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Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

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By Little Big Dreams
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Amelia's Thoughts On The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

Sleep is the most important thing we do each day. Children need a comfortable, supportive mattress that will encourage healthy sleep habits and help them grow and develop. That’s why Dreams created the Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress: it’s designed to keep your little one feeling comfy and secure throughout the night.

With 392 individually wrapped pocket springs, this mattress is ideal for children aged from approx. 5 years+. It features a waterproof inner cover and water-repellent outer cover to protect against spills and unfortunate sleep events, so you can rest easy knowing your child will never have to sleep on a wet surface.

Get your little one the best sleep of their life with the Little Big Dreams mattress that is specially designed for developing children. With a luxurious cover, anti-allergy treatments, and heat-regulating treatments, your child will be sleeping like a log in no time.


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Reasons To Buy

    PVC Free

    PVC is one of the worst materials for your home and can contain high levels of chlorine that, when exposed to, can be hazardous to your health. It also contains a group of chemicals called phthalates that make the plastic flexible. thankfully this mattress therefore does not contain any of it. Sleep soundly and safely with this mattress free from PVC


    Hypoallergenic mattresses are the perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities, as they protect against allergens and irritants. They're also a great choice for those with asthma or respiratory issues.

    Rotate Regularly - Rotate head to toe weekly for the first three months, then every month thereafter

    You should rotate your mattress so that you get the most out of it. You'll still be sleeping on the same surface, but you'll have a much more comfortable sleep because your body will be in a proper alignment as springs fillings and more have the opportunity to unsettle and prevent any dips or divots that would otherwise occur, causing potential discomfort.

    Depth: 15cm

    Hypoallergenic offering increased protection against allergens

    Hypoallergenic mattresses are the perfect choice for those with allergies or sensitivities, as they protect against allergens and irritants. They're also a great choice for those with asthma or respiratory issues.

    About Little Big Dreams

    Little Big Dreams is a sub-brand for in-house mattresses designed and developed by the popular mattress retailer Dreams. This selection of products is mainly targeted toward children but features many of the same fillings and constructions as adult mattresses as part of the testament to quality that Little Big Dreams aims to cover with their lineup. We've personally seen hundreds of glowing reviews around the range and they show no signs of slowing. 

    15cm depth

    1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is a stamp of approval. You can buy with confidence knowing that if anything bad happens during that year of ownership that is the result of a manufacturing defect, you will be covered.

    Waterproof inner cover & water repellent outer cover to help protect against little accidents

    Mumsnet rated

    Mumsnet is a forum that has everything you need to know about pregnancy and parenting with people throughout the network interested in ensuring you get the best value for money for all things your child may need, like one of this mumsnet approved mattresses. Sleep easy knowing your child will be sleeping on a verified and approved mattress, given a seal of approval by other parents who have found the product fantastic.

    Age suitability: 5+

    Anti-allergy fabric to minimise irritation throughout the night

    An anti allergy mattress is a mattress that has been treated with antimicrobial protection to eliminate dust mites and other allergens. It's perfect for people who suffer from allergies, asthma, eczema, or bronchitis.

    Supportive pocket springs

    You're going to love the way your mattress feels against your body. The pocket springs provide a unique level of comfort and support that you won't find in any other type of mattress with different support layers. It is my personal preference that pocket springs are superior to other forms of supports. Other popular support layers include open coil traditional spring and reflex foam, but neither offer the same degree of body contouring and longevity that you get from a pocket spring mattress. The price might be slightly higher, but we feel it is worth it.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Waterproof inner cover and water-repellent outer cover

    Highly rated on Mumsnet

    The Mumsnet community, which is made up of parents, has rated this mattress highly. Parents are recommending it because it is soft and comfortable, but also because it offers great support for the back and neck too.

    Suitable for approx. 5 years+

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

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Customer Reviews For The Dream Catcher Pocket Sprung Kids’ Mattress

5 - Great mattress, for the first time our little one is sleeping all night in his own bed, so comfy and great features too with the removable cover.

5 - I bought two of these mattresses a month ago for my two daughters cabin beds and they fit perfectly and both girls say they are very comfortable.

5 - First night on the bed I have problems getting to sleep but OMG so so much better sleep on this. I would also say it is too comfy In a good way

4 - Son is enjoying his new mattress it’s not as comfy for adults but seems great for him. Waterproof zip able cover has proven to be useful already

5 - I bought this for my 2 and a half year old to go on his new single bed, its lovely and comfy and fits great. Especially like the zip off cover!

5 - Great quality product, service spot on received on the day confirmed and driver called ahead, very polite, to allow us to be ready for arrival.

5 - A well priced mattress that provides a comfortable night's sleep. Durable and hard wearing with a useful cover that can be cleaned separately.

5 - Son loves his new mattress, it's very comfy without any lumpy springs (his words!) Speedy delivery and socially distanced by very nice chaps.

5 - Bought it a few weeks ago as next bed for 4 year old. . He has not slept in it yet but his lightweight granny has and she is very impressed!

5 - Brought this mattress for the grandsons and their new bunk beds (also from Dreams). They love it! "Very comfy Grandad" they say! Excellent!

5 - We bought this for our eldest and recently bought another for our youngest as it is so comfortable and with the washable cover is brilliant

5 - Very good comfortable mattress for my 4year old. No night sweats or need for a mattress topper. Also firm enough to pass the jumping test!

5 - Bought last month. Wee boy loves it. Peace of mind for parents if child has an accident the mattress cover can be removed to be washed.

5 - Perfect for my daughters cabin bed, she loves and it, finds it very comfortable to sleep, will order for our younger children when needed

5 - I bought this mattress for my toddler who was moving out of a cot bed. He finds it very comfortable and the transition went really well.

5 - My 6 year old is over the moon with this new comfortable mattress. I also find it just as comfortable when reading him bedtime stories.

5 - This mattress was bought for my 11 year old grandson and he loves it. My daughter has trouble getting him out of his bed some mornings.

5 - very comfy, well made, easy to unzip and wash the cover. Although is in the Kids mattress section, this is a proper single bed mattress

5 - Great quality and kids sleep like a dream on it, well worth the higher price compared to the cheaper mattresses. Swift delivery too :)

5 - A lovely "non-deep' mattress suitable for my son's bunk bed. He is sleeping well, so I guess that's the best review you could ask for!

5 - Purchased for our little boy it’s lovely quality ha great features and is really comfortable. We are really pleased with our choice.

5 - Good deep mattress. Children find them really comfortable and they easily support us too whilst we're doing the bedtime stories.

5 - Lovely matress, bit softer than I thought it would be, but still nice and comfy. My 2 year old loves it, sleeps all night on it

5 - Very nice mattress brought for my 3 year old but will last for a long time, nice feature of the removable/cleanable cover also.

5 - Bought for my 2 year old son helped Him sleep in his first bed. Comfortable and has an easy zip off cover For washing. Perfect

5 - Really good quality and love the removable protector. My son has had his for a year now and it is still really comfortable.

5 - The child stays in bed all night every night and almost in the same position. Had troubke with her getting up every night !

5 - Bought for my little ones first full size bed. Great quality, very comfortable & brilliant that has zip off washable cover.

5 - Mattress is very comfortable and just the right level of firmness. Toddler sleeps very well on it and loves his new bed.

5 - I got this for my son. He sleeps well on it and seems a good quality. I like that the top can be taken off and washed.

5 - Very comfortable for my daughter and the removable waterproof cover for those nighttime accidents is a great feature!

5 - I bought two of these mattresses for my daughters ' bunk bed...excellent! Comfortable and adaptable to the body shop.

5 - Impressed by the quality of this mattress. Our son loves it and has said how comfortable it is. Hoping it will last!

5 - I bought a mattress for my daughter. She so happy with it. She says its so comfy. And she has been so much better.

5 - Little one moved to a new big boy bed and this mattress got tested out fully with jumps. He sleeps much better now.

5 - I bought this matrases for my son. my son now sleeps very well because it is very soft and comfortable for him.

5 - I bought this mattres for my daughter two weeks ago and she is extremely happy with the comfort of this mattres.

5 - Really good quality deeper than i thaught but thats how i like it. Very soft and comfortable my daughter says.

5 - We bought this mattress for top bunk for our son - perfect size and very comfortable. Would highly recommend!

5 - Mattress is amazing, our little sleeper loves it and fit's our single bed very well. Easy to unzip and clean

5 - Toddler sleeping well on this new mattress- it feels super comfy and the zip off washable topper is so handy!

5 - How brilliant the waterproof layer is - doesn’t make any noise and quick and easy to wash and dry in one day

5 - Amazing product, great customer service in my local branch, would highly recommend this product to anyone.

5 - Good quality matress. Both children have adapted quickly from old toddler beds onto these and rate highly.

5 - I bought this a month ago and I am very happy I did it. It’s very comfortable mattress. Very recommended.

5 - Matress seems comfortable the big advantage is removable top cover which can be machine washed if needed

5 - Fab mattress for our 3 year olds first big bed, slept like a dream since day one and loves being in bed!

5 - Fantastic product, good quality and sustainability. Worth the money! My 2 year old loves her new bed!

5 - The mattress is very comfy and has good support. I have tried as well when fell asleep on bedtime story

5 - This mattress is perfect for my daughter’S loft bed and is very well made. I would highly recommend it.

5 - Great quality mattress for my little boys first bed. Comfy and durable fabric. Fits the bed perfectly.

5 - Very supportive and comfortable. My son has slept through since purchasing and says he feels relaxed.

5 - Bought the mattress couple of month ago and my daughter sleeps so well on this mattress, super comfy.

5 - Glad we found this in the shop. We are very satisfied overall and my son said it’s very comfortable.

5 - This was bought for my daughter (age 5), no complaints from her and a good night's sleep had by all!

5 - I bought this for my son bunk bed and told me "mum I'm so happy with my new Matrress it's so comfy"

5 - Tough, and comfortable at the same time! Does exactly what it says on the tin - Brilliant features

5 - Ideal for my little girl, it’s very comfortable and the removable washable top layer is so handy!

5 - My son sleeps like a dream! Sleeping really well and through the night in his first big boy bed!

5 - I brought this a month ago and am very happy with it I would definitely recommend this matress

5 - Not too soft and not too hard. Wipe clean feature is amazing for all those little accidents!

5 - Bought this mattress for my grandson, who wasn't sleeping well. Now he has to be woken up!

5 - We’ve had it less than a month and daughter loves it. Seems a lot more settled than before.

5 - Very good product. My son is v comfortable on his new bed. The removal cover is also great

5 - Good level of support for a toddler. Relatively light for carrying upstairs after delivery

5 - The mattress is first class bought for a 6 year old and it's perfect comfy and supportive.

5 - Bought this mattress for my grandson, who wasn't sleeping well. Now he has to be woken up!

5 - I am very happy about this mattress it’s very comfy and the dreams team is super helpful!

5 - Great bed for kids, have it on my sons ikea cabin bed and fits great. Good features also

5 - I am enjoying this product, my back and neck pains are all disappeared. THANK YOU DREAMS

5 - I bought this few weeks ago. The mattress is the best and feel comfortable good sleep.

5 - This mattress is perfect for my little boy. It is super comfy, even for me as an adult

5 - The mattress is awesome, very practical for kids, Satisfied 200% with the purchase

5 - Fits perfectly in the Tinsley bed. Our little boy has slept soundly since we got it.

5 - This mattress is both comfortable and also has practical zip off cover for washing.

5 - Bought for my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter and they both like the product

5 - Excellent, comfortable product delivered by friendly and helpful people. Spot on.

5 - I highly recommend my daughter is very happy and sleep great thank you very much.

5 - Bought this for our 8 year old son. He sleeps like a log on it so must be comfy!

5 - Very good quality mattress and very comfortable. My daughter loves her new bed.

5 - Good quality, comfortable waterproof mattress. Daughter sleeps very well on it.

5 - My 4 year old loves her new mattress. Good delivery and a very comfy mattress.

5 - Easy purchase process, delivered on time, my daughters sleep is much improved

4 - Kids are having an upgrade to their beds and this mattress fits the bill 100%

5 - Perfect for our little one's bed. A good transition from the cot to the bed.

5 - My daughter says this is the most comfortable mattress she's ever slept on

5 - Great quality and price. Medium firmness our 3 year olds first single bed.

5 - Our toddler loves his first big boy mattress, in fact he chose it himself.

5 - Very please with this new mattress that I bought for my sons high sleeper.

5 - Bought for my toddler, her first proper mattress, very happy with quality

5 - The extra deep kids mattress is much more comfortable for older kids (5+)

5 - It’s feels luxurious and extremely supportive. My little girl loves it!

5 - Brought for my 3year old she has slept great since buying this mattress

5 - Really comfortable, love the feeling of it, dreams does NOT disappoint

5 - Our daughter is very happy with her new mattress and sleeping soundly!

5 - I've bought this mattress a couple weeks ago and my daughter loves it.

5 - Super comfortable, making for a good nights sleep, even for an adult.

5 - My daughter loves her new mattress for her bunk bed and sleeps well.

5 - Got it for my 3 year old. He is cosy and comfortable. He loves it.

5 - Really happy with our purchase which has been used for a month now.

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