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Pros and Cons

We compile assessments, instructions, and product appraisals to assist you in understanding the perspectives of others regarding the product.

All popular sizes available with numerous colour options and a few different fabrics.

Lead time not too bad considering the wide variety of options.

Customers love it with very few problems reported long term.

UK manufactured for additional buying confidence.

Some alignment issues from a few rare customer insights.

Delivery isn't quick but isn't too bad against the backdrop of others in the industry.

Limited colour options at time of review.

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base

The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base, available at Dreams, is a product that marries form and function in a way that appeals to modern sensibilities. As we explore this piece, we'll delve into its design, features, and suitability to help assess whether this product could be suitable for you. Let’s begin.

Design and Composition

The aesthetic appeal of this bed base is immediately noticeable. Available in five different colours, it offers a modern look that can fit various interior design themes. The sturdy chrome castors add a touch of elegance, while the front-opening ottoman design provides a practical storage solution.

Assembly is designed to be simple, requiring two people and approximately 20 minutes. The base's height of 38cm and single-wheel castors enable easy movement, making it a convenient choice for those who like to rearrange their space.


The ottoman base lifts to reveal two compartments of storage space, a significant advantage for those living in smaller spaces or looking to declutter. The platform top offers firm support for the chosen mattress, ensuring comfort and stability. Additionally, the product comes with a 1-year guarantee, offering peace of mind to the buyer.


The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base is suitable for various users, thanks to its clever design. The storage depth of 21 cm is a thoughtful way to utilise often-wasted space beneath the bed. Its compatibility with different mattresses, including heavy ones like Tempur Memory Foam, makes it a versatile choice.

However, one review mentioned a potential misalignment issue when pushing the base back down. Though it doesn't seem to be a widespread problem, it might be something to consider for those who plan to access the storage frequently.


The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base strikes a balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. Its elegant design doesn't compromise on storage space, making it a versatile choice for modern living. The consideration for heavy mattresses and the ability to lift the base even with a heavy mattress on top is a thoughtful feature, although this will depend which of the drawer variants you purchase.


In conclusion, the Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base is a well-designed product that caters to the needs of contemporary living. Its blend of style, functionality, and thoughtful features makes it a suitable choice for various users. The storage space is a standout feature, and the overall quality seems to resonate well with customers. Potential buyers might want to consider the mentioned misalignment issue and assess if it could be a concern for their specific needs.

This product is a testament to the innovation and creativity in the home sector, offering a solution that is both beautiful and practical. It's a piece that invites you to dream, not just in sleep but in the possibilities of design and comfort.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Online only

    This mattress is only available online and can not be seen or tried in store. This is a positive indicator for the customer since products in store are positioned as such because they have higher margins and are thereby not offering the same value for money as online only models. As such, you're likely to get better value from this product.

    Platform top for a firm, supportive base underneath your chosen mattress

    The platform top design of the bed base offers a solid and even surface for your mattress to rest upon. This provides excellent stability and prevents any sagging or unevenness, ensuring that your mattress maintains its shape and support for years to come.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    It’s made in the UK

    These mattresses are handmade in the UK to the highest quality standards. Utilising only the finest materials, sourced from like-minded suppliers, this mattress might be exactly what you need to get a great nights sleep.

    Also available to purchase in store

    Sturdy chrome castors

    Available in 5 different colours

    Ottoman storage depth is 21cm

    A range of colours is available in soft-touch fabric

    This is an end-opening ottoman

    With the option of sturdy chrome glides or legs

    Its storage depth is 21cm

    Also available to purchase in-store

    A range of colours is available in soft touch fabric

    Features tweed-effect, thick fabric with a soft touch

    This is a front opening ottoman

    Available in 2 different colours

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base

Question: What is the weight in Kg of each half of the 4' 6" double bed.

Answer: , This weight would be 16kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the storage height of the bed

Answer: Hi , This would be 30cm approximately. Thank you.

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Customer Reviews For The Luxury Ottoman Divan Bed Base

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - Great ottaman, easy to lift and push down. One base side lid was twisted and therefore Dreams replaced with no fuss. Although the delivery guys said you can adjust the brackets to sort it, but customer service didn’t mention this, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered with a replacement.

5 - We were looking for king size bed frame that doesnt go over 205cm, and this one is perfect! Sturdy bed, great space underneath, best investment ! Storing all my winter /summer gear, spare jackets etc. Delivery was on time , we paid for assembly also and it was super quick. Love it!

5 - We had this delivered on 8th August. We went for the ottoman style as we lack storage in our old house! It is brilliant I have managed to get all our bedding (which is a lot) winter and summer quilts, duvet covers, throws, sheets and pillow cases into the base. So pleased with it.

5 - It seems very well constructed and gives a solid foundation for the mattress. Really useful storage space and relative easy to lift despite the 45kg mattress due to the strong piston lifts. The fabric covering feels of good quality and looks great. Overall very happy with it.

5 - Nice and very comfy bed. Also, my experience in the store was wonderful, the sales rep was very nice and very patient, she answer all my questions and give me different options and suggestions to be sure that I was choosing the right bed for me. Great Experience in the Store!

3 - One side of the bed base is perfect, unfortunately the other side is creaky and noisy. In fairness to Dreams customer service they have quickly arranged for a replacement to be provided. Hopefully this will cure the issues and we will be totally happy with our purchase.

5 - When this was delivered the guys were so helpful and polite. They took off there shoes and took it up the stairs to room I wanted and asked if I needed help putting it together. I was so easy to assemble and the storage room is great! Easy to lift and put back down.

5 - Lovely dark grey ottomon bed with a huge amount of storage in the bed base if you are short of space. Two wide fabric handles to access the base. Silver shiny wheels finishes the luxurious look. I had one of these before for sreams and very happy with this purchase

5 - A bit fiddly to fit together but as soon as I worked out you can adjust the position of the pistons it allowed the screw that attaches the two bases together to for in perfectly. Solid construction with nice coasters that make it move around on paper fairly easily

4 - I bought this about a month ago just thinking of comfort not space. I have noticed a dramatic change in space i have in my bedroom and so far i have only filled one side of the bed. Storage 10/10 defo. The height is perfect to just fall out of bed and looks grea

4 - Great base! Very well made, very solid, lots of storage and easy to put together! Only gripe I have with it is, I have a memory foam mattress, which is pretty light and it does tend to move around slightly accross the base, but nothing to be too concerned about.

5 - We went shopping for beds and ended up in Dreams staff were very knowledgeable about there products (jimmy) at fareham showed us around,we talked about what we were expecting to buy and are not disappointed on our purchase best sleep we have had in a long while

5 - I was doubtful about getting another bed as we had previously got one from another company and thexquality wad poor Yhis one is so much better really solid, the mechanism is smooth. We took out the insurance to covef the mechanism ss it was only a few pounds.

5 - Lovely Ottoman base, with loads of easy to get to storage space. The hydraulic assisted lift is easy to operate. I’m 76, suffer with arthritis and I was surprised to be able to comfortably lift it on my own. Useful in a small house with not much storage space.

5 - The ottoman gives a massive storage space for spare linen, sleeping bags, spare pillows and more. It's easy to access and we'll balanced even with the heavy Tempur mattress. No creaks from the sturdy construction and was easy to join the two sides together.

5 - I love my Ottoman base as it provide the space under the mattress giving me the extra storage for stuffing away my clothes and shoes. Make my bedroom neat and tidy. It use clever hydraulics which makes it easy to open and close without removing the mattress.

5 - Third one of these for various bedrooms and always super impressed by the build quality. Very useful and large storage with easy access. Prefer the lift up version as don’t want hassle with draws. Dreams delivery always spot on. Can’t fault customer service.

5 - Absolutely fantastic base. It’s sturdy, yet easy to move around. There is ample storage space for all kinds of things like duvets, clothes, shoes etc. The quality is really good and the stitching and finishing excellent. I highly recommend this ottoman base.

5 - Lovely small double Ottoman bed. We bought this for our Foster Daughter. The service was excellent from really good support and help choosing the bed to the free delivery even tho' it wasn't to a local address. Thankyou for an excellent service throughout.

5 - Second ottoman of this type we've purchased. This was a smaller version. Fairly easy to put together. Good lift motion although the mattress we purchased was much lighter than our other one so does take a little effort to push down. Happy with the purchase

5 - The ottoman is such a great use of space. Good quality well made, but I find it very heavy to lift on my own. However you can pack so much in its like having an extra wardrobe. Great for storing items you don’t use often and freeing up your wardrobe space.

5 - Great product and very easy to put together. Lovely quality and the delivery service was excellent! There was a slight problem on delivery day but the customer service was second to none and I was kept well informed throughout. I felt valued as a customer

5 - We've had this base for a couple of weeks now. We really needed the storage space and are really pleased with how much we can fit in. We purposely went for the luxury base because the wood feels quite solid so hopefully won't bellow with weight and time.

5 - Purchased in March due to lockdown etc only received delivery 3 weeks ago. This is a very sturdy well constructed base with a huge amount of storeage. The lifting mechanism is easy to use. You do need 2 people to open and close as it’s so solidly built.

5 - I love my new bed I have suffered with a bad back for years and struggled sleeping. This bed is solid and ver comfortable and the store is amazing. I was not sure if I would struggle to get the bed to go down after a couple of times i have masterd it.

4 - The base, being Ottoman is quite heavy but it comes equipped with large storage. It is split down the middle in 2 sections so can navigate the tightest of hallways etc. The gas pistons work easily, though pushing it down requires a bit of effort.

5 - Would 100% recommend, very sturdy, easy to put together yourself, with one other. Material is thick on outside. Alot of storage underneath, easy access, lifts up easily by the two toggles for easy access. Cannot fault this bed for a great price.

5 - A lovely divan base, the Ottoman style lifts up from the base to give plenty of storage room. I had a several others in mind when I visited the store but after looking at the options provided by the salesperson this one was perfect for my needs.

5 - A smart base to our bed. It goes well with our summer and winter bedding.The storage facility underneath is easy to access. The space inside is just great. We can store all our bedding and out of season clothes ... and there is space to spare!

4 - So far so good. Delivery guys were great, thankfully had paid the extra for them to put it together as he struggled quite a bit getting the 2 top pieces together. Also paid the ectra price for them to take away my old divan, which was great.

3 - Does a job and looks fine now but.. 1. Whilst holes in the two halves of the base aligned, those in the lid did not. An extra hole had to be drilled. 2. The base lid is very flimsy. A knee went through it before even assembly was complete

5 - Quality bed and mattress and the only place with choices for small double ottoman. Best price even with extended warranty for base and mattress. Amazing 8 year cover., and took old one away. Ddelivered quickly and professional installation

5 - We had a very pleasant experience purchasing our new bed at the Hereford store. It was exciting on the machine to find out recommended matrac type for us. We had all the help we could ask for from Sandy. Highly recommend Dreams Hereford!

5 - A very easy and efficient process to pick the bed and be fitted for a mattress. Kept well informed of process from order to delivery. Received a call on the day of delivery with time slot. Delighted with the service from start to finish.

5 - Lovely solid ottoman bed. First time purchase of an ottoman bed and pleasantly surprised. Easy to lift and lower and doesn’t feel too heavy to do. Easy to build and move into position due to the castors. Feels very solid and comfortable.

5 - Such a useful storage space for bedding and 'seasonal' clothes! Easy to connect the two parts (kingsize) together. VERY strong spring, so really needs two people to pull it down initially. Mechanism is fine once the mattress is in place.

4 - Good and spacious. We thought it was broken as we removed mattress to move bed, checked underneath, then it wouldn’t close. Helpline told us to replace mattress then push it down from middle (rather than pull straps), which then worked!

5 - So happy with this bed, l am very hard to please on beds as l am not a very good sleeper. This bed is the best yet, moulds to your body very well made and sturdy with ample space for storing bedding. The dark grey looks very luxurious.

4 - Bought just over a couple of weeks ago, love the base, solid bottom, a little brute strength needed when lifting but overall love my purchase, measurement did say 180 and as I was limited on space was a tight squeeze as measures 181ish

4 - When this arrived one half of the base was grey other half the oatmeal i ordered. I was assured the office would contact me they didn’t I had to chase this up myself. Then I had to wait 2 weeks for the right half of the base to arrive.

5 - Excellent bed frame, quick delivery and great customer service both in shop and during delivery/putting together. Sturdy and loads of storage. Highly recommend if you are short on space, very practical whilst also being comfortable.

5 - Have had this only for 3 weeks so it’s hard to say how it will withstand everything but at the money it’s great. Massive storage space and solidly made. Pay that bit more and you get a sturdy base. Glad I did. Lovely colour as well.

5 - This is a really great bed base. This is the first time we have had storage under a bed and its a revelation. The build quality of the base is excellent and when its opened and closed it has a real quality feel. Highl;y recommended.

5 - This pillow works excellently as a single pillow. It takes a little getting used too, but it is very supportive and cool too. I bought it to replace my old Dunlopillow. I bought my daughter one too and she is very pleased with it.

5 - Purchased for the guest bedroom. Value for money, without compromising the quality. Plenty of storage space, which is what we wanted. We are very pleased with the product, although we have not yet had visitors to fully test it out.

5 - I have a one bedroom apartment with limited storage space. This ottoman has been a dream(!). I can fit so much inside it and it’s so easy to lift that it doesn’t feel like a chore if I need to get something from inside. Very happy!

5 - What an awesome base and having the advantage of storage underneath is amazing! The quality is fantastic and the guys assembled it in no time at all . It’s strong, sturdy and definitely on the higher end of the quality spectrum

5 - I am very happy with this Ottoman Base. Excellent storage space and very easy to open. Lots of space for sheets, bedspreads, blankets and duvets etc. Don’t know why I didn’t buy one years ago. Releases lots of space in cupboards.

4 - We bought this a few weeks ago to help with storage & it’s amazing how much you can hide under the bed! It lifts well and is strong enough to leave up whilst moving items in & out without worrying it will come down on your head!

4 - Was a little difficult to put together as the holes were not made properly to attach the two based together so it needed a screw diver to make them bigger. Mechanism seems study which was my main criteria for an ottoman base bed.

3 - Having had to wait for four weeks the two halves were different heights and had to be re-ordered and thats another four weeks Although usuable disappoointing timescal to put right. Should have been quality checked before delivery

5 - Great product really happy, we have a very sturdy mattress but the gas struts on this divan make lifting it easy and a great bit of storage. I replaced a oak bed frame with this product and I wounded why I didn’t change sooner.

5 - The base was a great purchase,the castors are strong and the ottoman lifts up easily. I had done some cost comparison and this was best value, quick to deliver and they asembled it too (for £30). I'm very happy with my purchase

5 - It was a good purchase as I hadn’t realised that ottoman beds came as divans as well as plain bases! Very easy to lift even with heavy duvet, pillows and bed clothes. Good accessible storage. Great shiny castors too. Great bed.

4 - With limited storage space on our house, the ottoman is a great solution and is worth the extra cost - the ottoman has replaced our previous 4 drawer base which from experience have a flimsy base which limits available storage

5 - This was bought as a complete bed package, having never had a ottoman bed base before we were surprised just how well made and sturdy the construction was. The top lifts real easy and with minimum effort, once up it stays up.

5 - Excellent choice at very good prices. Very pleased with the quality of the bed. The salesman was very informative, polite and courteous. The delivery was prompt, well communicated and the delivery team were very professional.

5 - I bought this for a quite small bedroom/flat with limited storage space. It has a large storage room and the fact it opens upwards is simply perfect for small bedrooms where you don't have much space on the sides of the bed.

5 - We got this a while back, it’s the best investment ever! as I finally have space to hide all my bed linen, pillows, blankets, quilts and anything else that fits in it! Great Job Dreams for actually creating this space saver!

5 - I have had this base for a month and I am extremely pleased with it. It looks great and of course it has excellent storage, it is so easy to use with two hand grips you can pull it up easily, it is also easy to close.

4 - Bought 2 of these bases. Assembly took a while and feet v difficult to click into place. I couldn’t lower the tops to place mattress without someone else’s help and even then it was difficult. Great storage space though

5 - Wanted this style bed for a while after not getting the best storage space from the drawers on our old divan, not disappointed. This is a sturdy well made bed and the ottoman base is large enough for plenty of storage.

5 - Living in a place with limited room for storage, the ottaman bed was the ideal choice. Wow, the amount of storage they have is incredible. Extremely well made, and robust, this base should last for a very long time.

5 - This ottoman based is really smart, it opens easily and has a huge amount of space for storage. I was super impressed with the delivery and assembly service and I am now planning to buy another one for my spare room.

3 - Frame is fine and good quality my only issue is the storage space isn't very deep. It certainly looked deeper in store in which I believe the bottom had been removed and items put in to make it look bigger than it is.

5 - I am very happy with the headboard although I was told it would not be delivered at the same time as the bed .The only problem I had at first with the divan is closing the ottoman base although it is becoming easier.

5 - good quality but find it hard to lift up and down (but i am weak\) Husband has no problem I am sure it will become easier once used. Had someone put the bed together, they had it done in no time. Well worth the money

4 - The process of installation and removal of old bed went well. On time; had everything needed and work done quickly. The only reservation about the bed is how heavy the raised portion is -more noticeable when lowering

5 - Really happy with this bed, looks great, feels robust and has good storage space in the ottoman base. A little fiddly to connect the bases together but much better than seeing connecting brackets exposed at the end.

5 - Have stored all my summer clothing under bed and there is still room for much more. Ease of opening and closing was important to me and this meets the criteria. Opens nice and high so that you can reach in easily.

5 - This item was purchased for the storage space. It is more than adequate for my requirements It is very easy to lift up to gain access to the storage space Would certainly buy another when updating another bedroom

5 - Lovely fabric, very easy to lift the bed to access the storage and so much storage capacity as well! Bed came on wheels which I was not aware of however I have bought stops from Amazon so this is not an issue now

5 - Best for storage, deeper than most has a solid base for mattress rather than slats. Love his and her sections big bonus for us. So easy to lift up and push down. Lovely soft grey colour and matches our headboard.

5 - Great quality bed at a great price. Lots of storage space and easy to move around on karndean flooring. Quick delivery on a day of my choice with a time window and call beforehand. Super pleased with everything.

5 - The bed is well made and was easy to assemble. The internal storage is suitable for anything up to medium weight. I slept in for work for the first time on ages on my second night which is a sign of a good bed.

5 - So comfortable, so practical! The ottoman is invaluable when you're limited on storage space. Plus, there is no noise whatsoever, which is excellent when someone tosses and turns all night. And it's rock solid.

5 - Myself and my partner bought this ottoman bed base from Dreams because they were by far the best quality on the market. Our budget allowed us to buy the better quality version which I am so glad we went for now

5 - Huge spacious bed. Won’t ever be short of storage again. We’ve managed to get bedding and all our Christmas presents inside and with having 8 grandchildren that’s a lot of toys. Beautiful bed at a great price.

5 - Delivery drivers were brilliant and very helpful in explaining how to put. Up. Bed frame excellent quality and easy to assemble - best service we have had in long time will definitely use for future purchases!

5 - This was a great value purchase, look and feel is good, would fit nicely with any decor and the storage underneath is amazing. I used to have a 4 draw divan but this fits so much more. Assembly was super easy.

5 - I absolutely love this. It takes up less space than my previous bed base which has a bulky wooden frame and has so much storage which is very easy to access. It looks really smart and looks lovely in my room.

5 - Solid build and not like cheaper beds which have plastic slacks for bed to rest on, instead this is built with a quality finish and thick wood so strong. Good hydraulics which make bed easy to open and close

3 - Bed is okay, slightly pricey, ottoman has great space, however my base sits slightly off. Its hard to explain. There was also threads hanging out from the sides which i didnt notice till after the guys left.

5 - Recently purchased this Ottoman Base and genuinely pleased with it. The top is very easily lifted revealing two very good and useful storage areas. It feels well built and have not experienced any issues.

5 - Purchased this bed base as my other was getting old and decided it needed to go and chose the ottoman base as so much more storage space. Excellent Quality Easy to put together and can't fault it in any way

5 - Beautiful and functional! It is easy to open the storage and easy to move the base around even on our long pile carpet. I love the way it looks too! No flapping valance trailing around and looking scruffy.

5 - It’s a quality product and spacious storage with a sturdy mechanism , aesthetically pleasing shaped base and beautiful material to finish. An around great purchase to a house with not much storage space.

5 - Bought this to replace a standard two drawer bed frame, the storage space offered is excellent and the mechanism is very sturdy. Has a premium / quality look and feel to it. Very happy with the purchase.

4 - Great bed base, very happy. Lovely bed base, looks great. Such a useful storage space. Only reason I marked it down to four stars is that is didn’t seem as sturdy or solid as it could be for a kingsize.

4 - It looks very nice and the opening mechanism is easy to use, albeit that the guy from the installation team warned me not to close it by pressing down unevenly on the side as it can damage the mechanism.

5 - Finally catching up with modern day storage! Needed to replace the old two drawer divan bed base as the it had seen better days! Far more usable storage space and ease of access are the winners for me.

4 - This is an excellent storage base but the gas struts are currently very stiff and requires both self and wife hanging on the end of the bed to get the thing closed. I hope they will ease up with time.

5 - After initial problems with the hydraulic arms on one side being around the wrong way, which was fixed very promptly and professionally, no problems. Loads of storage easy to lift and close, love it.

5 - Great storage. Bit fiddly putting it together as lid wouldn't close initially. But spoke to a very helpful gentleman in customer services who said the weight of the matress would solve this. It did.

5 - One of the few good ottoman bases due to the solid base which the mattress sits on. Be aware, its very heavy and at the current time dreams do not assemble nor take up stairs for you so be prepared.

5 - Perfect height, most comfortable mattress I’ve had. It might not control all the stresses of modern life, but it certainly helps me waking up feeling well rested and supported. Lots of storage too!

5 - Not as high as our original base. We had the Benson delivery men assemble and fix the hydronic, which have been a night mare in the past. The highering and lowering of the frame is great with ease.

5 - I am so glad we got this. Storage space is rare in our house and this gave me the opportunity to place all our spare bedding plus exrra underneath. Will never have any other type of bed base again.

5 - Easy to put together. Quality mechanism makes lifting the ottoman lids a breeze. The best of all is that once we've put our mattress on it, we slept really well and had many sweet dreams. Love it!

5 - Very nice bed providing lots of easily accessible additional storage. Efficient delivery and assembly too. This is the third of these beds that have been bought for various bedrooms in the house.

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