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Duck Feather & Down Pillows

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    *Star Pupil*

    Star Pupils are self categorised winners from the popular retailer Soak and Sleep. These products have been given extra special care and considerations to ensure they pass strict standards toward colour fastness, longevity and washability.

    Night-Night Duck

    Sleep Responsibly

    RDS is a certification from Responsible Down Standard. This certification has a huge focus on animal welfare thanks to its responsible sourcing of key materials and fabrics.

    Top of the Pops

    2 year guarantee

    A 2 year guarantee goes beyond the manufactures minimum of 1 year and helps show that the retailer and brand both have faith in the product. The guarantee protects you in the event there is a defect with the product and ensures you won't end up out of pocket.

    Range of firmness options

    Traditionally different products would have different firmnesses, complicating the process of choosing a suitable mattress as you have to muddle through different naming convention to gauge suitability. The process here is simpler, find the right specification in the comfort layer and you will be able to choose the correct support level to suit you personally. We generally recommend a medium tension as a catch-all that works well for side sleepers and back sleepers alike.

    Soft 15% duck down fill

    Practical & easy-care

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