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Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress

The most comfortable mattress you'll ever sleep on?

This hybrid mattress is made from the best materials with the best craftsmanship. It's designed to provide an excellent sleeping experience every time.

Sleep as you deserve.

The best of both worlds. Micro pocket springs and memory foam for pressure relief and a great night sleep. Handmade in the UK, made to last - it will keep its shape for years to come without sagging or getting lumpy.

Sleep easy with a hybrid mattress.

Sleep is a vital part of your quality of life. This hybrid Mattress offers the best of both worlds to give you the perfect sleep. Crafted by hand in the UK, it provides micro pocket springs and memory foam, giving you equal distribution of body-weight and instant pressure relief that will have you drifting off sooner than you think.

Sleep peacefully.

You deserve a better night's sleep. Get it with this hybrid mattress made of pocket springs and memory foam. You'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.


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Reasons To Buy

    Wrapped in a luxurious breathable cover

    Handmade in the UK

    Wow! If you're looking for a high-quality mattress that is handmade in the UK, then this is one to watch. This mattress is made with high-quality materials and tested to ensure quality.

    It has a firm comfort grade

    Firm mattresses are becoming increasingly commonplace, surpassing the sales of many medium tension mattresses for a number of retailers in the UK. The primary benefit of firm mattresses comes in the form of personal preference and acts as an indicator to how a certain mattress will feel for you. Those with a higher BMI than the traditional average will find a firm mattress to be more of a medium in terms of feel while those with back or neck pain may want to consider a firm mattress to help offer additional support. Typically better suited toward back and front sleepers rather than side sleepers.

    Made with premium memory foam

    Memory foam is the next generation in mattress technology. It is made of visco-elastic foam that responds to your body weight and shape in order to provide the right level of comfort and support. Memory foam is durable in all sorts of climates, it is breathable, and it will never go flat.

    Compatible with our Sleepmotion adjustable bed frames

    Adjustable beds require specialist mattresses, this is because most mattresses are not designed to be positioned in any way except flat. Fortunately this mattress is compatible with a large range of adjustable bed frames

    Rest easy with a 1-year guarantee

    It is important for you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why the last thing we want is for you to be worrying about something that might go wrong. The one year guarantee gives you peace of mind with your purchase.

    Comes with our 40-Night Sleep Guarantee

    Exclusive to Dreams products comes the 40-night sleep guarantee, available on all mattresses bought online through their retail channel. The 40-night guarantee allows you to exchange your new mattress in the event you do not find it suitable or comfortable. The benefit of this is that you get the best of both worlds with the convenience of buying online, but the luxury of being able to determine suitability in your own space. There are caveats around collection and delivery costs and minimum usage requirements, all of which are easy to meet and help give additional confidence while buying online.

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Customer Reviews For The Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry Mattress

5 - So glad we decided to upgrade this to this mattress. Both myself and my wife suffer with bad backs and since we have changed to this mattress our backs have felt better and our sleep patterns have improved with an excellent nights sleep.

5 - This mattress was bought for my grandson. He has had it now for a few weeks and has not slept so well for a long time. The mattress is so comfortable he looks forward to going to bed. The quality finish and sleep you get is first class.

5 - We have been in need of a new mattress for some time, and were pleased when we discovered this one with a combination of springs and foam upper, and have been even more pleased with the superior performance and comfort that it affords.

5 - I was worried about ordering a mattress without visiting a shop, however I spoke to Dreams Customer Service team and they were so helpful and listened to what kind of mattress I wanted. Perfect mattress very comfortable, good quality!

5 - Amazing mattress! We originally selected this because of it was conveniently packaged, to get up our small staircase. But, right from the first night, it was the best night sleep I’ve had in years! I now look forward to going to bed!

5 - If you have upper or lower back pain this is the mattress you want worth every penny my husband was suffering from back pain for nearly 8 years but sleeping on the mattress from day one he saw results dreams thank you very very much

5 - It's been a about a month and a half and so far the mattress has treated me really well, it was pretty firm at first and after breaking in it conforms really well. Still early days as far as a mattress goes but I'm pleased so far.

5 - Love this mattress. We tried it in store after doing a comfort test on the special bed they have in store. So happy with this mattress - it has an element of memory foam but isn’t too squidgy! Just perfect and so comfy. Reccomend.

5 - We went into the store and the computer recommended this mattress.. Wow what difference even my fitbit showing better restful sleep and my 3-4 years of back/shoulder pain has gone in 3 weeks.. Best decision ever. Thank you dreams

5 - I am very pleased with the service , adice and help we received from your staff when choosing our new mattress. The delivery was prompt when stipulating a time slot and driver couldn't have been more helpful , so a big thank you.

5 - i bought a month ago almost, we have very limited budget, we wanted to buy a mattres 1/3 less price of this mattress but when the staff explain us we bought it and it is worth. it is really comfortable, healty, i sleep peacefuly

5 - I bought this mattress to go with my new 900i bed. It is very comfy and moves well with the adjustments on the bed. Mine is firm rating which suits me. The medium version seemed too soft but as always everyone is different,

5 - Absolutely brilliant. I wasnt sure if i wss going to get used to this tyoe if mattress but withnn a couple if weeks my posture has becone much better, my sleep us much better quality and my backache seems to have eased some.

3 - The mattress is nice looking but is firmer than we would like. That was our fault for not going to the Dreams store in person and trying it out. We didn't realise it would be so firm; we thought we buying a standard mattress.

5 - I love sleeping on it I’m not tossing and turning as I used to on my old mattress. I can lie on one side of my body without any pain for a longer period. A few hours. Happy with my mattress I have had it for about two Weeks.

5 - Bought this three weeks ago. Initially the bed felt very hard and it took about a week to soften to a similar density as the store example. Looking forward to getting the adjustable bed frame to go with it in two weeks.

5 - I was not sure whether I would like this type of Mattress as I have always had a conventional type mattress in the past. Have been converted... found it very comfortable and both me and my husband are sleeping well on it.

5 - We've now had the mattress for two weeks and have never had such a good night's sleep. I've no idea how the Sleepmatch technology works but with excellent advice from the staff we've undoubtedly found the perfect match.

5 - Recently purchased the raspberry Hyde & sleep combination mattress and it was the best thing I’ve done. Back was always sore in the mornings, but now with this new mattress, i have ab no pains whatsoever! Thanks again!!

5 - Love this mattress. We upgraded from the raspberry double to the raspberry king and it's even better than the double! Comfortable, smart looking, not too heavy, firm enough to give plenty of support without being hard.

5 - I bought this a couple of months ago and it was delivered a month ago. Ever since I’ve had it I’ve had such a better night sleep. It’s firm which is how I like it but it does mold to your body. Definitely recommend

5 - We have had the mattress for over three weeks and think this is the best that I have had over a lifetime. The memory material supports us in a good sleeping position and the quality of sleep has never been better.

5 - The mattress was hard for the first few days, but you have to remember to rotate the mattress for the first week to get the right sleeping pattern and the right posture for my back. Overall happy with my purchase.

5 - I am not writing here to get a prize but the bed and mattress are a class apart. Comfy sleep as expected with a hard bed and it easy to assemble. Nice quality too and the previous reviews helped us. Way to go.

5 - I bought this about a month ago and my husband and I are really happy with the quality of the mattress. It is very comfortable, the right firmness and right size for us. Would definitely recommend the product.

5 - I bought this two months ago and it's been great. After suffering lower back pain for a number of years, I made the switch to this mattress and the support and firmness has meant the pain is greatly reduced.

5 - Love this mattress. Better nights sleep since getting it. Thickness of mattress is great, so deep giving extra comfort. No buttons or springs to deal with. Quick delivery of item. Packaged in strong plastic.

5 - I bought this mattress nearly a month ago and it’s absolutely amazing. Definitely worth spending the extra pennies for me. I now find myself sleeping through the night and not wanting to get up in a morning.

5 - In the past I’ve suffered from insomnia but since getting this mattress I’ve slept solidly all night long. My partner likes a firm mattress and I like a soft mattress and this mattress is a nice compromise.

5 - I’ve now had this mattress a couple of weeks & I love it. It’s so comfortable. Doesn’t wiggle when you move, doesn’t make noise when you turn over. Just moulds to your body. Best nights sleep I’ve ever had.

5 - I bought this mattress couple of weeks ago. Was a bit skeptical for the first couple of nights, but after first week I feel great. Nice and comfortable mattress. Will recommend to the friends and family.

4 - So far, this mattress literally has been a dream. Very comfy, much easier to get up the stairs to the bedroom, and the bedding that came with it is also excellent. Just a shame it took a month to arrive.

5 - Bought this a few weeks ago after having it in a size double for 4 years, it is just the same quality as when I bought it. Upgraded to a king size and it’s the same great quality. Well worth the money!

5 - Wasn't sure what type of mattress I was after at first, but when I was given a few different types to try out, this one was the best option for me! And I am more than happy with it every singles night!

5 - We bought this mattress about a month ago. It is really comfortable and our nights sleep has considerably improved. If I had to complain about anything it would be that it gets a bit too hot at night!

5 - I have had some fantastic sleeps, since getting this wonderful mattress. The back pain I used to get from my old mattress, has now gone. Just wish, that I'd bought it sooner. Highly recommended it.

5 - Comfort on another level. firm but has the soft layer of memory foam on the top that sinks and adjusts into your sleeping pattern. will never choose anything else, expensive but worth EVERY PENNY!!

4 - I was dubious after the wife said we needed to go all out and spend a small fortune on a matress. However we have no regrets following a couple of weeks of comfy sleeps. Worth paying out for so far

5 - I bought this mattress 2 weeks ago and I am very happy with my purchase. It is a very comfortable product. I love the name of the mattress...hyde and sleep :) it matches exactly with the feeling.

5 - Fantastic mattress! So comfortable, can’t believe what a difference it has made, and I didn’t think I had any issues with my sleep and previous mattress until I had this. Can definitely recommend.

5 - Fantastic mattress. Was a bit concerned as I bought it online therefore hadn't tried it but it is so comfortable. There is no roll together. Honestly best night sleep I have had in a long time.

5 - As with this bed this product was bought together, and chosen to suit the needs of my father aged 85. His mobility not being great this sleeping comfort is PARAMOUNT. Guess what! He loves it

5 - We had the firm mattress for our sleepmotion bed frame and i have to say i have never slept well on any other mattresses this is perfect and i am sleeping so much better thank you Dreams 5 stars

5 - I have suffered with a bad back for years so decided to buy this mattress several weeks ago. I can honestly say my back has never felt better! The mattress is a lovely depth and fabulously comfy

5 - Amazing mattress. I bought this as my daughter sufferers from chronic back pain. From the first night she is finally able to sleep without waking up during the night in pain. Highly recommended

5 - Bought this mattress to replace an old one because I was moving home. I find it really comfy but when it says firm it means firm so you might want to try it first (I bought it during lockdown).

5 - One of the most comfiest mattresses I have ever bought. It has really improved my quality of sleep and very glad to have been recommended this product by the impressive staff at Slough Branch.

5 - We bought this mattress about a month ago. The first few nights it was very firm but only took a few days to settle. We are now sleeping so much better and best of all...... no more back ache.

5 - We've had this mattress now for almost a month and it's great. Firm mattress but with that added memory foam that really let's your body sink. I wake up feeling 100x better then i did before.

5 - This was matched to both of our sleeping profiles and we have been so comfy. It’s worth spending money on a mattress, it’s helped us unwind from the stressful first house purchase and moving!

5 - great mattress, at first I was afraid it was too hard but after a few nights I think that I made the right choice, I sleep like a baby,no more back pain I plan to buy one for the guest room ,

5 - Extremely comfortable mattress, would highly recommend. Good value for money and excellent customers services. Delivered quickly and they even carried up to the bedroom and placed on the bed.

5 - We tested it in the store and it felt comfortable, but now after few months usage it's even better. The perfect mix between memory foam and springs with a very reasonable price tag as well

5 - I bought this a month ago and I'm so glad I did, as since having the new mattress I haven't slept so well in years! My backache has gone too! It was the best investment I've made in years.

5 - I really like this mattress so far, I’ve had it for just over a month so time will tell if it will stand the test of time. It’s very supportive and firm whilst also feeling soft and cosy.

5 - We bought this mattress a month ago. I was not 100% convinced that I was going to like it as I usually favour a softer mattress, but have no regrets as this mattress is very comfortable.

3 - I bought this matress February this year comfortable to start with. Now I’m getting out off bed with lower back crippling me . I am not happy with this matress.i need to buy another one.

5 - Supportive but not too firm. This mattress also absorbs movement well (so your partner doesn’t wake up if you roll over!). My lower back pain has gone since we bought this mattress:-)

5 - This is some comfortable mattress it takes some getting used to but once you have its so comfy and you get a great nights sleep and it works well with my mechanical bed too a must buy

5 - I have suffered with lower back issues for several years and this mattress has made such a difference in just two weeks. A lovely firm mattress. Just remember to rotate it each week.

5 - My wife and I bought this mattress about 2 weeks ago and am not disappointed. We used to have a medium memory foam mattress, but decided to go for a firm this time and glad we did.

5 - Great mattress, really comfy and suit us perfectly. Bit worried at first as it was a bit firmer than we had anticipated but after a couple days it’s really softened to our taste.

5 - Bought this to replace our existing bed. After a great consultation with Dreams we found the perfect bed. its huge, comfortable and has given us some of the best night sleeps ever.

5 - Before I had this mattress my back was regularly in agony. Now my back is as good as new. This matress is really comfortable yet firm enough to support my back. Never slept so well

5 - Better nights sleep immediately. Mattress is very supportive and helps with my sleep posture. Innovative design as mattress is firm but feels soft to sleep on with its foam top.

5 - Most comfortable nights sleep I’ve had in a long time! As a chronic pain sufferer this mattress is great! No more painful pressure points waking me up! Would definitely recommend

5 - We bought our new mattress a couple of weeks ago I must say as soon as my head hits the pillow I sleep like a baby so comfy mattress dnt want to get up in the morning and go work

5 - Very comfy for both me and my husband. We both prefer different kinds of mattress. He prefers firmer, I prefer softer to accommodate my hips. This mattress works for both of us.

5 - Bought this to go with the Sleepmotion bed. Although I was matched to the medium, I opted for firm after trying them out. It is amazing, perfect for sleeping on my back or side.

5 - Really happy with my new mattress, getting really great comfy sleeps on this mattress! If you are a fan of firm foam type ones this is definitely a winner and the price is good!

5 - I've had my mattress now for 2 weeks and can't fault it. Gone is my back pain after so many good nights of sleep. Thank you Dreams and thank you Hugo at their Lowestoft branch.

5 - Very comfortable mattress, perfect for someone with back pain/ache. The firm mattress does take a couple of days to soften, but it is the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on.

5 - All mattress's feel different sleeping on them for the first time. It was very comfortable and had a great nights sleep, no aches or pains the morning after, that felt great.

5 - This is a firm mattress and deeper than others we looked it. It is very comfortable and excellent value for money. We will be ordering another one for our second bedroom soon

5 - We are so happy with our new mattress, its extremely comfortable and highly recommended for a good nights sleep. Its on the firmer side of medium with a nice soft top layer.

5 - Not a spring mattress and not a foam one - but both. It has the solid, firm support of a spring mattress, and the foam layer on top let’s you sink into softness. Perfection.

5 - This mattress is excellent - I have never bought a firm mattress before, and this mattress has helped my night's sleep from day 1. I would recommend this product to anyone.

5 - I can’t believe we lived with our old bed for years. I love this bed now and it is so much more comfortable. The space is amazing and the ottoman has been an absolute dream

5 - I didn't realise how much I needed a new mattress until I slept on this mattress. It is not too hard, not to soft, just right. I am enjoying the best sleep I've had in year

5 - Wonderfully comfy etc. but too hot! Sleep is broken several times at night with aching lower back and hips, must leap out of bed and stay out until the mattress cools down.

5 - Excellent mattress! Wonderful nights sleep and back pain free after suffering with long term back pain and trying several other other mattresses. I would highly recommed!

5 - Took me a few nights to get used to the mattress, but now I am getting a great night's sleep. Not waking up feeling tired, having a restful nights sleep. Would recommend.

5 - I like quite a firm mattress and this is exactly that and feels amazing to sleep on. Firm but super soft. The mattress moulds to your body but doesn't loose its firmness.

5 - It is so comfy but takes some breaking in and adjustment if you are use to a softer or old mattress, my first few nights of sleeping felt very stiff when trying to adjust

5 - Best nights sleep so far. There is some natural sinking where i sit on the side of the bed but its within normal expectancy so far for the mattress. So far I'm impressed

5 - This mattress was quite expensive but having used it for 2 weeks, i can honestly say i am now getting more sleep than i did with my old one. Definitely worth the money

5 - I bought this mattress a month ago after struggling with my old mattress and it was the best purchase i made. It is super comfy and i can now enjoy a good night sleep!

5 - I've this mattress for a couple of weeks now, and I had zero back pain attacks since I used it. I've straight night sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.

5 - I went to the shop and I used the virtual computer to tell me which mattress will be the best for me. I absolutely love it. Since then I bought 3 more - the same ones

5 - I bought this mattress to try and get relief from my ongoing back condition,and am happy to say that it has helped me have a decent sleep for the first time in years.

5 - I bought this 2 weeks ago and it's so amazing that I have spent more time sleeping than I have ever before. Love going to bed it us now my favourite part if the day.

5 - This mattress is magic no more shoulder hip or back pain for both me and my husband excellent quality and value for money would highly recommend, its So comfortable.

4 - Bought this a few weeks ago and it is great! Fits great on the bed, and it's nice and firm. Really big difference to our old mattress of only a couple years old!

5 - Mattress recommended by Dreams inhouse software system, very comfortable for me and settled with it very quickly. My choice was "Firm" and is perfect for my needs.

5 - I brought this product about a fortnight ago , very comfortable and great value for money , thank you to the manager of the Kidderminster store for all his help :)

5 - Over the moon with my purchase from dreams. I bought a sleepmotion 200i with a bedframe and hyde & sleep matress. Best nights sleep in a long time. Good deal too!

5 - What can I say about dreams and the mattress. Amazing! I sleep like a baby now, no back pain. The gentleman in the store was fantastic and we couldn’t be happier

5 - Very glad that I decided on the Hyde & Sleep Hybrid Raspberry mattress because I have had a perfect nights sleep since I bought it. Wonderful! Couldn't be better

4 - I bought this a month ago it's very firm takes time to get used to as I had a soft mattress before I purchased this one.ive never slep better before buying this.

5 - I bought this last month - and I’ve consistently enjoyed the best nights sleep I’ve had in years, night after night - I can’t enthuse about this mattress enough

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