pillow has been very comfortable and I have slept very well using it. A little bit pricey but overall I am very happy with my purchase.

5 - I have bought so many pillows over the years and finally decided to try a tempur. Never thought I’d pay this much for a pillow but am so glad I did. I have not slept this well in a long time and the cool touch is fantastic on warm nights. Would definitely recommend investing.

5 - Didn't believe that a pillow at £100 was worth it but it is absolutely positively worth it. I've a bad neck after a motorbike accident a few years back and it aches constantly. This pillow is so supportive and I wake up feeling much better. Absolutely recommend this product!

5 - This pillow seems to have solved the sleeping problems I’ve had for the last 10 years. I haven’t awoken mid-sleep to adjust my pillow once since having this whereas I was having to do that nearly every night before. The pillow also miraculously stays cool throughout the night.

4 - It is a little bit hard as pillows go but the cooling effect of the cool touch is good. The pillow holds its shape with minimal sagging when you sleep which does mean that your neck is in good alignment. If I could change one thing, I would want it to be a tiny been less firm.

5 - These pillows are lovely they support you like no other pillow. The cool touch is very nice when you first rest your head on the pillow but it doesn’t last a very long time so your head won’t be cold and if you want to have the cold side you can simply flip the pillow around.

5 - Although the pillow appears very firm and heavy at first, it moulds perfectly to your head. Recommended for side sleepers though, if having to lay on your back, it's not ideal but that is the design of the pillow. The CoolTouch is a dream and well worth the extra few pounds.

5 - From the minute we used the pillows they have been brilliant. Sleep so much better and feel no pain or discomfort in my neck. My old pillows felt like I was sleeping on bricks. These are so comfy and supportive. Planning to get one for each of my kids. Excellent product

5 - Even before our new mattress arrived just switching to this pillow transformed our nights sleep. I went for soft my partner went for firm and suits us both. I used to use two down big fluffy pillows and was a bit hesitant at first about the switch but needn't have worried.

5 - These pillows are fantastic although expensive in our opinion are well worth the money. I used to wake up every morning feeling groggy and headachey since getting the new pillows and Therapur mattress I wake up refreshed and ready for the day. Best money we've ever spent.

5 - Worth every penny! Has replaced 2 cushions and has helped support my neck brilliantly and reduced the aches and pains i had with previous cushions. It keeps you cool and comfortable all night and no need to flip the cushion at all. Well worth spending that extra money on.

5 - Love this pillow, great firmness without felling like you sleeping on a rock. The coolness of it never fails, even in all the hot weather we have had. It feels cool but not cold and provides relief so you can doze back off again, sleeping so much better with this pillow.

5 - We bought these pillows after trying them in the store but had to buy them online as the store was closed. They are as described on the tin cool and firm and keep there shape have only had them about ten days but so far so good. Denise in the Ayr store was very helpful.

5 - I had two free pillows as part of the package. I selected Firm. I have found a slight smell for the first few nights which aggravated a cough but this has gone now. I always used to have 2 pillows but now just use the one which gives adequate support and is comfortable.

5 - Some would say I have too many pillows, I disagree, but I concede that it is a lot. My Tempur ones have quickly become my favourite though, they are always cool to the touch, just the right thickness and firmness, and always return to shape by the time I go back to bed.

5 - I brought this and we were dubious about the price but it is worth every penny. I have suffered with a bad neck/trapizius since Easter. The cooling sensation helps to sooth the muscles whilst supporting my neck. U have never slept so well and no longer wake up in pain.

5 - We bought these two pillows to compliment the two electric beds we bought. since buying them we have had a much better sleep and found them cool but not too hot. In fact i feel i have to hold you responsible not getting up and wanting to stay in bed. Thank you so much.

5 - This pillow has been a revelation. It seems to conform to the shape I need for a comfortable nights sleep. Occasionally I would wake up with a stiff neck. No more! The product (along with the mattress I bought) has given me the most comfortable nights sleep in years!

5 - After trying a few different memory foam pillows this one is spot on, i tried ikea, dunelm and a couple of others after getting neck ache and since using this pillow i havent had any issues. The cool touch could be a little cooler but thats not too much of a negative

5 - Initially was a little worried about it being too firm and only using a single pillow (previously had 2) but after the first nights sleep all my worried disappeared. So comfortable, even when sleeping on back or side. Nice and cool as well so head doesn't overheat.

5 - Bought the Tempur comfort cool touch pillow {soft} for myself as I have neck problems but could not use it , not as soft as the one in the shop and played my neck up terribly. Husband is using it as he had the firm one but its too firm, again not as soft as shop one.

5 - If like me you are a front sleeper then look no further firm and supportive, keeps your airways clear but mouldable and so comfortable. When I got home I decided to try it out for 10 minutes and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours. It is expensive but worth every penny,

3 - I have them because I went all out buying my bed so wanted to match the pillows with the tempur bed these are very expensive for a pillow and to be honest I don't know what all the fuss is about because I have good quality pillows for £20 that I am just as happy with

5 - A premium pillow to go with a premium matress. This pillow is a good option if you are already buying a top end matress. It is a great quality product that provides an excellent night's sleep. Only negative is the price but I still think it is worth the investment.

5 - These pillows are like a dream. Very different to any other pillow I have tried and although they are expensive and take a few weeks to get used to, they are amazing! Couldn't go back to standard pillows now! My head feels very supported and helps me sleep better!

5 - I brought this pillow when I purchased a new mattress from dreams , I took it home straight away and used it ( couldn’t wait for the mattress to arrive) I’ve had the most amazing sleeps since then the comfort and coolness of this is second to none , 100% recommend

4 - I bought these pillows a few weeks back now and only one is required per person. They do not require plumping up in the traditional way pillows do and I have got a good news sleep since using them. The reason for 4 and not 5 stars are because they are very heavy.

5 - It's a lot to pay for a pillow but Wow it's sorted all the issues I had with my old pillows. Now I just have the Tempur pillow at night, no more hot ear, I can sleep in any position and get all the support I need, as a bonus it's helped with reducing my snoring.

5 - We bought this when buying everything else for the bedroom, and I’m so glad we did. My partner loves the cooling sensation it gives, and although it seems very hard it is soft and allows your head to sink in when laid on. It is very expensive for a pillow though

5 - Best pillow I've ever owned and well worth the money. It keeps it shape it only moves as much as it needs too to keep your head in the right position and the cooltouch cover is just simply amazing especially if your a pillow turner while trying to get to sleep

3 - I brought this product because I don’t like warm pillows. When I tried it out in the showroom I was sold. I even asked does it stay cold with a pillow case on it “just as cold” I was told. That’s not the case. If I want it cold I have to the the pillow case off

5 - Very comfortable and very cool to the touch. I get hot in the night and although I was sceptical about the pillow remaining cool, I am really pleased to say that I was wrong. It's turned out to be an excellent buy, if rather expensive! But you pay for quality.

5 - I have been using this for around 6 weeks and find it so comfortable. It doesn't move around, doesn't need replumping in the night, usually stays cool and gives me a better night's sleep. I bought the soft version (which is not too soft) and can recommend it.

5 - Definitely don’t need lots of pillows on the bed when you have one of these each. We have been using these for about 2 weeks with a new mattress and after a couple of days of getting used to the new feel I can confidently say we would never use anything else.

3 - This is a great pillow and very supportive, but I have found I need a very slim pillow on top of it, just to give a little more height. This extra pillow also makes it more comfortable on the head. I have just used a small cot pillow which seems to do the job

5 - Bought these pillows to help cool me down which works, although it eventually warms up I just move along the pillow a little. With this pillow I only need the one for comfort. They are a bit expensive but now that I have slept on them, well worth the money.

5 - I was a tad concerned, initially, as the pillow feels so dense when compared to my previous pillow, however I find it really comfortable. What makes it even better, it doesn't seem to sink a other memory foam type pillows seem to do. Well worth the extra.

5 - This pilliow has changed my sleeping comfort dramatically. Using my previous pillow I'd wake up with a sore and stiff neck through lack of support but the tempur pillow has stopped this pain. I couldn't recommend it enough!! Worth the money and investment.

5 - Bought this to go with my new mattress, always use to have two pillows, now only use this which seems to of cured my snoring, which pleases my wife who can now also sleep best pillow I have used, I even take it with me when I work away from home for work.

5 - I brought this pillow after getting one for my child and although initially I was sceptical as was heavy pillow it has improved my sleep and has helped my back problem. I am getting better sleep and less pain after sleeping on this. Absolutely brilliant

5 - I wasn't sure about this as it's expensive for a pillow however it is completely different from other pillows. It stays cool so I'm not turning it several times a night. It is supportive and not too firm. I haven't had pain in my neck since I bought it.

3 - It took three weeks to get used to the mattress. For two weeks there was a terrible chemical smell that I understand is Off-Gassing that made my eyes water. This abated after I left the room and eiderdown off the mattress to allow the smell to escape.

5 - I’m glad I purchased this pillow, I get a better nights sleep now, it takes awhile to get used to it, but wouldn’t be without. It’s hard to begin with but after a few days it moulds its self to your head, on advice I massage before laying my head down.

4 - This pillow being made from gel keeps you cool rather than being too warm with a foam pillow. This is specific to side sleepers I would say. When I tried sleeping on my back it isn’t quite there but As I sleep mostly on my side, this works well for me.

5 - I am currently mid menopause and struggle to have a decent nights sleep duvet on off all night due to hot flushes but since buying my Tempur comfort cool to touch duvet i'v been having a lot more sleep i'm feeling more refreshed for it in the mornings

4 - Love this pillow! Not as ‘firm’ as I was expecting but along with our new mattress, it’s stopped me from waking up with an aching neck. Also, it seems to have helped with constantly waking up at night due to being too warm. Would definitely recommend.

4 - The TEMPUR Comfort was more firm than I was expecting but not too much to be a discomfort, it just takes a bit longer for your face to sink in. Definitely makes for a good sleep and I think is better suited for those with broad shoulders like myself.

5 - This pillow was purchased by my wife, initially sceptical due to the cost but I have to admit that my sleep has vastly improved. I always used two pillows, now with this cool touch it is just the one pillow and as I said - sleep quality has improved.

5 - After my husband going through so many average priced pillows, we decided to splash out on the Tempur comfort cool touch pillow. It is amazing. It stays cool, keeps it shape and is extremely comfortable. I would definitely recommend this pillow.

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