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Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

Discover the next level of sleep with the Ruddington mattress which delivers cutting-edge comfort with its innovative Mirapocket zoned support system. This is your chance to upgrade your sleep space, and be happy in it for years to come.

Get the sleep of your dreams.

The Ruddington mattress is tailored to every individual’s specific needs, delivering the perfect balance of support and comfort with high-quality materials. With a focus on all-round support, it’s the perfect mattress for those who want to get a good night's sleep.

From the moment you lie down, the unique Mirapocket zoned support system starts working for you. The 2211 edge-to-edge springs spread your weight evenly across the entire mattress to ensure maximum sleep space and work in harmony with your body's shape to deliver the perfect amount of support where you need it most. Unwind on a Silentnight tonight.

If you're looking for a more rigid mattress, the Silentnight Ruddington is perfect for you. Comfortable, supportive and made with high-quality materials, it has a firm comfort rating to suit your needs.


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Reasons To Buy


    Hypoallergenic mattresses are the perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities, as they protect against allergens and irritants. They're also a great choice for those with asthma or respiratory issues.

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Rest easy with a 5-year guarantee

    A 5 Year Guarantee is toward the upper end for the industry. giving you a huge amount of confidence in the product while showing just how much belief the manufacturer and retailer have that you won't have issues during the products lifecycle. Typical guarantees are 1 year.

    Has a firm comfort rating

    A firm comfort grade is one of the less responsive of tensions in the lineup, having less "play" in the support layer than other mattresses. The benefits of this rigid support system is that it is regularly preferred by those who like to sleep on their back offering more support while not sacrificing body contouring abilities. Firm mattresses are also typically targeted as a prime purchasing option for those suffering from back pain. While advise may vary person to person, many suffering from back pain prefer a firm tension that helps give a slab-like feel on the back which can alleviate pain.

    It features advanced Mirapocket zoned support

    New and improved memory foam comfort layer

    Purotex cover reduces moisture & dust mite allergens

    With ActiFlex comfort technology

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Customer Reviews For The Silentnight Ruddington Combination Mattress

5 - The best mattress I have ever laid on! its firm texture makes it very supporting for my joints and bones, whie the softness of the top makes itamazingly comfortable to sleep on. Although it is a thick mattress, it is breathable and so I am not getting very hot at night. The thickness of it also means that my bed is just a little higher, and so much easier for me to get into.

5 - Suffering with sleeping issues and insomnia for 12 years now, which is when I had my old mattress. I became more aware of changes that needed to be made, when I came to her a mattress I was gonna lick up anything that comfortable and leave. I had an advisor talk me through the sleep test which I done and found the right mattress for me. Best investment I’ve made in my life!

5 - Since I have had it I have actually never got out of bed. It’s almost too comfortable. Probably not very hygienic of me but that’s not the bed’s fault. This is truly the holy grail of mattresses. Emma mattresses- I spit in your general direction. Silentnight is very apt as I bought it for Christmas although I do not have silent nights in it as I snore. Apparently. 6 stars.

5 - Having had a bad experience with a boxed mattress, we went to Dreams. We were assessed by the machine in store and it suggested some options - the Osterley Mirapocket was one. We haven't slept so well since it arrived. A good, firm, mattress which supports both of us well (despite being different weights and one of us having joint hypermobility). Would highly recommend.

5 - I can't thank Michelle enough for her personal friendly and attentive service, advice and support in helping choose the correct mattress for myself. The quality of the products are of a very high standard, and the whole experience was very much customer focused without the high sales pressure. Dreams, Chelmsford is the recommended place to go for a good night's sleep

5 - Excellent service from purchase at the store to delivery of the mattress, after “mattress anxiety “of buying a new one after such a long time with our old one we were kept well informed of the delivery date and we had a 2 hour time slot on the day of delivery , the new mattress is extremely comfortable and took only 2 nights to get used to after 10yrs of our old one

5 - We bought this a couple of months ago and I am still so pleased with it! It is firm but the memory foam layer on top makes it so comfy. Aches and pains I'd always get in bed have disappeared and I am able to sleep on my back pain free for the first time in years. Also great as partner moving around next to me doesn't disturb me anymore. Very happy and much more rested!

5 - I bought this matress 3 weeks ago. I had thoughts because of price. But decided to get it as my sleep is very important to me. I sleep much better know. I have good support for my bad back. I always though that memory foam mattresses are better but now I know that spring are the best! The only minus is that matress cover keep slipping abd needs fixing in the morning

5 - Great quality, comfortable from first night. Wake up refreshed without aches and pains. It was a considered purchase and more expensive than I’d normally pay BUT well worth the extra money, no edge sagging. Would recommend spending the money. I bought one for my daughter as well, she has had spinal surgery and it’s made a huge difference to her, sleeping comfortably.

5 - Having recently purchased the 'Silentnight Osterley' mattress. My husband and myself have thoroughly enjoyed some really comfortable night's sleep.The mattress is very firm, but offers excellent support. We would highly recommend it!!. Also we would like to say a 'big thank you' to Jaswant at the Wednesbury store for his help in choosing such a high quality product.

3 - Bought this a month ago to replace a 13 year old silent night mattress that had just started to sag. Be warned this mattress is very firm, our old mattress was firm, but for us this is too firm for us, and we are exchanging it for a 1 grade softer silent night mattress. Dreams have been OK in sorting delivery, and exchange etc, so would definitely recommend them.

5 - I have found Dreams to have great service, both Instore and online. Ordered mattress online and only took 3 days, managed to get Black Friday discount which was a bonus. Really firm mattress but soft top covering - making for a great sleep as I have arthritis in my spine, this mattress has enabled me to have restful sleep that I haven’t experienced in 5 years !

5 - After being ill with a connective tissue disorder and months of troubled sleep, i can finally sleep with a new found comfort. After the sales rep in the Corby store walked me through all the different types and brands available, we narrowed it down to two. I chose one after spending time going back and forth trying them out. Equals the best sleep in months

5 - After visiting in store and seeing a wonderful and knowledgeable sales lady, who patiently showed us various mattress types, we eventually found our perfect one. We could no be more pleased with the service we received from Dreams from sales through to delivery. All perfectly hassle free. Would (and have) highly recommend Dreams to my friends and family.

4 - We weight approx 75kg each and found this mattress too firm resulting in back ache in the morning. However It's a very good quality mattress if you're looking for a firm mattress hence the good rating. We swapped the mattress for a medium/firm one using the 40 night guarentee which was a hassle free experience. We're now sleeping a lot better. Thanks Dreams!

5 - The mattress is perfect and provides the level of support and comfort we had hoped. The entire transaction has been very impressive, despite the wrong mattress being delivered first time. The recovery of this mistake made up for the mishap in the delivery process. We are delighted with our new mattress and would recommend Dreams. Their staff were amazing!

4 - I bought the Osterly mattress in July and it was delivered, as agreed, in August. Delivery was very smooth and so far the product has lived up to my expectations, given its price. Hopefully it will continue to do so over the coming months. This is a firm mattress and did take a week or so to settle in but it is very comfortable and suits my requirements.

5 - Brought Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket Mattress in August 2020 and over the months me and my husband have been getting use to sleeping on a very comfortable mattress. We should have brought one years ago as the mattress is very soft and warm. Don't seem to need the electric blanket on for so long with the new mattress as it retains the heat very well.

5 - A good quality well finished firm mattress. Had already done research on this particular mattress and did try out others in Dreams Aberdeen store. No pressure to make a purchase. Plenty of time given to try out others. Good advice from Salesman. Purchasing, delivery & uplift of old mattress could not have been easier. Five star service from Dreams.

5 - Compared to my 12yr old mattress it is clearly an improvement. When I visited the store, I felt a bit like Goldilocks as I was trying out every mattress but after I tested this one I immediately went to the top of my list and haven't regretted it since. It is a solid heavy mattress, firm, supporting but very comfortable. I would recommend this.

5 - We previously had this (or a very similar) mattress for 8 years before we replaced it. The new one from anothet company was awful and developed a hump almost straight away and we've come back to Dreams again and have been rewarded instantly wit better sleep. This mattress is quite firm and suits sleeping supine or side lying rather than prone.

5 - I bought this mattress last month and what a difference! I have always stuck with silent night mattresses because I think they are great quality mattresses. This mattress has great back support And a firm good mattress that keeps it shape. Me and my parter like a firm mattress but both agree the medium one is better in this certain mattress.

5 - We brought our bed a month ago from Dreams and it has to be the best buy we have ever made. The sales staff were not pushy and helped us get our perfect bed. We had it installed by their team who were so polite and made sure everything was to our liking. We strongly recommend anyone to buy a bed from here if they want a perfect nights sleep.

5 - Have had this mattress for just two weeks but so far I have had amazing nights sleep every night. I was expecting to find it a bit strange on first night but it was so comfortable I didn't want to get out of bed. So comfy and although it is a firm mattress it really doesn't feel hard at all. Is doing what it says on the tin !! Very pleased .

4 - We've had the mattress for a few weeks now. It's pretty heavy but we have found this mattress allows one person to turn over without disturbing the other person (which our previous mattress did not). It's very comfortable and has provided us with many great nights sleep. It's not the cheapest mattress but we are happy with our purchase.

5 - I have had this mattress for 2 weeks now. I purchased online after visiting the local store for advice on a new matress for lower back pain. I have to say I am not dissapointed. The stores advice was spot on, and can already feel the benefit, reduced pain and stiffness in the morning. Best investment I have ever made, sleeping so well.

5 - We decided to change our mattress and were looking for a firm mattress. The Silentnight Osterley Mirapocket is absolutely fantastic and have since enjoyed our nights sleep. Ordered in local Dreams store, delivered efficiently and advice given as to the care of the mattress. Excellent product and excellent service. Thank you to all.

5 - Take the time to lie down and test out each mattress. The team at Dreams are very helpful in getting you to the right mattress for you. They have a machine that measures your spine and the way you lie to select suitable mattresses for you. Highly recommend. My mattress is fantastic, they also offer armed forces discount which is nice.

5 - Had this mattress delivered last week after trying a couple of times in-store. Had a back op last year & since getting this mattress, I've had no sleepless nights & 2 lay ins! Cannot recommend this mattress enough. Firm but soft & proper comfy at the same time. This is one mattress that will not be returned! Even the cat loves it! :-

5 - The mattress is so comfortable. I feel like the princess and the pea. Its so high. Has the cool gel layer which is good if you get hot flushes. Would recommend this bed. The mattress was suited to me i done the scientific machine instore, to match the kind of mattress to suit me. Bought in the uddingston store in Berkinshaw estate.

5 - This is my second mattress from dreams. I bought this exact one (previously called Ashridge) 5 years ago for my main bedroom and absolutely love it. So when it came to changing the one in my son s room I knew I didn’t need to even test it out- just ordered it. It’s supportive but because of the memory foam is soft as well. Amazing.

5 - I bought this mattress about a month ago and its sooooooo comfy, though I have not slept in it much as my hubby has a cold and coughs all the time. BUT, the few nights I have had in it are rememberable due to the comfyness of it. My only gripe is that you can only turn it round and not over ( unless I have missed something there)

5 - We have had this matress for 3 weeks now. We find it supportive and comfortable. We like the firmness of the matress to lie on but also how soft it feels. Dislike the weight of the matress. I am not very fit and to rotate the matress every week is quite a chore. Its heavy although there are handles of the sides which helps.

5 - This mattress is well worth it’s money! Firm and very comfy. Both of us weren’t sleeping well on our old mattress and were continually waking up with aches. I was wary buying online during the covid 19 pandemic and not being able to try my mattress out in a shop locally. Anyone with this worry this mattress won’t let you down!

5 - I purchased this mattress a few weeks ago after having some back pain. The choice of style and design was made easier by the in-store sleep test. I picked the Osterley as it was a firm mattress and better for back pain. I've slept much better since, hardly move during the night and actually feel like I've had a 'proper sleep'.

5 - I bought this three weeks ago and was delivered two weeks ago. I cannot believe how comfortable it is. I have had some of the best nights sleep for a long time. It is as well that I am retired as I have had 'difficulty' getting up in the mornings. I am now questioning myself, why did I keep putting off buying a new mattress.

4 - I purchased this mattress in the Black Friday sale. It was so very much firmer than my old mattress and so has taken some time to get used to. However, it feels extremely supportive and I know that is perfect for my lower back problems. It feels very luxurious and expensive and I know that I've made a really good choice.

5 - Bought this at the start of the month. Was previously sleeping on a memory foam mattress. This mattress is so comfortable I love! Best buy! And the staff at the Hayes branch were second to none. Great customer service. Also, the delivery drivers are brilliant. They got the mattress upstairs in a few seconds! Very happy. :)

5 - I bought my bed and mattress 6 weeks ago, the delivery men were helpful, professional and made the bed up quickly. They also replaced my mattress and tidied up the mess afterwards. I have slept soundly on my new mattress for nearly two weeks now and have recommends to my family and friends. I am very happy with my purchase

5 - Bought this about a month ago for my new flat - I ended up spending a little bit more than I intended to initially, however it has been well worth it and I have no regrets! This mattress is incredibly comfortable and so firm, exactly as I like it. It's transformed my sleep and helped get rid of some of my lower back pain.

4 - We ordered the matress a few weeks ago it was delivered on time, i have not had a bad nights sleeep since. Our old matresss was only 18 months old and was rated as number 1 in the whitch magazine which is why we brought it. within weeks it had two big dips in it. I would go back to dreams in future service was excellent.

5 - I bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago and it is so comfortable, I was having troubles with my previous mattress (back pains) and within a couple of weeks on this they have gone. It does wonders!! A good mattress is the most important thing and I can't doubt anything about this make. Perfect for me and my partner.

5 - I bought this approx 1 mth ago. From the very first night we slept so peacefully. Woke up in the morning with no aches and pains and we both felt totally refreshed. What a purchase. We are so happy we made that choice, especially with the expert help for the team working at Dreams and their wonderful bed calculator!

5 - Service and product were excellent. I didn't know what to expect but I have bought products from Dreams over the years and felt I could trust. The description is also very reliable, the mattress composition, material and order of positioning, is described in detail and that all turned out fully correct in real life.

5 - We bought this after trying it out pre-lockdown. Delivery time was great, the delivery team were cautious and fab being allowed to take mattress upstairs explained fully how to air mattress pre-use. Was easy for one person to move but the comfy nights sleep we had was priceless. Great for anyone who has a bad back.

4 - Lovely mattress and very comfortable so with a bit of softness from the memory foam topper but still firm. Only thing to consider is having the memory foam topper - it feels warmer than a normal mattress so to think about this if you are someone that suffers with heat at night in summer - or just sleep with a sheet

5 - We bought this mattress a couple of weeks ago after suffering from bad backs sleeping on our old one. Our bad backs have gone almost instantly! It is firm, supportive and comfy (with the integrated memory foam top layer). We paid a little more than we originally budgeted for a mattress but it is worth every penny!

5 - We tried an all spring mattress in the store (recommend you try them all) and it felt too unforgiving. This one felt right for us straight away. Just a touch of softness with underlying firmness for support. Only suggestion: if you need a divan with drawers make sure the side drawers clear your bedside tables.

4 - After sleeping on the bed it didn't feel as firm as in the shop. This probably because I hadn't appreciated that the foam would sink as much as it did. However only had 14 days and seems to get better - so will make a decision after 30 days whether to swap. Wife thinks it amazing so will be interesting on day 39!

5 - We bought our new mattress over a month ago and are extremely happy with it. We tried all the medium and firm mattresses in the showroom but found this one to be the most comfortable. Although firm, your body moulds into the mattress giving a great nights sleep. I wish we'd bought this a long time ago... luxury!

5 - Have had this mattress for about a month now & have to say, has almost been a life changing experience!! Previous mattress had passed it's use-by date and after some superb guidance from the Dreams team, we chose the Osterly, as it met all our criteria & the acid test of being firm enough, but not concrete-like.

5 - I fell in love with this mattress the first time i tried it in the Watford store. I love a firm mattress and have a few back problems so this works. We even tried the machine that recommends mattress types in Hemel Hempstead and it also recommended the Osterley. It is amazing to sleep on and just oozes quality.

5 - This is a sturdy, but incredibly comfortable mattress. It allows us to fidget and movie without disturbing each other. My husband says that his shoulder and back pain has reduced considerably since getting this mattress. And I have slept much more soundly. Highly recommend and worth paying that bit extra for.

5 - Bought this mattress before Christmas and my wife convinced me we should visit the store rather than buying online - so glad we did. After using the great ‘SleepMatch’ machine we were advised to buy this mattress. It’s been life changing as I wake up refreshed, well rested and without back pain. Delighted!

5 - This mattress was recommended by Dreams. My husband has a bad back and had been sleeping on the floor for four months. We weren't hopeful that any mattress would be good enough. This mattress has been life changing. We both sleep really well, excellent t support for him, no roll together. Couldn't be happier!

5 - My partner and I have very different builds and sleeping positions, and this is supremely comfortable for both of us. Firm, with a small amount of give, we have both slept well since purchase. Additional key note, I am occasionally prone to back pain, and this has decreased dramatically since purchase

5 - Great mattress highly reccommend wish i had bought one earlier didnt realise how bad my old mattress had sagged. Do yourself a favour and head for dreams try out their in shop sleeping analysis machine and get some reccommendations. This was reccommended for my style of sleeping and they got it spot on.

5 - Really needed a new mattress I would not go anywhere other than dreams, even though we were shopping under COVID conditions the gentlemen was a true salesman told us what different mattresses we could have and explained the difference between the ones we wanted it was excellent customer service thank you

5 - We bought a mattress and oak frame. The mattress is very comfortable and the frame looks great. The service in the branch was very good - they did the electronic analysis of our postures to choose the best mattress and the guy was very helpful without being pushy. Delivery service was also very good.

4 - The mattress feels slightly firmer than it did in the showroom but hopefully will soften over time. A comfortable nights sleep can still be had. Due to the layout of our house the mattress had to be bent significantly to get it upstairs. The product showed no ill effects after this robust handling.

4 - We purchased this mattress a few weeks ago and initially thought it was to firm however we were advised by your member of to try it for a few weeks before making any harsh decisions which we have done and am now pleased with the amount of comfort and sleep I am now getting very happy with the mattress

5 - Really pleases with this purchase. The mattress is very firm and has improved the quality of my sleep massively. You dont sink into the mattress or feel any springs and id highly recommend for anybody that likes a firm mattress or has any backaches as mine has now stopped due to buying this mattress.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, delivery was seamless and delivery drivers were extremely helpful and courteous. Big shout out also to the dreams customer service team who ensured i made the right decision. Mattress has done wonders for my bad back, I am feeling the benefits already after only 2 weeks!

5 - Very pleased with this mattress. We now have 2 of these - both bought from Dreams. The first one we bought felt pretty hard for the first couple of weeks but the 40 night guarantee gave us confidence to persevere and we are very pleased that we did. Hence our purchase of a second one for another bed.

5 - I bought this product last December. It is so comfortable that I love going to bed at night and hate having to get out of it in the morning! When my daughter comes to stay she sleeps in my bed and I sleep in the spare room, and she also rates my mattress saying she always has a great night's sleep.

5 - best mattress I have ever had well worth the price tag. I have suffered from a bad neck for years, the guys in dreams at clydbank took me around the shop testing the beds in till I found the right one and pillow. I have never looked back a good night comfortable sleep means everything to me. wow

5 - Massive improvement on our old mattress. Both of us have been sleeping much better after the first few nights we got used to it. Dont notice when the other half gets out of bed in the night. Firm enough support with a soft top layer is just the right balance. Delivery was easy and arrived on time.

5 - After 3 back surgeries most mattresses are uncomfortable and I haven’t slept through the night for 10 years...and I hated bedtime as it meant hours being uncomfortable. I LOVE bedtime now and although I still don’t sleep through the quality of sleep I now get it immeasurable. Thank you Silentnight

5 - I had been looking for some time for a mattress but the price of them I wanted to make sure it was right. This is a great mattress, I was often waking up with sore hips and dead legs several times a night but not anymore! My mum has two of these mattresses as well. I can definitely recommend.

5 - Really comfortable bed but even better customer service from the team at Dreams Staples Corner. Elizabeth was really helpful in helping us choose the perfect mattress. And if we don't fancy it we have the 30 days to return and swap it! Couldn't have found a better place to buy a mattress

5 - Bought this bed after trying it out in the shop. We were mistakingly sent the wrong mattress first of all which we had for a week. It had a memory foam layer and I got up with back pain every day! Since the right one arrived, I've never looked back. So comfortable and cozy, hard to get out of.

4 - I bought this product 3 weeks ago - so far we are really pleased with it, the only reason I haven't given it a 5 star rating yet is because we have only just started using the mattress and as you can't flip the mattress, only top and tail, we will have to see if we get any significant settling

3 - The amount, I spent on this mattress gives us comfortable back support but it gets really Warm in 15 mins after lying down. It feels really warm in winter so I can’t even imagine what will happen in summer. I will be ringing the customer service soon once I get chance. Otherwise it’s good.

3 - I have mostly enjoyed the experience of sleeping on this mattress . I am surprised how warm the foam top layer makes the bed so warm. I find the deep pockets a little difficult to get used to giving a feeling of falling into a hole. I am therefore not sure I am totally happy with my choice.

5 - We bought this mattress a month ago, it cost more than we had planned, but so pleased we treated ourselves as I suffer with back pain due to a car accident and can honestly say I have not slept in so much comfort and pain free in 3 years! I wake and do not ache! Highly recommend this product.

5 - I bought this mattress just before the start of 2017 and I truly love the comfort it gives. It also seems to have a wonderful feeling of warmth, which is wonderful for me. I thought it would take a little time to get used to it but it did not and I just love to snuggle into it every evening

5 - Thought I’d write a review after sleeping on this new mattress for a least a couple weeks. So far so good. It’s quite firm so exactly what I needed. I do need to change my pillows as they were also on the firm side and have been causing me a bit of neck pain because the mattress is also firm.

5 - So, What to say about this it is a firm and supportive mattress that has strong edge support, i am 6,7 and 145kg and this has no issues with giving an great nights sleep, i would recommend there mattress test in store to make sure its right for you, helped to reduce lower pack pain. So great

5 - I moved home recently and decided to treat myself to a new Mattress, now after sleeping on it over the last few weeks I now know I should have changed it a long time ago, my old one was only a couple of years old but the difference is Night and Day, I sleep like a log and waken feeling good.

5 - So glad we brought this mattress. It's definitely firm and continues to be so. You hardly notice the layer of memory foam on the top and it is surprisingly cool even though we both get very warm during the night. Overall we would recommend to anyone looking for a firm, good quality mattress.

5 - Took a while to get use to but after a week settled into the groove. Nice chaps helped unload. Warned us about the smell when we opened it from the plastic. The fire retardant smells goes away after 48 hours. I didn’t read the emails. Due to COVID we had to take our old mattress away.

5 - High quality mattress that you would have a great sleep in no doubt about that. It’s the Perfect balance between soft and hard so it’s not too soft that you’re going to sink in but not too hard like you’re sleeping on wood. Overall a very enjoyable bed and would definitely recommend buying.

4 - Have to say both my husband and I have an excellent sleep since changing our mattress. Our previous one was a good one, few years had passed and a new one was required. As with our old one we went to Dreams again. Always excellent service and fantastic selection of mattresses. Great choice.

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago and can not fault the quality. Desperate for a firm mattress that didn’t feel like sleeping on a brick. This mattress has a soft built in topper that doesn’t take away from the mattress underneath. Supporting all joints equally I have never slept better !

4 - I bought this in March, and apart from the long wait for delivery I have been very pleased with the mattress itself. The main advantage being that it has helped reduce my back pain significantly. Only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is that in the very hot weather it was too warm.

5 - Having had a foam mattress for many years I was a bit wary of buying this mattress. However, I needn't have worried. After the first couple of nights getting used to the change, I've experienced a much better quality of sleep than for some time. I would certainly recommend this mattress.

5 - I bought this product 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say both my husband & I have had the best nights sleep for a long time. I was beginning to have neck & shoulder issues that have disappeared. My husband also suffers with back problems with seem to have been alleviated by this mattress.

4 - I bought this mattress a month ago and it is as comfortable as I had hoped it would be. There is no roll together when two people lay down on it. You can barely feel it when the other person turns over. We did have a nightmare with the sales people but other than that the mattress is good

5 - I was delighted with my purchase im sleeping well the mattress is excellent quality and looks really good but more important im sleeping better than ever on it after a few weeks after delivery so i feel it goes back to the old adage you get what you pay for in my case a good night sleep

4 - An excellent quality king size mattress that has made a huge improvement to our sleep. We were after a firm mattress and the Osterley is probably at the top end of being firm before being classified as very firm. The only downside is that it is quite weighty when it needs to be turned.

5 - We have had our mattress for 2 weeks now. I had expected it to take a few weeks to get used to it, but that was not the case. The first night it did seem a bit strange but we both had a great night's sleep. The only problem is getting up when that alarm goes off in the morning.

5 - I had originally chosen a different matress but thanks to the comfort exchange programme I was able to switch to this one. The matress is firm and extremely comfortable. The uneven top layer due to the pocket springs is not noticeable when sleeping. Great product! Thank you Dreams!

5 - I like firm mattresses but with a bit of a memory foam layer for comfort. After trying loads of different styles at Dreams and other stores i settled on the Ashridge. This mattress is so comfortable. I think I'm getting some of my best nights sleep on this. Well worth the purchase.

5 - Our old mattress was long overdue for replacement and I'd been waking up with backache and suffering poor quality sleep. This new mattress has proved terrific so far. From the first night onwards, at last, I've had a good night's kip and awoken with no aches and properly refreshed.

5 - We bought the firm mattress and never regretted it. I haven't slept well in a while until we bought this bed. It was firm on the inside, but the surface was soft and cool when slept on for long hours. It feels like you get suck into the bed and sleep really quickly and comfortably.

5 - I used to get a lot of lower back pain from my old bed + work but after my first sleep i have noticed a huge difference in the amount of pain I feel now. Its not the holy grail to fix your back pain but it most definitely has a made a difference and I am satisfied with my purchase.

4 - Really good mattress so far: firm but still comfortable, and exactly as the one we tested in store. The only reason I’m only giving 4 stars is because we’ve had it only for a few weeks so probably worth reviewing again in a few months to confirm that it hasn’t sunk or deteriorated.

5 - At first l thought it was expensive for a mattress but once delivered and we slept on it......absolutely amazing! So so comfortable, it’s a firm mattress but you still feel like you are laying in a cloud, so comfortable my back ache has gone! Definitely recommend this to anyone

5 - Bought this roughly 3 weeks ago after getting fed up of the discomfort of the last mattress and the fact that it was so thin. This mattress has reduce the pain we have throughout the night to none! This mattress is very comfortable and works very well with a memory foam topper.

5 - Bought this bed after doing the sleep test in store. Staff were really helpful and walked me through a range of options, with absolutely no preference or pressure around price ranges. The sleep tests were excellent and this is honestly the comfiest mattress I have ever had

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