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Amelia's Thoughts On The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow

The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow is a unique sleeping solution, designed to optimally balance comfort, quality, and innovation. In the realm of quality sleep, choosing the right pillow is as vital as selecting the ideal mattress. The pillow is made from specially developed TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material, remarkably harmonising support with softness, thereby offering an exceptional comfort grade. As a mattress reviewer with substantial experience, I am thrilled to investigate and evaluate such innovative products that contribute to an improved sleep environment.

Who is this product for?

In my opinion, this product is perfect for anyone seeking a higher level of comfort and support from their pillow. The good news is that it's suitably designed for all sleeping positions. It could be particularly beneficial for individuals who have been experiencing discomfort with their current pillow, possibly waking up to a sore neck or an aching shoulder. For those looking for the ultimate sleep experiences, the TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow could be your game changer.

What do we use this product for?

This product is essentially used to provide an improved sleep experience. The unique blend of the Cloud CoolTouch™ technology offering cooler yarns and the TEMPUR® micro-cushions offer optimal support and comfort for your head, neck, and shoulders. So not only do this product aim to enhance the comfort of your sleep, but it also aims to provide a cool sensation as you rest. The pillow is intended to alleviate common sleep issues like uncomfortable night sweats or poor neck support. Additionally, the removable and washable cover makes it practical and convenient for everyday use.

What customers liked and disliked

  • Customers appreciated the soft yet supportive nature of the pillow. They found that they no longer required multiple pillows for a good night's sleep.

  • There was significant praise for the pillow's CoolTouch™ cover. It has aided many in sleeping better in warmer temperatures, adding to the overall comfort.

  • Most reviews revealed that customers felt refreshed and free from any sleep-related aches or pains in the morning.

  • On the contrary, a few users found the pillow too firm to sleep on. This illustrates that comfort preference varies significantly among individuals. Therefore, it's crucial to understand your comfort needs before investing in a pillow.

Features you should know about

Key features of the TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow include the TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material, aiming to blend support and plushness. It is beneficial for all sleeping positions, thereby ticking the flexibility box quite seamlessly. The Dreams exclusive CoolTouch™ cover uses cooler yarns woven into the cover to offer a cool-to-touch sensation, making it a summer friendly choice. The pillow also comes with a 3-year guarantee, which is always an advantage when investing in such products.

Our Review

In my comprehensive review, I found the TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow to be highly impressive. Its ability to bring together the aspects of support and softness strikes a fantastic balance, often difficult to achieve with many pillows on the market. The unique CoolTouch™ technology adds a distinct edge, making sleep more comfortable, especially in warmer temperatures. However, it's important to keep in mind that the firmness level might not suit everyone, as noted by a few reviewers. Always remember, what might be regarded as an advantage by some could be seen as a drawback by others when it comes to sleep comfort. That said, in my opinion, the advantages far outweigh any potential disadvantages with this product. It's a fantastic investment towards quality sleep and improved wellbeing.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with a 3-year guarantee

    Having a 3-year guarantee ensures that any defects related to manufacturing and quality will be addressed by the company at no additional cost. It exemplifies a commitment to durability and a long-lasting product, providing peace of mind for those investing in their sleep comfort.

    Features specially developed TEMPUR® 'Extra Soft' material

    Has a soft comfort grade

    Offers support with a soft feel

    It’s suitable for all your sleeping positions

    Removable and washable cover at 40°C

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Customer Reviews For The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch™ Pillow

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Love this pillow. I get very warm in bed and always trying to find a cool spot on normal pillows whereas this one seems to keep cool all the time. It is also extremely supportive, which is essential for me and my arthritic neck. No more waking up with a stiff neck for me. Highly recommend

4 - Even the soft version of the pillow is relatively firm, at least at first. Also you need a roomy pillowcases so that the pillow can adjust its shape as you lie on it. Overall I find the pillow comfortable and supportive, and even in hot weather it has remained a comfortable temperature.

4 - The pillow was not as ‘cloud soft’ as the one tried in the shop - I guess not as worn, but still very comfy. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars Incredibly it does stay cool. I love it and would recommend it. The pillow comes with the case so no need to spend the extra £45 on one

5 - Tried so many pillows over the last 12 months, as I have problems with my neck and shoulders, since using this pillow I don't wake up with anywhere near as much pain. Its also cool touch which is brilliant for us ladies. Yes it is a bit expensive , but I would say worth every penny.

4 - I bought thisbpillow to support me as have a shoulder injury. Does provide firmness and comfort. Sleeping better with the pillow and although more expensive than I would usually pay. I think has been worth it and can be washed so should last longer than pillows that loose their shape.

3 - It is comfortable but it does not keep you cool. I am constantly turning the pillow over during the night to find a cool spot and it is very heavy to keep turning it. After a shorty time the pillow warms up like any other pillow. At £100 each I had hoped for a cool night’s sleep.

5 - I went into dreams to ask about back pain whilst sleeping, they asked me a few questions and suggested that it may be just the pillow rather than the mattress that is causing the pain. Tried a few different options in store and came away with this one, it really is just the pillow!

3 - Feels much firmer than the one tried in store. I accept the in store one will gave been used lots by customers but it is taking a long time to get used to. This is made worse by trying to fit it into a standard pillow case all of which seem too small and compound the firm feeling.

5 - It’s a good pillow, you can really sink into it and the cooltouch feature works much better that expected. However it is slightly big, I usually sleep with 2 pillows, this is big enough to sleep on by itself. Just something to consider if you are thinking of buying more than 1.

5 - Best pillow I've ever had. I've had an ordinary Tempur pillow for a few years but this one is so good. Its cool to the touch and when turned over is like a cool pack on the head. I am sleeping so much better with these pillows. I love them and wouldn't be without them now.

5 - These pillows are lovely they support you like no other pillow. The cool touch is very nice when you first rest your head on the pillow but it doesn’t last a very long time so your head won’t be cold and if you want to have the cold side you can simply flip the pillow around.

5 - I always thought a pillow was just a pillow but how wrong I was, this thing is so comfortable and has proper neck support I absolutely love it. Seeing how much of a difference it has made from a bog standard cheapo pillow has inspired me to get a decent bed and mattress too!

5 - The TEMPUR Cloud CoolTouch Pillow provides exceptional comfort and cooling. Its cloud-like softness and innovative cooling technology create a cool and cozy sleep experience. With pressure relief and durability, it's a top choice for those seeking cool comfort in a pillow.

5 - After we visited the store to test out a new mattress we were given these pillows and after that there was no turning back. Once you experience these pillows no others will compare. These are pricey but a great investment. They’re so soft and will give you a great sleep!

4 - I bought this about a month ago and although comfy, I am still struggling with the new chemical smell. I have put outside to air several times and it is still quite a strong smell which is not pleasant to sleep with. I presume it will settle but it is taking quite a time

5 - Fantastic pillow.I normally get quite hot in bed and suffer from a greasy scalp which stains pillowcases easily. Since purchasing this product I have been sleeping like a baby and have no problems with the pillowcases at all . Have recommended this to friends and family

5 - Recommended by the the salesman in store when we purchased a mattress and frame too. The pillow is really nice and my husband sleeps much better and it supports his neck too so he is feeling much better when he wakes, took a few nights to get use to but we love them.

5 - This is the most comfortable pillow I have ever had. Initially I was unsure about purchasing as it is quite expensive however it is absolutely worth it and will save us money in the long term as we won’t keep buying new, cheaper pillows. Would definitely recommend.

5 - A premium pillow to go with a premium matress. This pillow is a good option if you are already buying a top end matress. It is a great quality product that provides an excellent night's sleep. Only negative is the price but I still think it is worth the investment.

5 - This pillow is really worth the money - I would not usually spend so much on a pillow, but after using it in store to try the mattresses, I could not resist and have had no neck pain from night 1. It feels so comfortable and washable cover is a massive plus point!

5 - We got this pillow before the bed arrived and we noticed straight away the difference with our night's sleep. My wife and I woke the next morning refreshed and without any aches and pains. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to change their pillows.

5 - Brilliant product, cool to the touch, extremely comfortable and the only pillow I've used in the last 20 years (and I've tried loads) that has enabled me to sleep with waking up with neck ache. It did take 3 nights to get used to it, but persevere it's worth it.

4 - Takes a little while to get used to but the pillow is great it’s lovely and cold and adapts to my temperature. I’m a side and back sleeper I’ve found it good for the side sleeping but a little too high for back but I think the pillow still needs some settling in

4 - The Tempur Cloud CoolTouch Pillow is a great new addition to my sleeping experience. It is soft but supportive at the same time you can really feel the quality compared to a standard pillow you would buy in a shop. I am really please with my purchase for Dreams.

5 - The pillows are very comfortable, me and my partner used to have neck pains while using the old pillows but now, because we have got this new ones from Dreams ,we can tell the difference. This pillows changed our life. I will recommend to everyone to buy those.

5 - Pillow fits standard shape pillow cover and feels comfy (I bought the soft version). I recommend popping into dreams and trying out on one of their beds to see which best suits you (spect of hard), the staff are very friendly and talk you through the options.

5 - We got these pillows with purchase when we ordered our tempur mattress in store. I didn’t think I’d ever want to trade in my £50 memory foam pillow from Dunelm but WOW. Everyone couldn’t believe how much these pillows cost RRP and now all my family want one

5 - I was recommended to try this pillow when purchasing a new Tempur Mattress. I had been experiencing neck pain with my existing feather pillow, but I have noticed with my new pillow, although firmer than I am used to, I am sleeping better with no neck aches.

5 - Once you get used to this amazing pillow I don't think you will want to go back to a bog standard one. I must admit I was sceptical about the comfort of this pillow but it has stopped my neck ache in the morning and I am definitely sleeping much better too.

5 - This pilliow has changed my sleeping comfort dramatically. Using my previous pillow I'd wake up with a sore and stiff neck through lack of support but the tempur pillow has stopped this pain. I couldn't recommend it enough!! Worth the money and investment.

5 - Very heavy but most comfortable. Don’t keep moving my pillow any more. Purchased the cool ones and don’t overheat now. Expensive for a pillow but have had a good nights sleep using it. Used to be restless during the night but don’t appear to be anymore

5 - Certainly not cheap but so worth every penny. Regularly monitor my sleep patterns via smart watch and quality of sleep has massively improved since using. Also now go straight to sleep when head hits the pillow where often took me ages to get comfortable.

5 - We both love these pillows.. I have suffered with a neck injury for several years and tried many different pillows, since having my Tempur pillow I actually sleep so much better and do not wake up feeling stiff and uncomfortable. Pretty amazing really.!

5 - Best memory foam pillow I’ve used! I opted for the firm, for me it has the right amount of support that cradles your head whilst allowing a good amount of sink ability. Although you may stack two pillows on your bed, you only need to use one, this one!

4 - Struggled initially with the idea of a memory foam pillow as all I have seen in the past are overly firm but the tempura one is brilliant. I have the softest version and think that’s important. The cool coating works and is worth the extra in my opinion

3 - It’s difficult to give a clear review of them as my Tempur mattress is well over due to be renewed, but this pandemic has halted any hope of a new mattress any time soon. I have enjoyed a Tempur mattress and pillows for the past 12 - 13 years, thought.

5 - Have never had a pillow so good. I’ve been ill for the past two years and had to spend a lot of time in bed, the pillows absolutely stay cool, supportive and plump, but not too firm. I have the mattress too & they make for a perfect nights sleep.

5 - Tried this pillow out in store and my first thoughts of how heavy it was changed to how comfortable it was. The pillows came with the bed but we paid the extra for the cool touch cases. Only had a fortnight but impressed so far, really comfortable.

5 - Love the pillow moulds into your head and neck and bounces back to shape, you cant use normal pillow protectors on these but they come with their own cover and so i just put my pillow case over, very comfy and goes well with the same make mattress.

5 - I bought this for my mum who could not find a pillow she was happy with. She tried this in store and loved it. She has had restful and peaceful sleeps since using it. It is lovely and soft. Your heads moulds into the pillow and is very comfortable.

5 - They are harder than you think they are when only trying for a short time in the shop but they have helped my ne I problems no end. I now find normal pillows not to be supportive. They do need a larger size pillowcase or they will feel too compact

5 - Very pricey, but so worth it! I’ve never had such a good nights sleep than with these pillows. As a side sleeper, I used to suffer with shoulder pain quite regularly, but I don’t have that problem at all anymore. The cooling cover is amazing too.

5 - This is the best £99 I’ve ever spent, soooo comfortable. Has really helped me get a good nights sleep. I spent £79 on my last pillow but it went flat after a month, this one I’ve had just over a month now and you can’t even tell I’ve slept on it.

4 - I've enjoyed these new pillows, my partner who is much smaller in stature (who I didn't consult with before buying) found the pillow to be too heavy and high for her. I think they are good design but you need to test they are suitable for you.

5 - Never thought I’d love a pillow this much, head literally sinks in and feel supported, I used to struggle with neck pain from poor support when sleeping, guess what….not anymore. Definitely worth it, I couldn’t go back to a normal pillow now!

3 - Don't know what all the fuss is about I only got them because I wanted all tempur because I spent alot of money so wanted the full package I don't know what the fuss is about because I have used £20 good quality pillows that I am happy with

5 - Brought this for my husband who is not easy to please when it comes to pillows. However when he tried this pillow he had no complaints and has a good nights sleep. The cool touch cover is excellent for those who get hot during the night.

5 - The pillow is amazing, as soon as you put your head on it you realise what a difference it makes! First night I tried it I slept really really good which didn’t happened to me I ages. I also have neck issues, pain and it improved that too.

5 - This pillow was offered as a discount when we bought our Tempur mattress but it is by no means a lacklustre product. It is both soft and supportive, unlike with down or other foam pillows which tend to lose support if on the softer side.

4 - We purchased a pillow each, one of us found it perfectly comfortable, far better than hollow fibre pillows. The other found it more difficult to adjust, finding it slightly too low down but too high if another pillow was added underneith.

5 - Having struggled for years and after spending loads of my hard earned on various pillows, I'm delighted to say that finally I've found the pillow I've been dreaming of. Fantastic service at my local store. Wish I'd gone there years ago.

5 - My partner love his, but it was abit to hard for me. When testing it in the shop was just right but its been over used so after 3 weeks was still to hard. I went and brought the comfort cool touch and now that’s getting softer i love it

4 - The TEMPUR cloud cool tuch pillows are ideal for those who like a firm yet soft sinking feel when they lay there head down. I purchased my pillows alongside a TEMPUR cool touch matress and have honestly never had a better night sleep.

5 - I was a little sceptical about this pillow because of the price, but thought I'd give it a go as normal pillows never last long. I'm so glad I did! Definitely worth the investment, I just hope it lasts as long as we were told it would!

4 - The good thing about this pillow is that it really does keep your head cool. I'm still not sure about the softness - I'm used to down which is superset, but I'm persevering to see if it makes a difference to the amount of neck support.

5 - I bought the Tempur cloud cool touch soft pillow as I was finding my original Tempur pillow to hard, I have had it for a week and have slept much better and I am not waking up with a headache. It is worth spending the extra money on.

3 - although we purchased the soft pillows, they are still extremely firm. Mine gave me headache and neck ache so I had to revert to ordinary pillows however Hubby loves his, although it does seem to have made his snoring 10 times worse!

5 - Went to Dreams as I wasn't sleeping and my neck was painful giving me lots of headaches. I was recommended this pillow and I have been sleeping so well since. Not the cheapest but so worth it. By far the best pillow I have ever had.

5 - This is the best pillow I have ever put my head on. I look forward to laying my head on it every night. Although the material is dense and heavy it is so soft that as my head sinks into it, it gives you a really comfortable feeling.

5 - At first we thought they were a bit pricy, but after using for a few nights, we come to realise they are worth every penny, no more neck ache, a wonderful nights sleep. We wake up fully refreshed. The compliment the bed splendidly.

5 - If i hadn't tried this pillow in store I never would have spent £100 on a single pillow but having bought several pillows over the last few years, trying and failing to find comfort, this pillow is heaven, no more ear or neck pain

5 - Previously I'd always used two pillows to get comfortable. Little did I know that with guidance from the excellent staff at dreams there is a myriad of pillows to choose from and if you get the right one it's all you'll ever need.

5 - The pillow moulds around the head but lightly so that if you lie on your stomach you can still breathe easily whereas other flimsier pillows fold too closely to your mouth. On your back the pillow allows you to nestle cosily on it

4 - Mostly sleep on my side and have found this to provide the support needed for my neck and still be comfortable. At first it feels harder than a feather pillow but one nights sleep and I haven’t looked back. Happy with my purchase!

4 - First night I hated it but now great so we brought pillows and protectors with these on was they quiet thick too hot and made pillow hard squashed in so took them of what a different pillows back to normal and lovely feeling again

3 - For some people this pillow is amazing but if it isn’t for you it can cause a lot of pain on the head and neck area. A friend it was very good myself it cause so pain. Risky if you are purchase in a store because of returns policy

4 - has a jelly like soft touch feel, heavy as concrete, cool as an ice cube - so if you want a pillow fight with a guaranteed championship win but some care for your opponent to give them an ice touch KO blow, choose this pillow :))

5 - I honestly am noticing a difference with my neck aches reducing. I’m also sleeping really deeply and it’s pretty much since I bought the pillow. My other half tried it and wasn’t impressed. It’s not for everyone. Try it first.

5 - Seems pricey when youre stood considering them but seriously, Do it. The contrast between a normal pillow or even most memory foam pillows are worlds apart. These things are incredible. Your body will thank you in the morning!

4 - Nice comfy pillow. Has certainly improved my sleep. Doesn't go hard during the night so I don't wake up with dead ear or anything. I dropped 1 star as I feel it could support my neck a bit better. Otherwise very happy though.

5 - This pillow is the best thing since sliced bread for someone with an achy back or neck. As well as using it at night, I use it around the house when sitting on the sofa or office chair to support my back. 100% worth the price.

5 - This is amazing for my neck and shoulders and actually the best pillow I have ever used, this pillow will not disappoint it’s def worth a buy 100% ... best thing I have brought along with my amazing tempur mattress, Thankyou.

5 - Love this pillow. I've been looking for a comfortable pillow for years to no avail untl i came across this one in the Dreams store, it's everything i could have wished for it was expensive for a pillow but worth every penny.

5 - Cool pillows work by wicking away sweat and utilising temperature regulating fabrics, which prevent overheating Cool pillows work by wicking away sweat and utilising temperature regulating fabrics, which prevent overheating

4 - The silky fabric of the pillowcase means you need a pillowcase that folds in over the end. Otherwise it just comes off. It is also very heavy to move about which is great during the night but challenging to make the bed etc.

3 - It's a big pillow but I struggle to put the pillow under my neck for support. It's big in the middle but goes down at the side. Side sleeping is great but when you want to lay on your back it lacks the support on your neck.

5 - Amazing pillow. Me and husband purchased one firm and one soft and they are both equally as amazing as each other. Never wake up with a sore neck and I can comfortably sleep on my stomach without waking up with back pain.

5 - What a luxury pillow this is. True to its name it stays cool so you dont have to toss and turn to find the cool side. My sleep has improved so much in the 3 weeks i have been enjoying this pillow. Definatlt recommended.

5 - Very comfortable pillow, gives my good head and neck support as a side sleeper. Has a faint smell about it (normal for memory foam). My last Tempur pillow lasted ten years so I expect this one will also last a long time.

5 - Amazing pillows. Cool to the touch and definitely only need one for good neck support. Wasn’t 100% sure I would like them, but wow there is no going back to a normal pillow for me. Could be fun in a pillow fight too!

4 - Bought these pillows a few weeks ago. It took a while to adapt as our previous pillows were very soft and Sqyidgy! These are deep and much firmer. However we are both getting a good nigh5 sleep and feel more “ supported”

3 - I bought this pillow after using it to trial beds in store. It is incredibly comfortable but I just couldn't sleep well with it. After two weeks my husband was very happy to take it. He loves it and sleeps great with it.

5 - These pillows are expensive but worth every penny! They are so comfortable and supportive, highly recommend! We used one in store when we were trying out the mattresses and that’s why we bought them. I’m so glad we did!

5 - These pillows are marvellous. We have spent a lot trying to find good pillows as we both have neck and shoulder problems. Have used our new ones for couple of weeks and they have changed the way we sleep it’s brilliant.

4 - Took me a couple of weeks to get used to this pillow but on the whole very happy with it. Definitely keeps cool and is very squishy. It’s firmer than I expected and glad I opted for the soft version as it’s still dense.

5 - Having spent a fortune on new pillows for my husband only to find they are no good, I was a bit doubtful when this pillow was recommended. However, it has made a huge difference to his sleep, and well worth the money.

5 - Really good purchased. I bought it with the HYDE and SLEEP EMERALD matress and it really helps. I used to have neck pain but the pillow is really comfortable. I bought the soft pillow in this range. I would recommend.

4 - I like this pillow, it’s cool & comfortable & so far is keeping its shape. It’s very heavy so I don’t think I’d travel with it. I could do with it being a little less high but hoping it’ll get a bit flatter over time.

5 - Much better nights sleep. Shame I have to sleep without a pillowcase for best effect but it is amazing - genuinely cool and the right amount of give and support. Along with the mattress this has transformed my sleep!

5 - I've tried many pillows over the years and this one definitely comes out on top. The memory foam is high quality and I've not had to flip it to "the cool side" once since buying it as it regulates temperature so well

5 - Both my husband and I have these pillows and find them very comfortable and supportive which aids restful sleep. We have both said that we were surprised that we only needed one pillow as both of us usually use two.

5 - Bought this pillow a few weeks ago and have not looked back. Pillow provides superb support and having a cool gel cover keeps you at a perfect temperature when sleeping. Don't know how I ever slept without this!!

5 - Very nice product very relaxing pillow to sleep on contours you neck leaving no gaps best pillow I’ve ever bought and the cool touch property within the pillow is nice and cool and very very relaxing to sleep on

4 - I bought this a month ago. I took a couple of nights to get used to it but now I find I sleep better, I no longer have neck pain and it's just the right level of support for me. I would definitely buy another one

5 - Comfiest pillow ever! After so many nights of my neck hurting due to rubbish pillows I thought it’s time to spend some money on some! They’re amazing! Worth every penny since you sleep with it every single night!

5 - The perfect shopping experience. From walking in to the buying process, everything was done with a smile, courtesy and professionalism. The staff are so knowledgable. Oh yes...and the pillow is just superb. Thanks

5 - I have to say that when I first used this pillow it felt hard & it did take a bit of getting used to but now I wouldn’t want anything else. Your head & neck mould into it & is so comfortable. Highly recommend it.

5 - This is the best pillow I have ever bought. At the time I thought it expensive but took a leap of faith. It has helped my musculoskeletal condition and has helped me sleep better. I highly recommend this product.

5 - I got the Soft pillow as opposed to the firm as I don’t like to sleep and be restrictive (my thoughts) this hasn’t sunk like many pillows do and it’s so nice and doesn’t get hot like normal pillows do. Go get one

5 - Absolutely live these pillows, they are extremely comfortable and your head sinks into them giving that cost feeling! While still supporting your neck and posture. Highly recommend. Mine and my partners are soft.

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