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Hyde & Sleep Lemon Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam
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Amelia's Thoughts On The Hyde & Sleep Lemon Memory Foam Mattress

Premium memory foam mattress

Look no further for the best mattress to meet your needs, the Hyde & Sleep Lemon memory foam mattress has everything you need!

Deep comfort layers

With a 5cm layer of premium memory foam and 3cm of standard memory foam, this mattress is perfect for anyone who wants to feel safe and comfortable while they sleep. The soft-touch, breathable knitted cover ensures that you’ll be able to sleep soundly without overheating in the night.

Handcrafted in the UK

The handcrafted design ensures that you can trust in the quality of the products we offer and with a 1 year guarantee, you can relax knowing that if something goes wrong, we’ve got your back.

Extra firm - back and stomach sleepers rejoice

It also has an ergonomic design which allows the sleeper to remain in the same position on their back or stomach throughout the night. Due to the extra firm support, this mattress may not be suitable for side sleepers. The memory foam layer offers gentle support whilst the base layer provides more support for the deep sleepers.


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Reasons To Buy

    Comfort grade - Very Firm

    A firm tension mattress is perfect for those who are potentially heavier than average, also commonly recommended across the web for those suffering from back pain. This mattress provides support to the entire body, and still has a high quality comfort layer to provide the comfort necessary to get a great nights sleep. Personally, I wouldn't recommend this level of firmness for side sleepers as your shoulders and hips do not typically have the amount of travel through the mattress to not contort your body. Mileage will of course vary but we love this mattress for back and stomach sleepers.

    Soft-touch, breathable knitted cover

    Handcrafted in the UK

    Wow! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that is handmade in the UK, then this is one to watch. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and tested to ensure quality.

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    5cm layer of premium memory foam

    3cm layer of standard memory foam

    16cm of durable base layer foam

    Single sided – rotate head to toe once a week for the first three months, then just once a month

    This means that the fillings and comfort layer are only on the top. This means hassle free nights sleep with no need to turn of flip the product. The benefit of this is that the mattresses are often cheaper due to the reduction in over-all fillings, or, they feature higher quality materials for the same sort of price point. This means better value but does come at a cost in terms of longevity. After all, two sided mattresses get twice the surface area and will thereby take longer for settlement and wear to occur.

    Compatible with our Sleepmotion 200i and Sleepmotion 800i frames

What Real Customers Thought

5 - This is the best mattress we have ever purchased. We were both really suffering with a full nights sleep on our old one. Now we having perfect sleep.

5 - 6 weeks on from purchasing my Hyde and sleep mattress. We are sleeping continuously till the alarm and it's been a long time since that happened.

5 - Didn’t realise how much I needed a new mattress until we slept on this new one for the first night. I haven’t had back pain in the mornings since.

5 - We purchased this mattress about 3 weeks ago. It’s made a massive difference to our quality of sleep. It is so comfy, and moulds around your body.

5 - To be honest, I’m a heavy sleeper so not much will wake me. But the mattress is comfy and a little firm, so it’s nice to both sit on and lie on.

5 - After utilising the machine to see what mattress best suited us we decided on this one and it was the perfect choice for a great nights sleep.

5 - After using the in store simulator my partner and I were directed to this mattress, which we both agree is a great improvement on our old one.

5 - I am highly satisfied with my new bed i have been having the best nights sleep i have had for years it is so comfortable and very good quality

5 - Bought this for spare room? Why?! Now the guests have a comfier bed than us! It is great quality and very very comfortable. Highly recommended

5 - This mattress has improved both mine and my husbands sleep! It is so comfortable yet very supportive. I would highly recommend this mattress.

5 - The best mattress we have had. No roll together. No bouncing when the other moves. No shoulder and/or hip and pain. Sleep has improved a lot.

5 - Not been disappointed with our new mattress been sleeping really well since it was delivered. Really comfortable & offers plenty of support.

5 - I bought this nearly a month ago and we are very pleased with it. Not only is it very comfortable but my backache has virtually disappeared.

5 - Firm enough for support but very comfy for us both. Delivery was very helpful, allowed us to change twice with no issues and quick response

5 - had this about a month now having great sleep well worth the low price. very easy to turn as the weight is just right to move on your own.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks back and so glad I did. Really comfortable and I wake up feeling like I have had a great nights sleep.

5 - When you first use your new mattress you can’t believe how nice and comfortable it is until you sleep on it for the first time wonderful

5 - The staff were great, and the technology picked this mattress. We are having great nights of sleep again. Can’t recommend highly enough.

5 - Purchased this following fantastic help from in store staff Without a doubt the most comfortable bed I have ever had Simply excellent

5 - We purchased this mattress a while ago because I had been having back ache, but now whether it was the mattress or not I am ache free.

5 - This has to be one of the most comfortable mattress I have ever owned, all my back and neck pains have gone. Wonderful night's sleep.

5 - I bought this nearly a month ago and it has made such a difference. it's so comfortable and you feel nothing when your partner moves.

5 - I love this mattress! A good night's sleep every night with no more aches or pains when I wake up. Getting into bed makes me smile ?

5 - We bought this mattress around 3 weeks ago and found it to be the most comfortable one we have slept on .So happy with our purchase

5 - my wife and I bought this for our new home and it has been good to finally get decent sleep. Every night, we look forward to sleep

5 - Mattress is the real deal. Very comfortable and i sleep very well. Also better for my back where i have suffered pain in the past.

5 - Excellent mattress, very happy with the firmness and structure. I don't feel any movement from my partner on this. #bestnightsleep

5 - Had this for a few weeks now. It was a little firmer than I was expecting but I've had a perfect nights sleep every night since!

5 - I bought this mattress one month ago, and I'm sleeping hundreds times better than before, I recommend to more friends to buy it

5 - It’s the perfect sanctuary and feels like a hug at the end of the day. Superb engineering. We are very happy with our purchase!

5 - Ha the mattress a couple of weeks now and I’m not disappointed. Really helped with back pain and can get a good nights sleep.

5 - This mattress is so comfortable. It's just the right amount of firmness, It really does make a difference to my nights sleep.

5 - Had this mattress 2 weeks and couldn't be happier with the purchase. Aches and pains gone. Such a comfortable night's sleep.

5 - Since we had it i never wake on night only I know when I sleep then when’s alarm goes in morning. It’s had that much comfort

5 - Have been suffering from a bad back for a while with my other mattress but this new mattress is heaven. No more bad backs

5 - It’s great! Firm but soft at the same time,it’s my first proper experience of a memory foam mattress,but so far so good!

5 - Sorted my back right out. Finally getting a steady 7-8 hours sleep without waking up uncomfortable. Worth every penny!!

5 - Great purchase. Staff gave me help into my choice. I’ve had really good nights sleep with no aches and pains, Thankyou

5 - I bought the mattress a month ago and im really happy i did. Its super comfy, a pretty firm but thats a good thing,

5 - I bought this a month ago and I find it so comfortable, as do my cats. Much more settled sleep with this mattress.

5 - Very comfy. Was a little cautious of ‘very firm’ category but has been so comfy to sleep on. Best mattress I’ve had

5 - Omg!! What can I say! It is so comfy! Firm just as we wanted! I used to wake up with a bad lower back but not now!

5 - Very comfortable and agood nights sleep had on this new mattress would recommend this company too friendsn family

5 - My mattress is excellent and i invested my money in a comfortable memory goam mattress to get a good nights sleep.

5 - Impressed with the sleep master tec didn't thi k it would do the outcome justice but it lived upto the diagnosis

5 - I have never had a better sleep on any of my previous mattresses. Lovely soft mattress for a good night’s sleep

5 - So glad I bought this mattress this was one that was recommended using the sleep system great nights sleep now

5 - Had our new mattress for a couple of weeks now and can’t believe how comfortable it is, wish id got one sooner

5 - Baught it about 3 weeks ago, and have had the best sleeps I have ever had in my life couldn't falt it at all

5 - Had about 4 weeks now. Had the worst back ache constantly and could never sleep. That problem is solved now

5 - I Recieved 17 December 19 matress is amazing comfortable helped with back problem its like sleeping on air

5 - Didn't realise how uncomfortable our old bed was til we bought the new one, it's like sleeping on a cloud

5 - We bought this mattress about 3 weeks ago and are still testing it, but is comfortable and body hugging

5 - Such a nice soft yet at the same time very firm mattress. Perfext for if on the bigger size like myself.

5 - Wasn’t sure the first few nights but after a week there’s no looking back! Lower back ache has ceased.

5 - Fantastic mattress ad advice given when choosing the best mattress for my daughter was second to none

5 - I’ve had this about 2 weeks now and I’m sleeping much better and not suffering with my back so much.

5 - bed is very comfortable! it is very firm as advertised and doesn’t sink in like my old mattress.

5 - Beyond comfortable. Fo but soft touch. I would recommend for those who have back pain/ problems

5 - It’s really firm and provides a lot of support. I stay cool on it and I sleep really well on it.

5 - Bought 2 of these and they are very comfortable to sleep on for us. Very happy with the product.

5 - Amazing quality , unlike anything I have ever slept on before. Back pain is a thing of the past!

5 - So glad we bought this mattress. No back ache anymore and sleep right through. Fantastic product

5 - We wish we'd changed our mattress months ago. Never slept so well as we have since this purchase

5 - We bought this from lady bay and it has been incredible really changed our sleep for the better

5 - Quality mattress! A massive upgrade on our previous one. So comfortable and no more back pain!

5 - I have had this mattress for three weeks and have slept better than on my old sprung mattress

5 - Bought this about a month ago, haven't had a bad night sleep since. Comfy and yet supportive.

5 - We bought this after going on the bed measure machine. best night sleeps we are having now

5 - Really good staff that helped me choose one of the most comfortable mattresses I’ve slept on

5 - Excellent nights sleep, way better than the tempur it replaced at less than half the price.

5 - Support your body pretty well as you would expect from the mattresses in this price ramge.

5 - Brought this just over 6 weeks ago and now enjoying a lovely sleep every night, brilliant

5 - A great firm mattress. Really great to sleep on and great delivery service. Thank you

5 - comfortable and supportive easy to change bedding as not too heavy like some mattresses

5 - The sleepmatch recommended this mattress for us....and it is perfect, cant be happier.

5 - I'm amazed i've not had a mattress like this before, it has improved my sleep no end.

5 - Never had a memory foam mattress before, l love this and do pleased we purchased it.

5 - Have had great nights sleep since my purchase, after 2years with the wrong mattress.

5 - Used the sleep technology to figure out what was right for me. Mattress is brilliant

5 - We bought the mattress 3 weeks ago and the most comfortable sleep we have ever had.

5 - I bought a mattress about a month ago, I am very happy because I finally sleep well

5 - This is very well constructed and very comfortable- we now get a good nights sleep.

4 - Great mattress although it has a slight odour which appears to lesson through time

5 - I have bought this bed a month ago and am happy with product and would recommend.

5 - Real luxury, very, very comfortable. Love it, trouble is I don't want to get up!

5 - Well made a quality, best night sleep Iv had in years. Recommend the pillows too

5 - It’s perfect, luxury and very comfortable. It helps me sleep better than before

5 - Amazing mattress I sleep so well now that even a few hours makes me feel rested

4 - I bought this mattress a month ago. Its been comfortable and nice to sleep on.

5 - I bought it three weeks ago and since then me and husband don’t have back pain

5 - Really love my new mattress since buying this I have had a great nights sleep

5 - Although expensive, compared to the cost of a Tempur mattress its good value.

5 - I bought this mattress a few weeks ago and it had been the best product ever.

5 - Such a great mattress, thanks to the advice in store this is perfect for me.

5 - We bought this mattress an out 3 weeks ago and it has been very comfortable.

5 - Very comfy mattress, great service in the shop and helpful delivery drivers

5 - I bought this a month ago and really happy with it so far. Worth the money

5 - I bought this bed about 2 weeks ago it’s the best mattress I ever slept on

5 - Bought it 4 weeks ago and they are so relaxing Never before , ever after .

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