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Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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By The Dreams Workshop

3' x 6'3
4' x 6'3
5' x 6'6
Super King
6' x 6'6
Custom Size
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Reasons To Buy

    Remote controlled lifting ottoman base available

    Available in black (faux leather) or grey (fabric)

    Solid base ottoman storage

    With a padded headboard

    With an internal storage depth of 23cm

    Sleep easy with a 1-year guarantee

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Offers solid base board ottoman storage

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: Can a customer (not dreams please), who's purchased the superking bed frame, please confirm the exact width of the headboard please. Thanks so much.

Answer: , Unfortunately other customers cannot answer product queries. The width of the Super King headboard is 185cm. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Can I buy without a headboard?

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed can not be purchased without the headboard as this is part of the main structure. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is this bed a divan base please or is it slatted? 

Answer: , The ottoman lid is made of of two base boards. You can view this on the last picture on the product page. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi, I am looking for a bed on casters so that I can move the bed by myself to clean behind the bed.

Answer: , We would recommend looking at our range of Divan Bases as many of these can be purchased with casters. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How much clearance do I need at the end of the bed the able to lift it without it touching anything

Answer: , When the ottoman lift is open, the maximum height from the floor to the top of the open board is 126cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is the button on the left or the righ

Answer: , For the electric version of this bedframe there is a remote included, there isn't a button on the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi - is the headboard included 

Answer: , Yes the headboard comes as part of this bed frame and so is included in the price displayed online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I am after a storage bed and like one of yours...but I need the old divan base (not mattress) taking away...clearly I can't do this. It is is 2 halves. I am happy to pay for this service. Any help?

Answer: Hi , Yes we offer recycling services at an extra cost. You can add this to your order upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello, is the lift mechanism in the Francis bed the same as the Hopkins bed

Answer: , The lift mechanisms on these frame differ from one another as they are from different supply bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What's the brand of this bed and where is it made? What is the maximum weight of mattress it can lift up?

Answer: Hi , This is an ottoman bed frame and there is no weight limit. It is compatible with any mattress. Thank you for your question.

Question: Please let me know how much space is there under the bed to clarify if i can use my robort vacume cleaner ?

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. This measurement is approximately 9.5cm. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Has the bed frame got slats?

Answer: , No, this bed frame does not feature slats. It has a base board that the mattress sits on top of. Kind regards Dreams

Question: If I have my own headboard, can I attach it to this bed? Or is the headboard on this bed frame not removable ?

Answer: , You would need to use the head end that is part of this bed as it is part of the main structure. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a maximum weight for a mattress on the Super King, electric model?

Answer: , We do not have a set maximum weight for the ottoman, the lifting mechanism is strong at 1200n. Many thanks Dreams

Question: what is the floor clearance under the bed ? or the measurements of the bed feet, i need to be able to hoover under the bed. and also is it solid enough for storage ?

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch. The gap from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hello, would you be able to tell me if the bed frame in the picture for this product is a small double or a double. Thank you

Answer: Hi , These are only used for photo purposes only, but this should be displaying the double size. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello, Does the King Size come in separate parts to fit up the stairs? And if so would the headboard be the largest part?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes the king bed frame will be delivered in 4 boxes. The largest box will measure 123cm x 158cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this small double bed come in dismantled or is it already built

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame in the small double size will require assembly - it will not be delivered built. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have had product No 261-00406 for about 5 years, and am about to move house and wish to take my bed with me. Would you please furnish me with the assembly instructions, to help me reassemble it in my new home. Thank you Raymond J Brotherton

Answer: Hi , You can download the assembly instructions in the product description, you will see a link. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can I have /p/111-00430 mattress with this bed frame? Or, what is the maximum mattress height for this frame?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress is suitable with this bed frame. There is no maximum mattress height. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can this open from sideways on to the bed?

Answer: , This is a front lift ottoman, unfortunately this is unable to be changed to open from the side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can the electric version be opened manually (in case of electrical failure, broken machinery etc)? Or will anything stored inside be trapped there until it's been repaired?

Answer: Hi , Yes, but you can pop the slats off to access the inside if you needed to as they just click back into place. Thank you.

Question: Does it come without the headboard?

Answer: , The headboard is included with this frame as it is part of the main structure of the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the headboard be removed or is this essential to the manual lift mechanism?

Answer: , The headboard is essential to the structure of the bed and as such, cannot be removed. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Hi, what are the internal storage dimensions of this bed please?

Answer: Good Evening, Please indicate your required frame size as this will impact the size of the storage area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Are the bed frame and feet made from hardwood?

Answer: , The feet of this bed frame are pine, the head end, side rails and foot end are soft wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I see in a post it says it is delivered in 4 boxes. How is the mattress base delivered?  Is it in one full piece? 

Answer: Hi , No, this will be as stated in 4 boxes. You would never get a pre built frame to navigate your home. Thank you.

Question: Would 2 by 3 ft  matresess fit on the super king bed frame 

Answer: Hi , You would need a 6'0 x 6'8 (180cm x 200cm) mattress to go on a super king bed frame. Thanks for your question.

Question: What is the height of the headboard on the Francis Ottoman bed (small double)

Answer: , The height of the headboard is 127cm and the floor to base measurement is 37cm. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Hi! For the double bed, how tall is the headboard? How high off the ground does the top of the headboard go? Thanks!

Answer: Hi This bed frame has a headend hight of 127cm (54inch). Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Is the fabric 100% cotton?

Answer: Hi Yes, this bed frames fabric is made from 100% cotton. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Hello Do you have the dimensions of the internal storage element. I know there is the width and length of the bed but I assume internally this is smaller due to the frame? I know it is 23cm deep so just the internal length and width. Thanks.

Answer: , For the double size the internal measurements are: Length - 194cm Width - 128cm Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the mattress have to be a minimum of 30kg for the Superking? Only we have a lightweight mattress (only 17cm deep)…

Answer: , We have had clarification and it does indeed for health and safety reasons. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: I have this electric bed and would like to know if I can put longer legs on it to raise it for an elderly person.

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to attach any alternative legs to this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Are the measurements on the superking correct? The length is 5cm shorter than the kingsize which looks unusual.

Answer: Hi , No, they should be the same length. This has now been amended. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Question: Hello,what “dreams” mattress size is more suitable for this bed ?

Answer: Hi , Dreams mattress sizes are a standard UK size and will fit our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the storage compartment of this bed have a solid base?

Answer: Hi , Yes the storage compartment has a solid base. We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Question: How much weight can the small double hold? Thank You

Answer: Hi , Our beds do not have weight limits. Any weight limit should be fine. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the mattress sit on spring slats or a firm base?

Answer: , This bed frame does not have slats, the mattress sit on a solid base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does the bed have the wooden slates on it. As we have a similar bed now and is great for storage but all the slates are coming off under the mattress. 

Answer: , This bed frame does not have wooden slats, it has a solid base board. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the clearance from the floor to the bottom of the base? I want to know if my robotic vacuum cleaner will go under it. Thanks

Answer: , The clearance from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is it possible to order the Francis Ottoman bed in a single with side opening and not end opening please? (Not remote control)? 

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell the Francis with a side opening ottoman. Kind regards Dreams

Question: What is the headboard width? Same as bed end?

Answer: , The width of the headend and the width of the footend are the same. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a manual lift in a single size?

Answer: , Yes the manual lift Francis ottoman is available in a single size. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The bed opening mechanism is operated by remote control, can it be operated manually by hand?

Answer: Hi , There is an electrical assisted version, or a manual version. We hope this helps you.

Question: Hi I was wondering what the measurements are for the gap at the bottom of the bed as we require a hoist to fit underneath. Thank you

Answer: , The gap from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: If the bed length is 210 does this mean your standard mattresses don't fit and I would require a longer than normal mattress?

Answer: Hi , No, this measurement includes the headboard and the frame end. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is the base of the mattres a solid wood or slats for the king and super king models?

Answer: , This bed frame has a solid base and does not use a slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, I have a mattress that weighs 65kg. Would it be ok for this bed frame?

Answer: , Yes, your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can I know the material of the ottoman mattress base? Is it flat top and if so, what material is it? If it is upholstered, how is the timber beneath? I'm looking for firmness and hence checking.

Answer: , The Francis has a wooden base with polyester fabric on top. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Does anything stored underneath sit on a board bearing the weight, or the floor itself?

Answer: Hi , There is a solid board separating the floor and the bed. Thank you for your question.

Question: Whats the weight limit on the bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not have a set weight limit on any of our beds. Thank you for your question.

Question: is it easy to lift the base to use the storage area on the manual lift beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is very easy, very little effort is required. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the weight of the single Francis bed frame please? 

Answer: , The single Francis Ottoman bed frame weighs 81 kilograms. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: On the super kingsize does the base come in two sections ??

Answer: Hi , This item comes flat packed. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can staff assemble this on delivery?

Answer: Hi , Yes they can, assembly is a service we offer at an additional cost. Thank you.

Question: What wood is this bed made off

Answer: , The wooden components of this bed are made from softwood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: We have the same style bed 4’ 6” bought in 2019, do you do part exchange when buying a new bed from yourselves 

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not offer a part exchange service. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the bed arrive in one or in parts to be put together? 

Answer: , The Francis comes flat packed and will need assembling. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi  How many packages is Double bed frame and size. 

Answer: , The Francis in a double will be delivered in four boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have a silent night super king  mattress that weighs 76kg.  Will a super king ottoman front lift work correctly for this mattress weight

Answer: , Yes, the Ottoman can lift a mattress weighing 76kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The single bed - is the opening at the side or the bottom please?

Answer: Hi , Every size of this bed frame will open from the footend. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can an end lift on the Francis ottoman bed be changed to a side lift opening?

Answer: , This is only available as an end lifting ottoman. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it possible to get a sample of the grey fabric /colour?

Answer: , Unfortunately we are unable to send fabric swatches. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the storage compartment have a solid base?

Answer: Hi , This base has under boards to keep your belongings off the floor. Thank you.

Question: Can you please give me the internal depth measurement for storage. It does not seem to be on your web page

Answer: , The internal storage depth of this bed frame is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the per person weight limit on this bed please?

Answer: Hi , We do not have weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello. The Francis Grey Ottoman storage bed. Where the mattress sits and when u lift that part up to gain access to storage, does it have the usual metal frame with wooden slats across it as most ottoman beds do? Or is it just the flat base

Answer: Hi This has a platform top. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: What is the max weight limit this bed can hold please?

Answer: , This bed frame doesn't have a maximum weight limit. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Are the feet wooden?

Answer: , The feet on the Francis bed are made from pine wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the weight of the king size bed? How do you move it to clean behind it?

Answer: , The weight of this bed frame in a king is 114.4 kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed replace the Vienna Brown Bonded Leather Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame? If not, what is the closest match to it please?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this bed is the upgrade from the Vienna. Thank you for your question.

Question: Please tell us what is the maximum weight in kg that the storage space will take for the super king size?

Answer: Hi , There are no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the ottoman base come with headboard 

Answer: , Yes, the head-end is included with this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Is it flat base bed?

Answer: , The base of this bed is flat rather than slatted. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Does the lift mechansim lock into place so that if one person wants to access the storage compartment they can do so without having to prop it up themselves?

Answer: Hi , Yes that is correct, it does lock into place. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the headend width in super king please?

Answer: , The width of the Super king Francis is 185cm. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Is there a maximum mattress weight?

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Considering buying the manual lift version of this bed - is the manual lift mechanism assisted by gas hydraulics? Thank you

Answer: , The lift mechanism is assisted by gas pistons. Many thanks Dreams

Question: In these time`s at the moment are you still offering bed frame assembly

Answer: , Yes, we are still offering bed frame delivery. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Would this bed be suitable for my therapur actigel plus response 3200 mattress

Answer: God Morning, Yes this bed frame would definitely be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What's the weight limit for the king size bed with no electric motor.

Answer: , There is no weight limit for this Bedframe. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, Is the lift mechanism for the manual bed gas or hydraulic? And is it the same for the electric version? Thanks in advance

Answer: Hi , These are not hydraulic, they are the standard manual pistons. Thank you.

Question: Is the manual version gas / hydraulic lift - purchase is for elderly parents?

Answer: Hi , The manual lift are gas assisted hydraulics. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can we get the 140cm(height) headboard for the SuperKing model?

Answer: , Unfortunately this comes in one standard size. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Is the bed made in the UK

Answer: , No, this bed frame is manufactured in China. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Does this bed come with a headboard? 

Answer: , Yes this bed frame comes with the head-end. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can EU double bed mattress (135 * 200cm) fit this bed? 

Answer: Hi , No, your mattress would be 10cm too long. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the maximum weight this bed will support?

Answer: , There is no maximum weight for this bed. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you tell me if this has a solid wood bottom in the ottoman please 

Answer: Hi , Yes, this ottoman has a solid wood bottom. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the height of the internal storage space?

Answer: , The depth of the internal storage is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you have oak style feet rather than the black ones shown in the images.

Answer: , Unfortunately the feet cannot be changed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: What are the dimensions of the 'double' size?

Answer: Hi , The dimensions are: W: 138cm L:210cm Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello, Could you tell me please if black faux leather in this bed made of PVP or another material. Thank you

Answer: , The black faux leather is made from PU. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a base in the storage area?

Answer: , Yes, there is a base in the storage area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, I just want to double check what material the grey version of this bed comes in? I can't see it in the overview or specs anywhere. Thanks, Sophie

Answer: , The grey material is a polyester fabric. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Is the manual base also solid or is it slatted?

Answer: Hi , Yes, the manual base is also solid. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does this product come flat packed as we wouldn't fit up stairs if arrives assembled?

Answer: Hi , Yes this product comes flat packed. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does it include headboard?

Answer: Hi , Yes this includes the headboard. Thank you for your question.

Question: How long is guarantee for the electric lift motors please 

Answer: , Our standard guarantee period is 1 year Kind Regards, Dreams

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Customer Reviews For The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

5 - in the grey fabric it looks better in person than in the pics, reliable quality, service & assembly - as always... I got already 3 beds from Dreams & only buy from them... until you find someone who has good customer support in the U.K. it's rare...

5 - This bed is amazing. It’s so comfy and so far, so good. I can store so much storage underneath the bed, which is great as I don’t have a lot of storage space at home. The people who assembled it were absolute fabulous. I cannot recommend it enough.

5 - I bought this about 3 weeks ago and I'm so happy with the purchase. The bed frame is very goos quality and it has a lot of storage! TIP: I definitely recommend this to be assembled by Dreams' team, if you are not very good at assembling furniture

5 - I bought this for a guest bedroom and I'm really happy with my purchase. The ottoman storage space is substantial, and it opens really easily (manual). Beautiful grey colour and nice material. I bought in the sale so excellent value for money

5 - Its one of the best single bed experience. The good part is when the bed is lifted up & things like clothes can be stored inside which reduced space in cupboards. An absolute treat & thanks to the best beds sellers dreams can't ask for more.

5 - After a lot of shopping around for a super kingsize ottoman bed we decided to go with the Francis from Dreams as the quality was the best we found, and for a very competitive price too. It’s solid, sturdy, has great storage and looks lovely

5 - It was not the item i liked but it was the quickest delivery i could get from Dreams, the girl in Bromley store tried to helped us as best as possible. The bed is good construction and we paid extra for assembly plus 5 year guarantee.

5 - This bed completely exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent and absolutely love the colour. The ottoman is an added bonus with so much room underneath. Couldn't fault the experience from ordering to delivery and assembly.

5 - Very well made product, fitted together easily, masses of storage, the stuff at the head end is a little tricky to access so you need to consider what you are storing. No squeaks, creaks or groans when you lay on it. Perfect for me.

5 - I loved this bed, its so big and comfortable. The delivery was smooth and the men who came to deliver were so polite, jolly and knowledgeable. Did a job in 10 mins to perfection and also they were so cautious on Covid protocols .

5 - The bed we bought has huge Storage space. We managed to store all our extra bed linens, pillows, towers and cloths under mattress. Strongly recommend to those who need extra space for storage. The bed is strong and solid as well.

5 - Really good quality, isn’t flimsy like other beds we looked at. Masses of space underneath. Great price even with the payment for assembling - which I would definitely recommend. Great service from Dreams, couldn’t be happier!

5 - I bought this last month for a teenager. Likes high padded headboard, black colour and good height of bed. Space underneath easily accessible and large. Width of bed compact - that, similar width to a standard single mattress.

5 - Great service, delivered within a week. Paid for Dreams to put it together and the guys were great, so efficient. Took my old bed and mattress away as well. The bed is really sturdy and looks great, the gas lift ottoman is fab.

5 - I'm so happy with this purchase, this significantly improved my quality of sleep on a old mattress and was even better on a brand new one. The storage space is great, hard bottom and enough to pack my sports and travel bags

5 - I brought this bed just under a month ago on finance, what a steal, got my bed delivered by a wonderful and professional team. Really easy to put together, but I do recommend the service of the dreams team doing it for you!

5 - This was bought for my son a few weeks ago. The quality is great and the storage really useful. Much more stable with a solid base than a slatted one. Shame I couldn't afford the electric version as that was really cool!

5 - Sturdy, great looking bed. Not difficult to put up (though would recommend two people to do it together). Storage is a good size. Delivery guys were very helpful in taking it up the stairs for us. 10/10, would recommend.

5 - Great bed - ordered online and quickly delivered with no fuss, relatively easy to put together, looks good in the room and there is plenty of space in the ottoman for extra storage. Excellent bed overall, very pleased :)

5 - Bought a new bed but needed storage. I was a bit sceptical about this style but I’m so glad o got it - it has plenty of storage and so easy to access. Your bedding doesn’t move either !!! I’m glad i purchased this bed.

5 - We have got this bed for a two weeks and so far so happy with it. The fabric is lovely and soft. Really like the whole design of the frame and it’s easy to lift even with 60kg mattress on. Would definitely recommend.

5 - Excellent beds! I bought a king size and small double. So pleased. Very good storage and bed frame does rest on the ground but on legs instead which is what I wanted. Lovely headboard. Exactly what I was looking for!

5 - We are extremely satisfied with this bed. It is amazing quality, very expensive looking. Also the storage section is huge and spacious. We love our bed and will definitely purchase from Dreams again in the future.

5 - The Francis upholstered Ottoman bed frame is very stylish, sturdy and has given me many restful nights. Very easy to lift and has a genrous and spacious storage cavity. All in all very pleased with this purchase.

5 - This bed is smart looks smart and fits beautifully in my small bedroom. It is an added bonus that being an ottoman design, I have extra storage which I’m using as rotating seasons storage for my clothing. Perfect

5 - The staff in the shop was very helpful, I felt at total ease. No pushing sales people.2nd The bed is extremely good quality. This is the 2nd bed I have bought from 2 dreams and will not shop anywhere else.

5 - Bought this bed just over a month ago, bed is really well manufactured and feels solid. The bed itself is easy to lift with the gas struts and gives a lot of storage underneath. Brilliant piece for the price.

5 - Had this for couple weeks now and it’s honestly the best bed I’ve had so sturdy and the storage is amazing I have the manual lift and it’s so easy to lift and put down loads of storage and it’s easy to build

5 - I bought this a month ago, and I’m so glad I did the extra storage is brilliant and ease to use. The bed itself is brilliant. It’s given me the best nights sleep in a long time!! Would recommend to anyone!

5 - We bought this bed frame in small double for each of our children. The bed was easy to build, is really good quality and looks lovely. The communication of delivery and the actual delivery was excellent.

5 - I bought this bed on Boxing Day and absolutely lovely it. Great value for money and the storage underneath is fabulous. Everything I was looking for in a bed and more. Would recommend to family and friends

5 - Well-made and rock solid. I'm tired of bed frames and slats and you can never have too much storage space so this ottoman bed is perfect! Assembled on my own with relative ease and it's brilliantly sturdy.

5 - I brought this bed about 2 weeks ago and I’ve had the best sleep on it since. It’s so useful if you need extra storage space, it opens smoothly and it’s very spacious, the headboard is also nice and solid

5 - After quite a while looking at so many ottoman beds found this one was the best for its price range, very please with the quality of the bed. This bed also come with the headboard also in matching leather

5 - We bought this bed for a spare room and it got used over xmas and was found to be ideal for it's purpose, the bed was easily assembled so worries there for someone who isn't used to assembling furniture.

5 - Dreams have very good customer service. Unfortunately the handyman that install was useless and I had to call customer service t send an other guy next day. Great customer service and happy with the bed.

5 - The bed was amazing quality and the customer service was amazing along with the guys who came to fit the bed, they did it extremely quick and overall the service was exceptional. Definitely recommend!

5 - Very happy with this purchase. Great storage space enabling me to hide all the Christmas presents this year. Lift mechanism is easy. Fits perfectly in our small double bedroom. Great value for money.

5 - Bought this 2 weeks ago and I absolutely love it. Not only does it look amazing, the storage space underneath is amazing.. there is actually more space than I thought there would be. Very impressed.

5 - Brought this bed and then realised we would have to put it together. Came well packed in several boxes but was surprised how easy it was to put together. No drama and quite quick about an hour.

5 - This is a great bed if you've got a small room. The small double size is great and gives you lots of storage space. Mattress very comfortable. All in all a good purchase at a reasonable price.

5 - I would like to point out , if you are a novice DIY or don’t enjoy the painful flat packs.. this product is extremely simple to assemble and very well designed and made to a very high standard.

5 - It’s the best bed I have ever bought. It’s storage is unbelievable and so easy to lift up and close. Also most importantly it is comfortable . The service of the deliver drivers were excellent.

5 - Struggling with extra storage space, this has been the perfect solution and looks great too! I opted for the manual lift and even with the mattress on top, I have had no difficulties lifting!

5 - I bought this product for extra storage and I'm glad I did as it's proved invaluable. It's stylish too I love the colour. Also it's not heavy to lift up to get underneath and closes easily.

5 - Really handy for storage lots of room and a good sturdy bed with a solid bottom as a pose to planks of wood to hold the mattress up which always break. Would highly recommend this bed frame

5 - This was a reaonably priced ottoman bed with a solid base that the mattress sits on opposed to slats. Very happy with the quaility and the dreams team put it together too which was a bonus!

5 - The ottoman bed is fantastic. It is a very strong bed. It looks very premium and high quality. The people who came to assemble (Jordan and Mathew) the bed were very friendly and efficient.

5 - Great leather material real faux, the assembly to this was super easy and instructions digestible. Happy with the size and quality of the bed and would highly recommend people to buy this

5 - I purchased this bed last month and I can quite honestly say it is perfect.Good in looks and has fantastic storage,I have already recommended this product to my friend so it must be good.

5 - I bought this a month ago and it has been more than I hoped for in a bed. Amazing quality and so sturdy. So straightforward to put together and it took no time at all. 100% recommend!

5 - Bed is perfect! Staff extremely helpful in store in helping me to pick the right bed and mattress for me. Delivery was quick and easy. Easy to assemble and the best bed I’ve ever had!

5 - Bought a month ago. Put together ourselves. Easy to follow instructions, managed within time suggested with no problems. Looks good, comfortable and plenty of storage easy to access.

5 - I bought this product a few weeks back and am completely satisfied with it the space in the storage is perfect. It was easy to assemble. Good quality fabric and leather. Very pleased

5 - Bought this 2 weeks ago.Good amount of storage,& not too heavy to lift up with the handle.Have slept so much better since purchasing this bed,& it looks good too. Very happy with it.

5 - Bed frame is firm, strong, solid and easy to manuvere. The matress is very comfortable and supports my back. I look forward to going to bed at night times now that I have my new bed.

5 - I bought this when it was in the sale. So pleased with it, it looks great and it has so much storage underneath. Had read reviews saying it was heavy but I don’t find it a problem.

5 - I bought this bed a month ago and I haven’t got anything bad to say about it! I love how high the headboard is and how spacious an ottoman actually is! It’s sturdy and good quality

5 - Went into shop to look and ended up buying the bed. Thought I would have to wait weeks for delivery but got it a week later. Very easy to put together and is extremely comfortable

5 - The best nights sleep ive had in a long time, great space underneath hiding my Christmas presents at the moment, ticks all the boxes i was promised by tge Dreams shop assistant.

5 - This bed is well made, very sturdy and well put together. Took a while to put together but very impressed with the quality and all the extra storage for bedding and towels etc.

5 - I didn’t see the fabric in store , I was a bit worried because I couldn’t see it , I it looked much better than I thought it would great quality lovely colour and very sturdy

5 - Ideal solution to the underbed storage problem. Easy to lift and fits so much. Everything is within easy reach, you can see everything and there’s no dust! What’s not to like!

5 - Absolutely brilliant bed. Easy to put together with clear instructions. An abundance of space underneath the mattress has led to my sons room being less cramped and very tidy!

5 - Looks really nice. Very happy with it. Got a double but it feels larger without taking up too much room. Ottoman storage easy to use. Service from dreams was also excellent.

5 - Ottoman bedstead with no slats, it has solid boards underneath which are much stronger than normal slats hard to find beds like these im sure this bed will last years to come

5 - Comfortable and looks great!! Easy to lift and plenty of storage space. Gentlemen from Dreams assembled it quickly and they were super friendly!! Will shop again with Dreams.

5 - Well made solid sturdy bed. Delivered on time, by friendly delivery service. It took my son approx 2 hours to make up with no bits missing. Very happy customer. Thank you !

5 - This bed was brought for my teenage son, We are both extremely happy with the quality. Loads of storage underneath & easy access, much better then his old divan drawers.

5 - Good quality , solid bed , ordered in store nice staff and explained everything clearly and were very helpful. Delivery team were good lads did good job. Would recommend.

5 - I have brought this a month ago and Ian so happy I did. This is literally the best frame you can ever buy. Overall it has great features and it can impress all your guests

5 - I have had my new bed for just over 2 weeks and so far I am very happy. Bed looks great and feels very solid. Ottoman lift is very easy and provides lots of great storage

5 - We can finally utilise the storage provided by this bed. We usually one had side against the wall so we couldn't fully utilise the drawers. Now we can storage more stuff.

5 - Ordered a bed after a stressful move and the guy in the lakeside branch was brilliant and accomated my needs. Very happy with my purchase and would definitely recommend!

5 - I bought this bed for my daughters room and she loves it so stylish and modern with the storage she needed easy to assemble and light to move to clean under very pleased

5 - Amazing quality bed with a very strong base and so much space in ottoman for storage. Headboard is ultra soft and the the bed as a whole makes my room look very elegant.

5 - Elegant design, well made bedframe with easily accessible ample storage. Excellent purchase and would definitely recommend. Luxury product without the luxury price tag.

5 - such a stylish and classy bed frame. goes perfectly with the room. an amazing amount of space under the bed that i have plenty of storage now, before i had nearly none!

5 - Fabulous storage bed and headboard included. Delivery team were fantastic and assembled the bed in a professional and courteous manner whilst observing all covid rules.

5 - the bed arrived within 7 days. the delivery folk were super helpful wearing shoe covers and getting the boxes upstairs. bed was simple to assemble and eels very soft

5 - Durable Bed frames with Good storage- easy and quick assembly. Attractive Models with head rest brings elegance to bed room and it’s really worth the money!we love it.

5 - Fantastic ottoman bed. I sleep like a baby every night. No problems. Comfort is fantastic. Underneath the matress is so much room for extrasheets clothes and storage.

5 - Customer service in the store was excellent and that carried through to the timely delivery and the excellent guys who installed. Fantastic customer service thank you.

5 - I have bought this bed a few weeks ago. I also happy with it. It looks great. Construction is solid and has a big storage space. Very easy to lift. Can't fault it.

5 - Comfy, amazing value and very quick delivery. The installers were very polite and efficient with delivery. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better service.

5 - The feels really well made and very solid in use. There is no flexing of the base or the struts when lifted. Really solid bed through out. And amazing got the price.

5 - We bought two singles. Nice sturdy bed and fitted by Dreams. We had seen it previously in store. An Ottoman can be a little tricky with all the alignments needed.

5 - Very comfortable and sturdy bed. Straight forward to assemble but would recommend getting the option to have the bed assembled for you as it is a bit time consuming

5 - Had the same bed for years and finally treated myself to a new one. This bed is amazing. It hides all the junk in my room and it's so well built. Couldnt be happier!

5 - We purchased the small double for our daughters bedroom, she is very pleased with the style and ottoman feature. It’s a great bed that will last her teenage years

5 - We went for Super King. So so amazing, with so much storage room. The handle to lift the ottoman is sturdy and attached to the bed which is the best I’ve ever seen.

5 - After 7 years I actually can say I have a bed !!!! I bought this bed a month ago and I can't be more happier , excellent , bed of my dreams sleeping like in heaven.

5 - Having never had an ottoman bed before I was amazed at how much space for storage there was with this bed. It has so much room and is easy to access. A great buy !

5 - We have just recently moved house and downsized , so we needed to find extra storage. This bed is perfect ! It has a huge amount of storage and looks amazing to :)

5 - My wife so happy to get this bed .safe leather headboard for my kids .lots of spaces for ottoman under the bed . I fell peace to spend my money on this bed frames

5 - After purchasing the bed frame which was recommended by the sales staff, we were very pleased with the product and the delivery team were very helpful and polite.

5 - Great bed frame so far, holds a lot in the storage and the lifting mechanism works well! Really impressed with this, and the delivery was smooth and problem free.

5 - Super easy to put together. It’s a really sturdy bed frame but lifts up really easily. Perfect storage solution for a small room. Looks great too. Really good buy

5 - Brilliant bed for teenage daughter! Looks great, loads of storage for all that essential stuff, only problem is getting her out of bed as it’s soooo comfortable!

5 - I bought this product 2 weeks ago it was a little bit difficult to assemble but once assembled it was of great quality and added lots of storage space in my room

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