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Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

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Amelia's Thoughts On The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame is a blend of practicality, comfort, and sophistication. Equipped with a padded headboard, a remote-operated ottoman base, and ample internal storage, it caters to a range of needs. Available in black or grey, and either faux leather or fabric finishes, it's an online exclusive offering from Dreams. It boasts a one-year guarantee, reinforcing its promise of quality.

Who is this product for?

This bed frame is primarily designed for individuals seeking a modern, stylish and functional bed for their bedroom. Consumers who require additional storage space would benefit greatly from the solid base board ottoman storage, as it is the perfect solution for storing shoes, bags, and other household items. Its wide range of sizes and powerful remote control operation make it ideal for varying room dimensions and user needs.

What do we use this product for?

The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame serves as a multipurpose furniture piece. Primarily, it's intended to provide a supportive base for your mattress and a comfortable space to sleep. However, it also offers an efficient storage solution with its spacious internal storage compartment. The easy-to-use remote control makes accessing this storage effortless, promoting a clutter-free environment. Lastly, its grand padded headboard and aesthetic appeal contribute to a chic and elegant bedroom decor.

What customers liked and disliked

Most customers are highly satisfied with the ample storage space provided by this bed frame, catered to by its remote-controlled lifting ottoman base. They have praised its sturdy construct, easy operation and its substantial influence in boosting the aesthetics of their bedrooms.

  • "Many sizes to choose from, enough storage space, easy to operate"
  • "It's a lovely sturdy well made bed and very easy for me to lift up at the end to use the storage area, better than bending down pulling out drawers"
  • "Such a comfy bed, lots of storage space underneath and easy to lift with the solid handle"
However, some have mentioned that installing the bed was a bit challenging, recommending that buyers might consider availing the facility of professional installation offered by Dreams.

Features you should know about

The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame comes with a number of impressive features. The most noticeable ones include:

  • Padded headboard for comfort and aesthetic appeal
  • Remote controlled lifting ottoman base for easy storage access
  • Solid base board ottoman storage with internal storage depth of 23cm for ample storage
  • Available in black (faux leather) or grey (fabric) to suit varied decor styles
This product is a reflection of quality that promises a significant return on investment with its utility and style.

Our Review

In conclusion, the Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame scores high on both functionality and style. Its storage capacity, easy operability and contemporary design make it a notable addition to any bedroom. The bed's quality construction ensures durability and its varying size options cater to diverse customer needs. While ease of assembly might be a concern for some, the availability of the professional installation service by Dreams can easily address this. Therefore, in my opinion, it's a worthwhile investment, offering value, comfort, and a seamless blend of practicality with sophistication.

Reasons To Buy

Specifications direct from the retailer that you will love.

    Rest easy with our 1-year guarantee

    A 1 year guarantee is considered fairly standard for the industry. While consumers may agree that a larger and further reaching guarantee would ensure additional consumer satisfaction, the result more often than not is that problems in mattresses tend to rear their head in those initial 12 months, at which point claim drop off is typical across many manufacturers. 

    Offers solid base board ottoman storage

    The solid base ensures the items you store remain clean, safe, and well-protected, while the ottoman style allows for easy access. This feature is particularly useful in bedrooms where space can be at a premium; it allows you to utilise the area under your bed effectively, keeping your room clutter-free. 

    Remote controlled lifting ottoman base available

    Available in black (faux leather) or grey (fabric)

    Solid base ottoman storage

    With a padded headboard

    With an internal storage depth of 23cm

    Sleep easy with a 1-year guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Question: My mattress measures 180cm x 200cm Would this fit the super king size ?

Answer: Hi , Yes, your mattress is a UK standard size Super King. All of our mattresses and bed frames are measured to UK standard sizing. Thank you.

Question: What is the internal storage depth, the description says 20cm which seems quite shallow but the dimensions shows 37cm? Thanks

Answer: , The maximum item height that can be stored within is 21cm, in order to avoid any interference or damage to the base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How tall are the legs on this bed? (Need to know as we have underfloor heating and if it is appropriate to put on top)

Answer: , This bed frame does have legs, as there is a gap between the frame and the floor, underfloor heating would be fine. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Hi I have just bought the 4ft francis ottoman base and only have 5 inches between the end of the bed and wall. Is this enough room to reach from the side and pull the base up? Thanks.

Answer: Good Evening, The ottoman element of the Francis lifts up, and not out - therefore 5 inches from the end should be ample space. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed disassemble to fit up a narrow staircase please?

Answer: , This bed comes in 4 x boxes and requires assembly. This can be taken up stairs in parts before being assembled. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I would want to have this assembled. What is the cost for a small double please ?

Answer: Hi Siggy46, Upon checkout you can add assembly services to your order and it will display the prices per bed type/size. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can a customer (not dreams please), who's purchased the superking bed frame, please confirm the exact width of the headboard please. Thanks so much.

Answer: , Unfortunately other customers cannot answer product queries. The width of the Super King headboard is 185cm. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Does the headboard need to be fitted? With the headboard this bed is too long for our space .

Answer: , The headboard does need to be fitted to the bed as this makes up part of the main structure of the bed frame. Many thanks JSDreams

Question: Could you let me know if the back of headboard is the same fabric as the rest of the bed?

Answer: , The back of the headboard is a different material to the rest of the bed. It has a black, polyester backing. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Can I buy without a headboard?

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed can not be purchased without the headboard as this is part of the main structure. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is this bed a divan base please or is it slatted? 

Answer: , The ottoman lid is made of of two base boards. You can view this on the last picture on the product page. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi, I am looking for a bed on casters so that I can move the bed by myself to clean behind the bed.

Answer: , We would recommend looking at our range of Divan Bases as many of these can be purchased with casters. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: How much clearance do I need at the end of the bed the able to lift it without it touching anything

Answer: , When the ottoman lift is open, the maximum height from the floor to the top of the open board is 126cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is the button on the left or the righ

Answer: , For the electric version of this bedframe there is a remote included, there isn't a button on the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hi - is the headboard included 

Answer: , Yes the headboard comes as part of this bed frame and so is included in the price displayed online. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I am after a storage bed and like one of yours...but I need the old divan base (not mattress) taking away...clearly I can't do this. It is is 2 halves. I am happy to pay for this service. Any help?

Answer: Hi , Yes we offer recycling services at an extra cost. You can add this to your order upon checkout. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello, is the lift mechanism in the Francis bed the same as the Hopkins bed

Answer: , The lift mechanisms on these frame differ from one another as they are from different supply bases. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What's the brand of this bed and where is it made? What is the maximum weight of mattress it can lift up?

Answer: Hi , This is an ottoman bed frame and there is no weight limit. It is compatible with any mattress. Thank you for your question.

Question: Please let me know how much space is there under the bed to clarify if i can use my robort vacume cleaner ?

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch with your question. This measurement is approximately 9.5cm. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Has the bed frame got slats?

Answer: , No, this bed frame does not feature slats. It has a base board that the mattress sits on top of. Kind regards Dreams

Question: If I have my own headboard, can I attach it to this bed? Or is the headboard on this bed frame not removable ?

Answer: , You would need to use the head end that is part of this bed as it is part of the main structure. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a maximum weight for a mattress on the Super King, electric model?

Answer: , We do not have a set maximum weight for the ottoman, the lifting mechanism is strong at 1200n. Many thanks Dreams

Question: what is the floor clearance under the bed ? or the measurements of the bed feet, i need to be able to hoover under the bed. and also is it solid enough for storage ?

Answer: , Thank you for getting in touch. The gap from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Hello, would you be able to tell me if the bed frame in the picture for this product is a small double or a double. Thank you

Answer: Hi , These are only used for photo purposes only, but this should be displaying the double size. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello, Does the King Size come in separate parts to fit up the stairs? And if so would the headboard be the largest part?

Answer: Good Evening, Yes the king bed frame will be delivered in 4 boxes. The largest box will measure 123cm x 158cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this small double bed come in dismantled or is it already built

Answer: Good Evening, This bed frame in the small double size will require assembly - it will not be delivered built. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have had product No 261-00406 for about 5 years, and am about to move house and wish to take my bed with me. Would you please furnish me with the assembly instructions, to help me reassemble it in my new home. Thank you Raymond J Brotherton

Answer: Hi , You can download the assembly instructions in the product description, you will see a link. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can I have /p/111-00430 mattress with this bed frame? Or, what is the maximum mattress height for this frame?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this mattress is suitable with this bed frame. There is no maximum mattress height. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can this open from sideways on to the bed?

Answer: , This is a front lift ottoman, unfortunately this is unable to be changed to open from the side. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can the electric version be opened manually (in case of electrical failure, broken machinery etc)? Or will anything stored inside be trapped there until it's been repaired?

Answer: Hi , Yes, but you can pop the slats off to access the inside if you needed to as they just click back into place. Thank you.

Question: Does it come without the headboard?

Answer: , The headboard is included with this frame as it is part of the main structure of the bed. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Can the headboard be removed or is this essential to the manual lift mechanism?

Answer: , The headboard is essential to the structure of the bed and as such, cannot be removed. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it possible to "lower" the headboard please

Answer: , It is not possible to lower the headboard as it is an integral component of the bed frame. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Hi, what are the internal storage dimensions of this bed please?

Answer: Good Evening, Please indicate your required frame size as this will impact the size of the storage area. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Are the bed frame and feet made from hardwood?

Answer: , The feet of this bed frame are pine, the head end, side rails and foot end are soft wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I see in a post it says it is delivered in 4 boxes. How is the mattress base delivered?  Is it in one full piece? 

Answer: Hi , No, this will be as stated in 4 boxes. You would never get a pre built frame to navigate your home. Thank you.

Question: Would 2 by 3 ft  matresess fit on the super king bed frame 

Answer: Hi , You would need a 6'0 x 6'8 (180cm x 200cm) mattress to go on a super king bed frame. Thanks for your question.

Question: What is the height of the headboard on the Francis Ottoman bed (small double)

Answer: , The height of the headboard is 127cm and the floor to base measurement is 37cm. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Hi! For the double bed, how tall is the headboard? How high off the ground does the top of the headboard go? Thanks!

Answer: Hi This bed frame has a headend hight of 127cm (54inch). Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Is the fabric 100% cotton?

Answer: Hi Yes, this bed frames fabric is made from 100% cotton. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: Hello Do you have the dimensions of the internal storage element. I know there is the width and length of the bed but I assume internally this is smaller due to the frame? I know it is 23cm deep so just the internal length and width. Thanks.

Answer: , For the double size the internal measurements are: Length - 194cm Width - 128cm Many thanks Dreams

Question: Pleaswe may i double check the delivery dimensions of package 4. Website says 128 x 123 x 13.5cm. Is that correct? Thanks

Answer: , These are the correct dimensions for the Small double size of this bed frame. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Does the mattress have to be a minimum of 30kg for the Superking? Only we have a lightweight mattress (only 17cm deep)…

Answer: , We have had clarification and it does indeed for health and safety reasons. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: I have this electric bed and would like to know if I can put longer legs on it to raise it for an elderly person.

Answer: , Unfortunately you are unable to attach any alternative legs to this bed frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Are the measurements on the superking correct? The length is 5cm shorter than the kingsize which looks unusual.

Answer: Hi , No, they should be the same length. This has now been amended. Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

Question: Hello,what “dreams” mattress size is more suitable for this bed ?

Answer: Hi , Dreams mattress sizes are a standard UK size and will fit our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the storage compartment of this bed have a solid base?

Answer: Hi , Yes the storage compartment has a solid base. We hope this helps you and thank you for your question.

Question: How much weight can the small double hold? Thank You

Answer: Hi , Our beds do not have weight limits. Any weight limit should be fine. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the mattress sit on spring slats or a firm base?

Answer: , This bed frame does not have slats, the mattress sit on a solid base. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does the bed have the wooden slates on it. As we have a similar bed now and is great for storage but all the slates are coming off under the mattress. 

Answer: , This bed frame does not have wooden slats, it has a solid base board. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the clearance from the floor to the bottom of the base? I want to know if my robotic vacuum cleaner will go under it. Thanks

Answer: , The clearance from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is it possible to order the Francis Ottoman bed in a single with side opening and not end opening please? (Not remote control)? 

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not sell the Francis with a side opening ottoman. Kind regards Dreams

Question: What is the headboard width? Same as bed end?

Answer: , The width of the headend and the width of the footend are the same. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Is there a manual lift in a single size?

Answer: , Yes the manual lift Francis ottoman is available in a single size. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The bed opening mechanism is operated by remote control, can it be operated manually by hand?

Answer: Hi , There is an electrical assisted version, or a manual version. We hope this helps you.

Question: Hi I was wondering what the measurements are for the gap at the bottom of the bed as we require a hoist to fit underneath. Thank you

Answer: , The gap from the floor to the bottom of the side rail is 9.5cm. Many thanks Dreams

Question: If the bed length is 210 does this mean your standard mattresses don't fit and I would require a longer than normal mattress?

Answer: Hi , No, this measurement includes the headboard and the frame end. Thank you for your question.

Question: Is the base of the mattres a solid wood or slats for the king and super king models?

Answer: , This bed frame has a solid base and does not use a slat system. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can you  goose to have gliders on the bottom instead of the standard wooden feet

Answer: , Unfortunately this bed does not come with the option of gliders. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Hi, I have a mattress that weighs 65kg. Would it be ok for this bed frame?

Answer: , Yes, your mattress will be suitable for use with this frame. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Can I know the material of the ottoman mattress base? Is it flat top and if so, what material is it? If it is upholstered, how is the timber beneath? I'm looking for firmness and hence checking.

Answer: , The Francis has a wooden base with polyester fabric on top. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Does anything stored underneath sit on a board bearing the weight, or the floor itself?

Answer: Hi , There is a solid board separating the floor and the bed. Thank you for your question.

Question: Whats the weight limit on the bed?

Answer: Hi , We do not have a set weight limit on any of our beds. Thank you for your question.

Question: is it easy to lift the base to use the storage area on the manual lift beds?

Answer: Hi , Yes this is very easy, very little effort is required. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the weight of the single Francis bed frame please? 

Answer: , The single Francis Ottoman bed frame weighs 81 kilograms. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: On the super kingsize does the base come in two sections ??

Answer: Hi , This item comes flat packed. We hope this helps you. Thank you for your question.

Question: Can staff assemble this on delivery?

Answer: Hi , Yes they can, assembly is a service we offer at an additional cost. Thank you.

Question: What wood is this bed made off

Answer: , The wooden components of this bed are made from softwood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: We have the same style bed 4’ 6” bought in 2019, do you do part exchange when buying a new bed from yourselves 

Answer: , Unfortunately we do not offer a part exchange service. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the bed arrive in one or in parts to be put together? 

Answer: , The Francis comes flat packed and will need assembling. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Hi  How many packages is Double bed frame and size. 

Answer: , The Francis in a double will be delivered in four boxes. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: I have a silent night super king  mattress that weighs 76kg.  Will a super king ottoman front lift work correctly for this mattress weight

Answer: , Yes, the Ottoman can lift a mattress weighing 76kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: The single bed - is the opening at the side or the bottom please?

Answer: Hi , Every size of this bed frame will open from the footend. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can an end lift on the Francis ottoman bed be changed to a side lift opening?

Answer: , This is only available as an end lifting ottoman. Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: What is the depth of the storage?

Answer: , The internal storage depth of this product is 23cm Kind regards, Dreams.

Question: Is it possible to get a sample of the grey fabric /colour?

Answer: , Unfortunately we are unable to send fabric swatches. Many thanks Dreams

Question: Does the storage compartment have a solid base?

Answer: Hi , This base has under boards to keep your belongings off the floor. Thank you.

Question: Can you please give me the internal depth measurement for storage. It does not seem to be on your web page

Answer: , The internal storage depth of this bed frame is 27cm. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the per person weight limit on this bed please?

Answer: Hi , We do not have weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Hello. The Francis Grey Ottoman storage bed. Where the mattress sits and when u lift that part up to gain access to storage, does it have the usual metal frame with wooden slats across it as most ottoman beds do? Or is it just the flat base

Answer: Hi This has a platform top. Thank you for your question. Kind Regards, Robin

Question: What is the max weight limit this bed can hold please?

Answer: , This bed frame doesn't have a maximum weight limit. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Are the feet wooden?

Answer: , The feet on the Francis bed are made from pine wood. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What is the weight of the king size bed? How do you move it to clean behind it?

Answer: , The weight of this bed frame in a king is 114.4 kg. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Does this bed replace the Vienna Brown Bonded Leather Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame? If not, what is the closest match to it please?

Answer: Hi , Yes, this bed is the upgrade from the Vienna. Thank you for your question.

Question: Please tell us what is the maximum weight in kg that the storage space will take for the super king size?

Answer: Hi , There are no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Does the ottoman base come with headboard 

Answer: , Yes, the head-end is included with this bed frame. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Is it flat base bed?

Answer: , The base of this bed is flat rather than slatted. Kind regards, Dreams

Question: Does the lift mechansim lock into place so that if one person wants to access the storage compartment they can do so without having to prop it up themselves?

Answer: Hi , Yes that is correct, it does lock into place. Thank you for your question.

Question: What is the headend width in super king please?

Answer: , The width of the Super king Francis is 185cm. Many thanks, Dreams

Question: Is there a maximum mattress weight?

Answer: Hi , There is no weight limits on our bed frames. Thank you for your question.

Question: Considering buying the manual lift version of this bed - is the manual lift mechanism assisted by gas hydraulics? Thank you

Answer: , The lift mechanism is assisted by gas pistons. Many thanks Dreams

Question: In these time`s at the moment are you still offering bed frame assembly

Answer: , Yes, we are still offering bed frame delivery. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Would this bed be suitable for my therapur actigel plus response 3200 mattress

Answer: God Morning, Yes this bed frame would definitely be suitable. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: What's the weight limit for the king size bed with no electric motor.

Answer: , There is no weight limit for this Bedframe. Kind Regards, Dreams

Question: Hi, Is the lift mechanism for the manual bed gas or hydraulic? And is it the same for the electric version? Thanks in advance

Answer: Hi , These are not hydraulic, they are the standard manual pistons. Thank you.

Question: Is the manual version gas / hydraulic lift - purchase is for elderly parents?

Answer: Hi , The manual lift are gas assisted hydraulics. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can we get the 140cm(height) headboard for the SuperKing model?

Answer: , Unfortunately this comes in one standard size. Thanks, Dreams.

Question: Is the bed made in the UK

Answer: , No, this bed frame is manufactured in China. Kind regards Dreams

Question: Can you give the dimension and shape (round or square) of the feet on the king size bed frame so as to purchase furniture pads for the feet?

Answer: , Foot profile is square and measures 6cm X 6cm. Thanks, Dreams

Question: Can the legs be removed so the bed sits directly on the floor without the gap underneath?

Answer: , The legs cannot be removed from the frame. Many thanks JSDreams

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Customer Reviews For The Francis Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame

Here is what people thought who have had a chance to try the product.

5 - I bought this bed in black faux leather back in September. When it was delivered the delivery men were extremely helpful and careful when placing the boxes in my bedroom. Assembling the bed only took around 2 hours, instructions were very clear and simple to understand. The manual lift function is very good, easy to lift up and put back down. The overall appearance of this bed is very nice, modern and fits my room perfectly! Overall, very good product.

5 - I am very happy with my new bed, The storage Is brilliant, my bedroom Is now clutter free. The electrical raising and lowering Is silent and very smooth. The grey Is stylish and blends very well. Overall very comfortable with my new mattress.. The bed Is a bit high, but as I am only 5 feet 2 Inches tall, this will not be an Issue for others. That said I am enjoying sleeping in my new bed. Better still I got them In the sale, so pleased with the price.

5 - This bed is about a month old. Very easy to assemble (between 2 of us). Solid structure and I love it being off the floor with solid boards to put your stuff on underneath. On a side note, there was a small mark on the footboard when we unboxed it. I contacted Dreams and without any hesitation they organised a replacement and for it to be fitted when it was delivered meaning we could still use the bed. Great bed and great service. Thanks Dreams.

5 - When this item is delivered do not be feared with the amount of boxes it arrives in as they all protect the pieces perfectly. The quality of this bed is amazing and it is extremely strong and sturdy. Setting up took just over an hour as I wanted to take my time and get it right the first time. I cannot hesitate to recommend this ottoman bed with the manual lift as the gas struts supplied make lifting the bed a breeze for anyone. Well done Dreams!

5 - My bed was the brown faux leather rather than the one pictured. Delivery was twice delayed by me, due to unfortunate family circumstances and dreams were very helpful and understanding of the situation. The bed was delivered and promptly assembled by the delivery team in about twenty minutes and they took all the packaging away. I'm very happy with the bed and service and would recommend dreams for both the product and customer service provided.

5 - I invested in this when buying my first house. I love the grey fabric and I have the manual ottoman lift. It's not too stiff/difficult to lift and lots of storage space - I still haven't filled it all! I've put a double duvet, all my spare pillows/towels, shoes, and a fan heater under there. Only thing to improve would be nice if you could choose the colour of the feet of the bed, as I would prefer wooden toned ones to black, hence 4/5 on design

5 - Excellent product, very sturdy. I opted for self assembly and was not disappointed, the instructions are very easy to follow with all parts coded clearly. It took about 75 minutes to assemble by myself. Delivery was on time, the delivery drivers were very polite and made sure that social distancing was observed. They also told me that an easy to follow assembly demonstration was available on YouTube. Would definitely buy from Dreams again.

5 - I've been looking for a decent ottoman bed and I was careful becuase reading other reviews of other bed I was afraid of getting a naf one so I did some research and found this one on dreams works perfectly fits perfectly, it's a bit of a task to get together without that much space but it work fine and is really strong and made to last and the best thing I like about it is it has a solid base as I'm no skint chap and it holds my weight fine!

5 - Lovely bed very pleased with the quality of this bed frame, excellent service from dreams. Great storage quite easy to put together but it does need two of you to put the solid base on,only thing was the price of this bed went down twice in two weeks after I’d order it, I no that’s a chance you take but from us ordering it it went down another £50 but we are pleased with it and if you are thinking to buy this don’t hesitate it’s a lovely bed

5 - Great bed with huge storage underneath, easy to self assemble in around 1-1.5 hours. This bed is higher than most other ottomans which makes it the same height as most other beds - some ottomans can be very low. I’d recommend getting a thicker mattress with this bed as it looks better and provides height. Also top tip when building the bed, the frame will stay open until the mattress is on. The weight of the mattress makes the pistons work.

5 - Excellent product, very sturdy. I opted for self assembly and was not disappointed, the instructions are very easy to follow with all parts coded clearly. It took about 75 minutes to assemble by myself. Delivery was on time, the delivery drivers were very polite and made sure that social distancing was observed. They also told me that an easy to follow assembly demonstration was available on YouTube. Would definitely buy from Dreams again.

5 - We decided to assemble this bed ourselves, the instructions stated 1.5hours so 2 hours later I can confirm its very easy to build with two of you. Once built we tested the storage function and it glides so easily up and down. Would high recommend, especially as our master bedroom is small and this is an ideal bed with ottoman storage without the base being to high/low and the storage function not being heavy like some others we viewed.

5 - Bought to replace a metal-framed bed with a headboard you could not rest against comfortably, this is a comfy bed to sit-up in. As a flat boarded base; with my original mattress it is harder than its slated predecessor, but not uncomfortably so. The storage underneath is capacious and very accessible. I was able to assemble the bed single-handed but a second person would have been very helpful when bolting the gas struts to the base.

5 - I bought this bed about a month ago. I can only think of good things to say ! It’s a well made , solid bed. Lovely light grey, soft material. Storage is amazingly good size. We got someone to put it together for us so can’t comment on instructions (save on arguments and frustration !). We had previously been let down by a different bed company but Dreams were great , the bed was delivered exactly on time and with great communication.

4 - Great looking bed, very sturdy with a solid headboard. Ottoman part is fine for storing those extra pillows and blankets but is quite hard to raise and needs both hands to do so - possibly this will ease off over time. Some of the parts didn’t line up so was more difficult to assemble than it really should have been hence the 4 star review rather than a 5 star. Would recommend though and worth the money with a student discount.

3 - Bed +Mattress Arrived as advised Tradesmen we’re very efficient, polite, Assembled the bed so quickly, !! Had slight problem with a ripple in the fabric on Headboard , Telephoned customer service following morning,.Adam checked on line for a replacement ,was advised they hade one in stock.was delivered following week Im very happy with the service they provided Would definitely order from them again The Bed looks amazing

5 - I brought this bed just over two weeks ago and love it. I opted to build the bed myself, it was very straight forward with excellent and easy to understand instructions. One of the benefits as assembling it yourself is that you realise how sturdy it is and how good the quality of the materials used in this product. However one word of advice, the parts of this bed are very heavy and it really is a two person job to assemble it.

5 - My son now has the best bed in the house. Had a slight issue with part of the bed not being properly aligned, but otherwise relatively easy to put together. Lots of storage, yet compact and nice that the bed has feet and not flat on the floor. The bed is now a feature in what is a relatively small bedroom and perfect for my son, he is thrilled. Bought the fabric grey in a small double and will last my son throughout his teens.

5 - I bought this bed for my son's bedroom. It is excellent value and a very well made product. The storage space under the bed is great for storage and the bed is easy to lift up. I paid extra for the assembly service which was worth every penny. The guys who delivered the bed were extremely polite and helpful and the bed was put together and put in place in no time at all. I would highly recommend this bed and this company.

4 - Great delivery, delivery guys were really nice. Easy enough to build with two of us. Only thing is i would say the instructions ended a bit abruptly and we were worried about breaking the bed when pushing it down, so we had to find a youtube video - especially since the instructions say not to push down without a mattress on which you have no choice doing when first building it. Great bed though, just what we were looking for.

5 - The Ottoman bed frame is very solid after easy assembly with my wife. It just take 1 hour to unpack and assembly with easy tools. The head board is solid but soft to support both of us anytime. The huge storage under the mattress is perfect to keep all the bedding.Even your bedroom is placed with carpet, this bed frame is convenient. You can easily move the bed with the 4 wooden stands while they station the bed frame firmly.

5 - I brought this bed a week ago, delivery was quick and on time. 9:30 was the scheduled delivery and they delivered on time, dead in 09:30. Very easy to assemble, will all tools provided. Beautiful styled bed which is extremely comfortable, my first night I had a full 9 hours of undisturbed sleep. Will gladly recommend. Big thanks to Ken and the delivery team, who where very professional. Thanks dreams for a good night sleep!!

4 - Excellent bed, perfect for what we needed. Living in an old house requires room for air flow. This is a great compromise between being raised off the floor more than most other beds but also having decent storage too. Marked down a star as hinges could be designed to not protrude into the space as much as they do. It’s not much but does mean you have to be careful with what is stored near them. Ten out of ten otherwise.

5 - I brought 2 of these beds for my twin boys, who share a bedroom. They replaced their bunk beds as their first grown up beds. This meant more room was going to be taken up so was going to reduce the space in their room. However thanks to the Ottoman space so much of their toys and general stuff was easily packed under the bed which actually made the room look and feel bigger. Very well made and great delivery/ build service.

4 - I bought this bed a month ago to fit in our bedroom in our new home. The bedroom is not as big as we are used to so this bed worked for us as there is no frame that sticks out further than the mattress, like we had seen on so many others. The storage underneath is huge and fits all our bedding and towels underneath easily! The headboard is just the right height and makes the room feel chic alongside our other furniture.

4 - Comfy bed, excellent storage underneath and higher than average beds, so really good for my elderly mother when she comes to stay! Purchased and installed within 3 days. We didn’t bother with the electric lift version as manual works fine. When we saw them both in the shop, noted the electrics take up a lot of storage space under the bed and the lift is very noisy. Manual is straightforward and bed not too heavy to left.

5 - Superb workmanship It’s a black faux leather motorised bed frame. With a remote the ottoman opens up. The motor is very smooth and silent . The faux leather gives a very nice feeling The best thing no slats all solid board and this works really well with firm mattress The base is boarded as well and there is good ground clearance for cleaning purposes Very solid vert nice and best motorised frame available on n the market

5 - From the moment, we placed the order, we were emailed regularly on the delivery status. The polite and well dressed drivers even phoned us up on the day of the delivery, to tell us when they would arriving. They even pressed the door bell and took their time to assemble our beds in a professional manner ! They even gave some product training to my wife, who was most impressed, which is the ultimate test to pass ! Hooray !

5 - I had already ordered this bed frame last year in a double and loved it so much I ordered it again in a king size when I moved house! Very easy to put together - takes roughly 1.5 hours with 2 people. Very sturdy frame. Love the Ottoman feature as it makes it so easy to store things. The colour is perfect and the fabric is very soft. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a comfortable bed with lots of storage space.

5 - A month in and we are both very happy with the purchase. You do need to exert quite a bit of effort to lift it, but that is not really a problem. Just remember to lift from your knees! The build quality is excellent and we paid the extra to have it assembled, which we're glad we did as it did come in quite a few boxes. The delivery crew were excellent. Very polite, took off their shoes and cleared up after themselves.

5 - Whilst it took us a while to put together, due to us having limited space available to erect it in the room, it was straight forward to do, needed no additional tools and looks beautiful when done. Easy to follow instructions, lots of storage space and an easy to use manual gas lift base make this the perfect bed for my daughter. The included headboard is stylish too. She is very happy and I would happily buy again

5 - Love this bed. Recently moved into a bungalow and really short on storage spaces. The bed its self is lovely and has a soft fabric. The ottoman feature is easy to use and we went for the manual lift. There is lots of space inside. Once the mattress is is on it is higher than a divan and really comfortable. Defo would recommend. Only thing was it came with no assembly instructions but we were able to find the online.

5 - This bed arrived a while ago as an upgrade from a king sized mattress on the floor. Was a little overwhelmed by the size in our room but it's certainly worth it. The bed is sturdy, great build quality and the ottoman aspect is very helpful to hide all our stuff but with ease of access. We got it in the sale so even more value. The delivery guys assembled in no time, hopefully we find that easy when we move one day.

4 - The first delivery saw the bed as a mishmash of parts. Half had been delivered correctly the other half was of the other colour/material. The delivery crew also just dumped it in the hallway and not put it in the bedroom where they should have taken it. Phone calls were made and Dreams dealt with my complaints swiftly and satisfactorily. Now my son has the bed we ordered and his room finally complete, hapoy days.

5 - We bought this bed frame in the Bank holiday sale so got it for a great price! My husband put the bed frame together, the instructions were clear and it took a couple of hours. The main bed frame went together well and the handle is useful for lifting it up to reach the storage compartments, which have material covered wooden bases. Would recommend this bed frame as its well finished and looks good in our bedroom!

5 - Easy to assemble, really good quality. The headboard and frame is easy to wipe clean so this will be perfect for allergies. The underbed storage is very useful and so easy to acess. We all need stuff, but you can hide a lot of these things in here so the bedroom is neat, tidy and uncluttered. Storage boxes fit petfectly underneath Overall the bed looks lovely and is so comfortable. I'm very happy with this bed.

4 - Me and my partner bought this bed for our new home and we love it. It looks beautiful and is very easy to use for storage. The only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is that on the original delivery the bed was assembled damaged, and even now Dreams customer service team arranged to have the damaged parts replaced and were ever so good, there are still a few minor marks around the replaced parts so not perfect.

5 - Bought this bed about a month ago. 2 weeks arrive but that was due to me and my partners work pattern. Staff arrived with the bed and were friendly as you like. They installed the bed quickly without hassle. Sits perfectly in the room and looks amazing with our current set up. Easily able to lift up the frame to get to the storage underneath which comes in handy for us! Would definitely recommend this to anyone!

5 - I would recommend the Francis Ottoman to anyone looking for more storage and a higher mattress position. It comes flat packed and most of the assembly can be done by one person. The storage space under the bed is large and off the floor, you just need to lift the base several times to free up the pistons which were really stiff the first operation. Have found no problems with this and would definitely recommend.

5 - Brought it last month , amazing space for storage and the bed is so comfortable , One of the best purchses I made this year .... the mattress was the next best choice I made , Highly recommended and the shoppoing experience was good and realible ... no one will force you to purchase whats beyond your capacity or judge you based on the size of the purse !!! full satidsfaction and no disappointments guaranteed...

5 - Lovely bed, looks good with our mirror wardrobe. The space underneath is massive, plenty of room to store things. As it's a super king it's not that hard to lift either. Very pleased, also we had Dreams put it together for us, very efficient team and very polite and they came when they said they would and took all the packaging away. Communication from order placed to it arriving was superb. Good price as well.

4 - True to the website pictures and seems pretty sturdy so far. Good height. The lift works well and storage is generous - I like the solid base. There is some clearance under the bed which allows room to conceal extension leads etc; the downside is that it will get dusty. Too early to comment on durability hence 4 stars. I suspect the fake leather may be vulnerable to scratches. Overall I’m pleased with it.

4 - This bed frame is easy to use / lift and there lots of storage underneath. Much better than drawers. It looks modern, no need for old fashioned valances etc. The headboard is also flat with a slight curved (no pockets or ridges) therefore won't collect dust. I've only given it 4stars because I would have liked a darker grey as a colour option. Different leg colours would also be good, rather than just black.

5 - Bought this bed and paid for assembly and removal also. Money well spent! Dream called be day before with a 2hr delivery slot, arrived at 09:30, old bed removed new bed assembled and delivery guys were gone by 09:50!!! Fabulous service. Now for the bed itself- looks fabulous with huge amounts of storage underneath for the price I highly recommend- other stores come in far more expensive- highly recommend

5 - Excellent quality and service. Already have 2 other ottamon beds from Dreams. Ordered anothrr one because have been delighted with the quality of the bed. Ordering was so easy and i was able to arrange a suitable date online to fit in with my schedule. THE Bed came on time and I paid extra for it to be put together which was well worth it. It took only 20 minutes and i had my new bed ready to be dressed.

5 - I bought this bed for my son who wanted to upgrade from a single divan. As space was limited in his room we needed additional storage - we had to downsize his wardrobe to accommodate the new bed. Drawers not an option as bed recessed. This bed solved all problems. Loads of storage space easily accessible with a simple lift. The frame and headboard in black has a lovely finish too. Very highly recommended.

5 - We bought a king size. It came flat pack, but is very easy to build. It feels very sturdy and well made. It is quite heavy to lift - we have a very thick mattress. The storage underneath is fantastic. It has a base board inside the storage unit which can be easily removed in case you need to vacuum under the bed, or some other reason. It appears as thought I can be used without the base board if you want.

5 - We decided we wanted a larger bed as our two young kids like to come up and have some 'snuggle' time occasionally and we love the ottoman style to have plenty of storage underneath and having used Dreams for various similar beds before we went for this one and so far are not disappointed. Quality seems very good and with the new mattress we ordered too is very comfortable for us. Very happy with this bed.

5 - I wanted a sturdy and good quality ottoman bed and this bed delivers exactly that ! It is a bit tough to lift and put back down but that’s a sign that it is well built. We went for the company assembly option to make sure the bed was assembled correctly- it was swiftly put together, and all packages taken away. The leather effect headboard is of good quality and makes it easy clean. We love our new bed!

4 - It’s a very strong well built bed frame. I purchased the recommended mattress with it and found that the bed was too high for my liking so I ended up removing all the legs to give it a more desired height. There is plenty of space for storage inside the bed. The mattress sits on a flat surface with nothing to stop it from sliding to the sides. I will try attaching Velcro straps to overcome this issue.

5 - If you’re looking for the perfect ottoman bed, it’s this one. It is well worth the purchase. Amazing bed, material is super strong, build quality is impeccable. Easy to put together. The bed arrived in amazing time, the whole team at dreams were incredible. I can’t thank them enough. All I can really say is if you’re looking to upgrade your bed or get a new one, you should definitely consider this one!

5 - Brilliant bed! Great quality! Ive bought 3 bed frames and 2 mattresses from Dreams in the last 4-6 weeks. The quality of products is exceptional and the level of service both by the customer service team and in store. Special shout out to sales person, Guy in Feltham store. He was brilliant helping me with all the products. Even the delivery and installation guys were great. Very friendly and helpful!

5 - Exactly what I needed. My stairs make it impossible to bring a single divan upstairs and spring slats were not suitable for back issues. The solid bed board on top of the very easy to use storage frame proved exceptional stability and comfort. The soft filled headboard is plush and very comfortable to sit against for reading or phone calls. Constructing the frame was simple and all tools provided.

5 - Absolutely love the Francis ottoman bed. The amount of storage underneath is brilliant and it is easy to gain access to with the handle at the foot of the bed. Lifting it is easy enough and it firmly stays put when open. The bed is very sturdy and is definitely on I would recommend to others. Delivery was fantastic and the guys were able to build it pretty quickly. All in all, a fantastic purchase.

5 - Alrwady had two of these previously purchased from dreams. Bought this to replace the double we had which was still in good nick. This model has been slightly updated in as much as it has an arm (like those under a car bonnet) as a safety feature. Sturdy frame, lots of storage and with a good mattress an all round good bed. Ordering, delivery and building of bed through Dreams easy and uneventful.

5 - Bought a double for our son (manual opening version). We wanted an Ottoman for the additional storeage space it provides. It arrived in 4 boxes and I found it fairly easy to put together from the instructions provided. Needed a second pair of hands for a couple of parts but mostly put together on my own. It feels quite sturdy and looks smart in his room. We are all very pleased with the purchase.

5 - Purchased 2 beds within 3 days service in the shop was amazing on both visits, both employees knew there stuff and helped us choose the Wright products and even arranged delivery for same days despite we ordered on different days, when it came to delivery and assembly days could not fault it the guys were fantastic, both members of my household a delighted with there new beds and they look fab!

5 - I brought this bed around a month ago for the guest bedroom, we knew we wanted an ottoman and I just love the Black Leather effect this bed has, the big Headboard also makes it look more premium. I wanted a bed where you couldn't see the slats so this was perfect. I would recommend this bed if you are looking for something that will provide additional storage but is also a fashionable style.

5 - I purchased this bed as for the master bedroom. It looks great and makes you feel nice and high off the ground. The frame is very sturdy and super easy to put together if you've got any sense. You might need some muscles or a helper as a couple of pieces are heavy for one person. The fabric (grey) is nice and soft. Great vale for money compared ot other beds I looked at in this price range

5 - This bed is absolutely fantastic it is very sturdy well-made We had the dreams engineer put it all together for us which was a good idea because it was quite a job there is massive room underneath the bed it is easy to lift the bed up and down he’s got hydraulics so it stays up on the base of the bed absolutely sturdy this is definitely the bed for you specially if you’re on the larger side

5 - Last month I bought this Bed and I was pretty impressed with the final product. The build-up was pretty easy and straightforward And the instructions Was easy to follow. I would suggest anyone to buy this bed. Because it's up of It's outstanding storage unit. The delivery team was fantastic And I was pretty impressed with them. So thank you dream I would definitely order from you again.

5 - I love this bed - amazing storage and great size. The best part about this bed is the delivery service though. It's the second bed I've bought from Dreams and the guys that have put the beds up have been a delight. I paid to get this one assembled and it was all done in 40 minutes. They even removed their shoes to come into the house. Absolutely great service and product. Well done Dreams.

5 - The bed arrived as described and with a courtesy from the delivery drivers beforehand. The frame was very straight forward to put together and proved a great bonding exercise for my mother and myself (no arguments!). The overall look of the bed is great and there is so much room underneath! Overall we're very happy with the product and look forward to many comfortable nights on this bed!

5 - As an occupant of a small flat, it was important to have a bed that fits in well but also offers additional storage options with its large under bed storage compartment which is easily accessed by the handle at the beds base. We also used the assembly service you provide and the bed was installed by two members of your team very quickly and efficiently. Cannot recommend this bed enough.

4 - We bought this bedframe for the guest bedroom a month or so back and have been very pleased with it. Apart from looking good the frame is solid providing good support for the mattress and great storage space with an easy opening mechanism (we went for the mechanical rather than electric version). Would certainly recommend this to anyone who wants style, practicality and value for money.

4 - We bought the bed a few weeks ago and do far are very happy, we purchased the grey fabric, manual ottoman and love the look. The only element that is a slight negative is the metal pull up handle which is visible at all times unless you cover it with a blanket. It doesnt bother us and is not visible due to the position on the bed but it does slightly indent the memory foam matress.

5 - Had this bed for around a month. Was easy to assemble with two people. Really easy instructions. The bed itself is a great quality. We have a cheaper bed in our guest room and there is such a noticeable difference. The top of the ottoman is easy to lift and there is plenty of storage space. The big win for us was that this bed has a solid top rather than slats. Would highly recommend.

5 - Bought this bed three weeks ago on a budget. This is for my first home and I absolutely love it. Great storage, relatively simple to put together but you definitely require a second person to help out. Personally prefer the fabric over the leather and it had a great feel to it. A great storage solution to a small house and I have no concerns over the base not supporting various boxes.

5 - Firstly the staff at Leeds Crown Point are amazing, very helpful and couldn’t do enough to answer my questions. All went above and beyond and you can’t beat service with a friendly attitude and smile. I was kept up to date throughout the whole process in terms of when to expect my delivery and the two gentlemen who assembled my new bed were polite, friendly and left no mess behind.

5 - I bought this bed a few weeks ago and it looks very stylish and the storage underneath is ample. Very well made and sturdy bed and the colour goes with anything no matter what your decor is. Extremely pleased with it and I am sleeping better now than I have in a long time. The piston system underneath to raise and lower bed base is strong and durable and very easy to lift and close.

5 - Purchased this bed recently. Went into the shop. The salesman was very helpful and arranged delivery for the following week. It was delivered as promised and put together on site, all we had to do was put the bedding on and it was ready to use. It looks excellent in the room, it couldn't have been easier. Thanks to everyone involved in this very pleasurable shopping experience.

5 - I bought this online without seeing it at all in a showroom so was a bit dubious when it arrived. However I was amazed at how spacious it is so it has given me so much more storage space in the house which I desperately needed. I thought the headboard was a little higher than I would have chosen but it is not a problem at all. Delivery/fitters were quick, clean and very polite.

4 - Bed frame is great. A lil stiff to begin with but very study and lots of space underneath. Its not on the floor either so can get the vacuum cleaner under there nicely. I got it assembled by the team who had it up in no time! Only 4 stars as the guys caused some cosmetic damage (a scrape) to the frame when putting up and its a lil on the expensive side but other than that I’m happy!

5 - We bought the double version of this for our teenage daughter. There is a huge storage area underneath which is easy to access as the bed is not difficult to lift, and easily stays open; it does not need to be held while you fill the storage area. The bed is well-made and we are all very pleased the bed. Daughter loves the black faux leather look that she chose. Thank you, Dreams!

5 - Lovely bed. Soft material & plenty of storage. I have the electric lift one which makes life so easy. Just make sure you check the bed after assembly as there was some damage to mine on the legs. The boxing which houses the electric mechanism was assembled incorrectly. You have to have it assembled by Dreams for this bed as it’s electric otherwise your warranty would be affected.

5 - Bought this a month back and opted extra for the assembly service. The two gentlemen who assembled for us were very nice and helpful. The bed frame itself was worth its money (got them on sale). The ottoman was good, feels sturdy and had a board (instead of a mesh) at the bottom. However the legs did leave some marks on the carpet when we moved the frame a bit. Overall a good buy.

5 - This beautiful spacious bed is a must for those who like a bit of luxury with the ability to store away those things you own in life that you never have space for. Complete with remote control, this electric ottoman bed is so easy to use. No lifting or pushing. It's all done at the press of a button. This bed is very stylish and smooth and would loke good in any bedroom setting.

5 - This superking size ottoman bed is the first of this type we have owned. It provides enormous storage in the base. The frame is excellent quality and looks superb with a great finish. The added feature of remote electric operation for lifting the mattress support to allow access to the storage is well worth the very reasonable extra cost. Would highly recommend this bed frame.

5 - We bought the electric version of this bed and it is effortless to raise and lower to get access to items stored below. Previously we had divan bed with four drawers for storage. To get access to all 4 we had to move bed and bedside cabinets and after some time the bottom of the drawers falls out due to weight of items. Now we press a button to arise and lower ... brilliant.

5 - The bed is very easy to put together and feels solidly built. It looks great now it is up, the pictures on the website do not really do it justice at all. I only saw the black leather version in store but opted for the grey fabric. The bed has a solid base instead of slats which provides a much more solid base and makes the bed as high as a divan bed, which is what I wanted.

5 - Does what we wanted it to do... A higher base than we had, giving plenty of room for storage inside. Weaker customers may want to consider automated opening at the cost of losing a little storage space, rather than manual lift, which takes a little getting used to. But if you are not going to be opening it on a regular basis, then it may well suit you with manual lift.

5 - We wanted a new base with storage we we're so pleased with the service we had from dreams in Hedge End talked us through with different storage options. Sophie offered us Coffee and bottled water and left us to discuss our options ordered this base good price, very sturdy unlike most easy and straight forward to put together also delivered in 4days will shop there again .

5 - Bought this for my 20 year old son who has moved back home from uni. It really gives him an extra wardrobe. Easy to lift. We were surprised that it was self assembly, given it is a divan base, and it took 2 people (competent DIYers) 2 hours to construct. Just worth being aware of. The advsntage is that this design of bed base could be put in our narrow staired loft room.

5 - Great bed, sturdy but light at the same time. Finished to high degree but very little issues. Because of the colour, I'd say it's best to purchase this for grown ups rather than kids/teenagers but to get around it then it's best to buy the leather version of the bed. I wish the space in the storge was deeper but just couple of cm to fit more stuff in but that's minimal.

5 - Great service and great bed all round. Cannot fault every step of the journey, we were offered drinks and to try things out in the showroom, the people who installed the bed were quick, quiet (which was useful as I was in a zoom meeting) and gave plenty of notice before they arrived. The bed itself is sturdy, the headboard is solid and there is plenty of storage space

5 - Absolutely love this bed for my sons room. He loves it and the ottoman mechanism is really smooth unlike the previous ottoman bed he had. The solid base is also a bonus rather than storing things on the floor underneath. My mum love it so much she's purchasing one in the king size version! The service I received in store was also excellent so will be back. Thanks dreams

5 - I recently bought this bed from Dreams and I am not disappointed one bit with the purchase. Initially, I thought constructing the bed would be difficult, but the instructions provided along with the video tutorial made it a lot easier to do so. The under-bed storage is a very useful feature to this bed, along with the ease of access to it. Very happy with the purchase.

5 - The bed is solid and looks as displayed on the website. The ottoman storage works well and is easily opened and closed. The headboard is padded which makes it more comfortable to sit up against but can still do with a pillow propped up against it. I do find my mattress can move a fair amount and need pushing back onto the frame and I have got a heavy mattress as it is.

5 - The Francis bed is lovely I brought for my son storage is really handy strong and sturdy bed was very easy to put together my son lives his new bed well worth the money... Delivery was A1 they called before hand and carried bed into room very helpful and polite Nina in store was very helpful and polite this is my 2nd purchase from dreams will definitely purchase again

5 - Fantastic bed. Looks so high end in the grey fabric. Bought this instore but only the black leather option available to view. So pleased with it. Easy assembly at home, great design and instructions which is unusual! Easy to lift with the handle (mine is at the bottom) due to the gas lift mechanism. Loads of storage and cant fault it. Headboard looks really high end.

5 - We bought this bed for our new property and it was our first purchase.Not only does it provide us with a great sleep,it has also solved a storage problem and at a great price! The staff at Dreams were excellent and a credit to the company,and the delivery service was super and bang on time! Would recommend your company and service highly! Many thanks Ian Gurney.

4 - This bed is great. The storage underneath is a nifty idea and is easy to lift and lower. The quality is superb when compared with the cost. The only gripe and reason for 4* instead of 5* is that the assembly is a little tricky. Defiantly a two person job and requires some nimble fingers for the harder to reach bolts. This is not enough reason to not recommend though.

5 - The bed is extremely comfortable, holds plenty of storage and is the perfect size and colour for our bedroom. The men who came to build it for us were lovely and efficient. They came on time if not a few minutes early. Would highly recommend Dreams and this bed inparticular. It doesn’t squeak or creak when entering and leaving the bed. Brilliant and comfortable :)

5 - We bought a single bed in this design for our daughter. It appealed as she has a small bedroom and so this was a good storage option. When it arrived we were really pleased with the fact the frame appeared really solid and the storage area is plenty big enough for an 11year olds things. It wasn't too difficult to put together. Really please with our purchase.

5 - I bought this just before Christmas and am really pleased with it. The delivery men were very pleasant and efficient. It was raining and as soon as they set foot in the hall removed their shoes without me even asking. Wonderful. They assembled the bed quickly and tidied all mess up. The bed base itself has a large useful storage area. All in all a great purchase.

5 - I bought this bed a few weeks ago and I'm so happy I did. I love the size - super king feels so luxurious, plenty of space. Very well constructed as well. Looks a treat in my newly decorated bedroom. I opted for the electric version and the space under the bed is plentiful. The perfect place to store those Christmas presents! Kids don't know where to look.

5 - The bed arrived in good time. The installation took two people but thankfully not difficult as we feared. It's very strong and sturdy. The best part is that it's not slats but thick board under the mattress which gives firm support. The under bed storage provides ample space . Happy to have bought this bed. I only wish there were more colour options in leather.

5 - I was after a bed base which had lift up storage for suitcases, really just to get them out of the way. This was perfect for that, as It doesn’t have intrusive central legs in the middle of the storage space like so many. It’s well made, and pretty easy to put together, a bit of juggling with the mattress base though that wasn’t really a problem once aligned.

5 - Amazing quality bed frame with an expensive fabric feel. The benefit of a slat-less base combined with an ottoman style (nothing worse than the slats breaking with wear/ cross members becoming loose and making noises...). Nice tall head board making the bed feel that bit more plush. Easy to put together unlike typical ottomans that have slats and cross members.

5 - I purchased this bed as an earlier birthday present to myself it arrived early October. After sleeping on a broken bed for nearly two years it was so nice to have a bed that’s comfortable and helps me organise my bedroom more too. Such a great purchase I Highly recommend ! I got the dreams team to assemble the bed and it was done in less than 30mins !!

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