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Revived Marina Pocket Sprung Mattress

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Revived Marina Pocket Sprung Mattress

This pocket sprung mattress has been meticulously designed with a firm comfort grade for those of you who enjoy a more firm sleep surface. It takes 1122 springs to create the perfect balance of support and resilience that is sure to last. The fibre filling is made from recycled materials, giving this mattress a soft and comfortable feel.

When you purchase a Revived mattress, you can rest easier knowing that your new bed has been made with the finest quality materials and the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure that it will keep its shape and provide you with years of comfortable sleep. The soft touch cover is made from upcycled SEAQUAL® YARN which is great for those that are environmentally conscious, providing a soft and durable layer that is also breathable and hygienic. Available in sizes to fit all UK standard bed frames, the pocket sprung support layer offers a naturally supportive and comfortable feel that will have you waking refreshed for work or play.


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Reasons To Buy

    Made in the UK

    This 100% UK made product is the perfect choice for a home with a sense of individuality. Sleep in comfort with the knowledge that you'll waking up refreshed and ready for another day.

    Supportive and resilient recycled fibre filling

    The supportive and resilient filling in the comfort layer of the mattress is made from recycled fibres, which means it's environmentally friendly and comfortable!

    Soft touch knitted cover made from upcycled SEAQUAL® YARN

    SEAQUAL® YARN is a high-quality product that contains post-consumer recycled materials and Upcycled Marine Plastic. This is a consumer positive and environmentally friendly construction that is ideal for the conscious buyer looking to do their bit for the environment.

    Comfort grade - Very Firm

    A firm tension mattress is perfect for those who are potentially heavier than average, also commonly recommended across the web for those suffering from back pain. This mattress provides support to the entire body, and still has a high quality comfort layer to provide the comfort necessary to get a great nights sleep. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this level of firmness for side sleepers as your shoulders and hips do not typically have the amount of travel through the mattress to not contort your body. Mileage will of course vary but we love this mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

    Single sided - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

    You should rotate your mattress so that you get the most out of it. You'll still be sleeping on the same surface, but you'll have a much more comfortable sleep because your body will be in a proper alignment as springs fillings and more have the opportunity to unsettle and prevent any dips or divots that would otherwise occur, causing potential discomfort.

    Soft touch knitted cover made from upcycled SEAQUAL® YARN

    SEAQUAL® YARN is a high-quality product that contains post-consumer recycled materials and Upcycled Marine Plastic. This is a consumer positive and environmentally friendly construction that is ideal for the conscious buyer looking to do their bit for the environment.

    About Revived

    Revived is a fairly new brand created as a sub-brand of popular bed retailer Dreams. Revived has a few unique selling points thanks to its eco-friendly credentials found in the yarn that creates parts of the mattress having being created from recycled plastic bottles. Reviews for Revived are good with many happy customers enjoying the mattresses in a fairly short time frame.

    1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is a stamp of approval. You can buy with confidence knowing that if anything bad happens during that year of ownership that is the result of a manufacturing defect, you will be covered.

    Its comfort grade is very firm

    A very firm comfort grade is ideally suited to those looking for orthopedic support in their mattress. Great for back and stomach sleepers, a very firm tension won't suit most side sleepers due to the rigidness of the base layer. We typically consider very firm mattresses as specialist and should be chosen with care.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

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Customer Reviews For The Revived Marina Pocket Sprung Mattress

5 - When I first slept on the bed I thought that I had made an error but when I woke I felt refreshed with no aches and stiffness

5 - I am delighted with my new mattress. I am sleeping really well and not waking up so often in the night. It is comfortable.

5 - Good delivery and the mattress is very comfortable! Really pleased with it and for the sale price. Would recommend to anyone

5 - i am very pleased with my new matress, it is so comfortable, The lady in the shop was so helpful and kind, thankyou Dreams.

5 - I bought this mattress, was worried as not slept on my previous mattress for years. Was so relieved as such a good purchase

5 - Nicely made product, well constructed and very comfortable to lie on. Support is excellent and performs just as it should.

5 - Mattress is very firm and and good support for my back I was experiencing discomfort because my old mattress was too soft

5 - Managed to get this high quality mattress in the sale, very happy. It's firm, but never the less it is very comfortable.

5 - This mattress is amazing. Both myself and my husband have suffered from a sore back. Well not anymore since buying this

5 - I have sent an email back to you telling you exactly as we feel. Thank you DREAMS full five stars for your EXCELLENCE.

5 - Well made mattress with excellent eco credentials but too firm for us. Will have to exchange when the 30 days are up.

5 - I bought this a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. It is very firm but soft top which was what I wanted.

5 - We have been sleeping on this mattress for 3 weeks now and it’s brilliant. Plenty of support without being too hard

5 - Very comfortable so far. I used to have back pain and it is gone after a couple of weeks sleeping on this mattress.

5 - Great matress very firm...early days (3 weeks) but already feeling benefits to my back, as i suffer with bad backs.

5 - I am more than satisfied with the mattress, enhanced by the way it was delivered Dreams do live up to their name.

5 - The whole process from start to finish was easy with Dreams. I haven’t slept on my mattress yet but it looks great

5 - Great for those who prefer a firm mattress! I would not call it very firm though but the best we could settle on.

5 - The mattress is a perfect fit for my partner and I. We have slept so much better since we purchased this mattress

5 - I bought this mattress just over a month ago and I must say it is very comfortable and I'm sleeping like a baby.

5 - We purchased our mattress last month and it so comfortable. Very pleased with my purchase and would recommend.

5 - I am so pleased with this mattress I have been having a great sleep after having the wrong mattress for years

5 - We both sleep so well now It was a long overdue purchase and all the staff very knowledgeable and efficient.

5 - Have bought this amazing mattress a month ago and it is so comfortable that I don’t even want to get up! Haha

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress, helping with sporting injuries and whiplash suffered. Excellent nights sleep

5 - a fantastic item highly recommend it and great customer service from your team in Bournemouth Castlepoint..

5 - Had this mattress just over 3 weeks and have not been disappointed with the great night sleep I'm getting.

5 - I bought nearly one month its amezing with a value what we pay so thank you for your best customer service

5 - We knew it was time to change our mattress but hadn’t appreciated just how much difference it would make.

5 - Love it Lovely and firm great to sleep in Plus part recycled material used What more could one ask for

5 - Good value & very comfortable. I chose very firm which isn’t everyone’s choice but I find it very comfy.

5 - Excellent!Delevery was perfect.Beds with the mattrac so comftable and look amazing.Really good quality!!

5 - This is a really comfortable Mattress. For us a Firm Mattress has enabled us to have a good night sleep.

5 - This mattress has changed my sleep for the better, very firm yet soft and comforable. Amazing quality.

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress, great value. Excellent service, I would recommend to buy from Dreams.

5 - Great mattress although it took me a few weeks to adjust as it is extra firm. Would highly recommend!!

5 - Just what I wanted I’ve had a backache before purchasing this wonderful mattress but not any more now

5 - Great mattress! Super comfy and best night sleep I’ve had in a while. Very firm but perfect for me.

5 - The mattress is firm but comfortable, easy for two people to spin or turn to keep it fresh and flat

5 - Comfortable mattress which surprised me as I never tried this in a shop due to Covid restrictions

5 - Excellent firm mattress! Added a memory foam topper and I’ve slept like a new born lamb for weeks!

5 - We bought this a few weeks ago and it's lovely and firm but also very comfortable. Great support.

5 - This mattress is one of the best mattresses I have slept on. It supports in all the right places.

5 - This mattress was just what our bad backs needed. It is rated ‘very firm’ and I can confirm that.

5 - Lovely mattress and fab prices. great service from salesman Ian. Would definitely shop at Dreams

5 - Brilliant firm mattress. Very happy with this. Would only be made better by being double sided.

5 - Bought this a few weeks ago - really impressed with comfort - delivered safely and covid secure

5 - had the mattress for a few weeks and cannot fault it.. good nights sleep ever sknce ive had it

5 - Very comfortable and amazing to sleep on definitely worth the price :) im very pleased with it

5 - I've been sleeping on a new mattress for almost a month now and my back says thank you to me.

5 - The mattress seems firm and comfortable. Also, the springs are not effected by the movement.

5 - Good spinal support, wonderful night's sleep, Hate mornings - I have to leave my mattress

5 - I purchased this 3 weeks ago and the quality of my sleep has improved more than I expected.

5 - Nice form mattress and really comfortable. Cool unlike the foam mattress. Ideal for summer.

5 - Amazing mattress- I would highly recommend it. The comfort is super, the quality is great

5 - Very comfy and definately right choice to get very firm as nice and solid but comfortable

5 - This mattress I bought a month ago and I am very pleased I did it is perfect for my back

5 - Had my mattress for 3 weeks now and I must say it's the best mattress I have ever had

5 - So comfy you get a great nights sleep and it’s a struggle to get out of in the morning

5 - A great purchase - nice and firm like we wanted and great that it is sustainable too.

5 - Perfect mattress, it's extremely comfortable, haven't slept this well in a long time.

5 - Dream mattress, really firm and provides a great night's sleep for my partner and I.

5 - My daughter have been having a longer and enjoyable sleep since she started using it

5 - nice firm mattress and gives me a great night sleep. Best ive slept in a long time.

5 - Fantastic mattress. Excellant shopping experience. Delivery guys did a perfect job

5 - Really good mattress, very firm and good for back sleepers. 10/10 would recommend.

5 - Completely satisfied with this purchase. Great value for money. Very comfortable.

5 - I havs a bad back anf this orthopaedic mattress is great. Very comfortable sleep.

5 - Very comfortable and had some of my best nights sleep since having this mattress.

5 - Excellent, very comfortable mattress. Grateful for the advice and good service.

5 - Very comfortable so far and stable enough to not feel your partner’s movements.

5 - Very comfortable mattress. My backache is gone since I started sleeping in it.

5 - Lovely and firm but not hard. Sleeping really well since I got this mattress.

5 - Delivery for this was faultless and the mattress itself is super comfortable!

5 - Extremely comfortabel mattress, very impressed with a quality finish and feel

5 - Very nice mattress, perfect firmness for my personally. Would recommend it.

5 - This mattress is great, comfortable and My bad back has gone within a week.

5 - A wonderful improvement on my old bed which gives me a perfect nights sleep

5 - It is the best product that i found after 4 years play around several brand

5 - So far the mattress is really helping my back and providing lots if support

5 - Very comfortable though did take a while to get used to it but great now.

5 - I have found the mattress very comfortable and am enjoying better sleep.

5 - Great delivery and really comfortable mattress for my compromised back.

5 - We bought this a month ago and have had consistent good nights sleep xx

5 - Had this about a month now and its the best sleep we have had in ages.

5 - Purchased a few weeks go so it has had a good test very happy with it.

5 - Bought this after using the sleepomatic machine and being shown all

5 - It is very firm and took a few nights to adjust to, but so worth it

5 - Great and comfortable to sleep on. Nice and firm just what I wanted

5 - great service, super comfy mattress and really well informed staff!

5 - Really comfortable with lots of support. Has improved my sleeping.

5 - Very comfy mattress, purchased in store and service was excellent.

5 - Superb back support! No more backache and I can sleep till dawn!

5 - Wonderful and comfortable mattress. Its helped with back pain

5 - Excellent mattress, nice and firm, great nights. sleep on it

5 - Great, matress, for the last week or so been sleeping great!

5 - Great mattress. Very firm but perfect for my damaged spine.

5 - best thing i have for ages no more bad backs in the morning

5 - It’s really good product. Flexible and very comfortable.

5 - Helps with my back pain .very happy with this mattress

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